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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Hodge-Podge of Medical Updates!

Ok, ok, I'm sorry I fell off the blog bandwagon again! I get SO tired at night (which is when I always promise to sit down and update...and I fall asleep and promise to do it the next night...and the vicious cycle continues!! So anyway, so much has happened, I'm trying to group information into "like categories" starting with all the medical updates first! Let's begin with the fact that today I am 29 weeks 4 days pregnant! YES!! (The picture below is last week's pic.)

1.Ok, so I had to finally go do my glucose test 2 weeks ago. (those who've ever had that know exactly what fun I'm talking about!) Drink a sugary drink, sit for an hour, draw blood and see if your glucose levels are normal or too high. Well, the test itself wasn't bad except that it sort of brought me back to my college days, when I may or may not have, shall we say, "chugged" a beverage? They hand me this nice cold drink, (I chose orange over fruit punch) and say to me, "You have five minutes to get it down. Ready? Go!" Oh my gosh, the pressure! No forewarning, no notice, nobody cheering me on, just the go signal! But I did just fine. :) (I may have been out of college for 10 years, but I've still got it!) So out to the waiting room I went to count down my hour...Well, apparently the babies really like sugar! They were all three moving all OVER the place to the point that a girl sitting across from me was going "Oh Oh! Your belly! Oh my gosh!" Yes, she had tuned into the fact that I could have been rehearsing a scene for an aliens movie...so that was fun. Bad news? I FAILED THE TEST!! After one hour, my blood sugar level was still too high, suggesting that maybe my body was not processing sugar very well...a possible sign of gestational diabetes. :(

2. So that brings me to number two. This past Monday, I had to go BACK to the lab-o-fun for the THREE hour glucose test! Yeah, this test starts with me fasting for 12 hours, (to which I say, how do you make a pregnant girl fast?? That's just torture!) But anyway, upon my arrival at 7:30 in the morning, they draw my blood to get a baseline "fasting" level, then I drink the same drink (for which I was much better prepared this time) then I sit for 1 hour, they draw my blood, I sit for the second hour, they draw my blood, I sit for the third hour, and finally they draw my blood for the fourth and final time. After that, all you can do is PRAY that your levels come out normal, cuz if not, there goes my sweet tooth and here comes my diabetic diet. However...The next day I got a call from my doctor who was excited to report that my blood sugar levels were normal at every hour! Woo hoo!! She even said I could go celebrate with a Cold Stone Creamery! YES!! So that's one hurdle I'm glad to be over!

3. This past Wednesday, Brian and I met with a Genetic Counselor at UMC who was recommended to us because of Colton's cleft lip and palate.

The pictures below are of what I think is an absolutely adorable little guy who has a cleft that is likely much more similar to Colton's. The first picture is shows the bilateral cleft lip and palate and the second one is just a few weeks after his lip surgery. HOW sweet is he?? If anyone is interested, you can read all about this little guy and others at Cleftline.org.

Anyhoo, she was such a nice woman and SO knowledgeable! She made both Brian and I feel very at ease about the situation. She helped put us in contact with the Tucson Orofacial "Team" who will help get our little guy the surgeries, etc. that he'll need. We're scheduling an appt. with the lead surgeon before the babies are even born so that he can start to know Colton as early as possible! Yippee! The counselor informed us that after speaking with the "team" she was told that assuming other aspects of his health are ok, they often can do the first surgery (the lip surgery) at a month to a month and half old. That would be so great! But obviously we want to make sure his health is ok first. We were also assured that it appears that Colton's cleft is an isolated "issue" for him, meaning that it does not appear that he has any other syndrome associated with his cleft palate and lip! Hooray!

This is Dr. Craig Hurst. They tell us he's our man! He is a plastic surgeon who has special interests in facial deformities including children's cleft palates and lips! Yay! You can read more about him and our other doctors by going to UMCarizona.org and doing a "Physician Search."

We kind of smiled when she also told us that "she's known about our babies for some time now..." Apparently there is a neonatal team at UMC comprised of doctors, nurses, counselors, etc. who meet every Thursday to discuss any high risk cases going on, babies who will be coming to the NICU soon, etc. So apparently, they've all been talking about and following the "Bunch Babies' progress". (And the babies were commended for how well they're doing! They all show consistent growth (they've consistently gotten bigger each month) and they're also growing in concordance with one another (meaning they've pretty much stayed right around the same weight as their siblings throughout.) Yay! Go babies! I'm so proud of them!

4. Yesterday I went back for my weekly checkup and ultrasound and everything was once again terrific! Blood pressure normal? Check! No swollen ankles yet? Check! No water leakage or bleeding? Check! No contractions? Well....ok, there have been quite a few of those. How was I to know that I was having contractions?? I've never been pregnant before!! I just thought all those times when the babies would all move at the same time and create the "alien-like" stomach I've often described was just that- Babies moving at the same time...Apparently, THOSE ARE CONTRACTIONS! The best way I can describe it is that it looks like my stomach is getting vaccum sealed momentarily....so the doctor confirmed that those are indeed Braxton-Hicks contractions...Who KNEW?? nothing to worry about unless they come repeatedly in an hour or the tightening feeling does not let up....so for now, no worries!

Otherwise, it was a great appt.! The ultrasound showed three happy babies! (unfortunately Brian was not in town to hear the good "talk" about his boys' "parts"...The doctor kept remarking about how great they looked and even took at picture of Ethan's...poor guy. We had the BEST shot of Ethan's facial profile and then his belly, with a perfect picture of the umbilical cord attaching right at his belly button and then his, "boy part"! Unfortunately, by the time we clicked to take a picture, the image shifted ever so slightly, so it's not quite as clear, but I'll post it anyway. :)

So the big circle on the left is his head, followed by his belly. That dark spot over to the right is his full bladder :) (Like mother, like son) and the little "stick" thing sticking out above the bladder is his YOU KNOW WHAT! :)

And my doctor, who came in to chat after I'd been see by a med student and another doctor, congratulates me for making it as far I have without any hiccups! Hooray for me! And then he says, "Let me see this belly they tell me about..." "You've got to be kidding me!! Still no stretch marks?? The nurses in Labor and Delivery are going to kill you!" He laughs and tells me that if I want to do myself a favor, when the day comes that I go in to have the babies, I should put on NO makeup, take the pretty polish OFF my toes, don't do my hair, etc.! Basically, make myself look as bad as I can!" To which I laugh and say, "HA! You obviously don't know ME very well if you think I'm coming in here with NO makeup on!" Oh well...I'm practicing what to say when the nurses start to give me a hard time...."I know there are no stretch marks, I just feel so blessed.."

Yes, this is Dr. Maciulla, the "very funny, possibly crazy (his words, not ours) but apparently very gifted doctor we have talked about....thought you'd like to put a face with the stories!

Anyway, as for the big question lingering....WHEN WILL I HAVE THE BABIES?? Ok. Unless I randomly go into labor early, then we are calling 34 weeks our "DUE DATE!" (He said we could try to be really pushy and go for 35 weeks, but likely we won't do that. So 34 weeks would be the week of March 30- April 4th....somewhere in there!

5. And finally...Monday night, March 2nd, we get to go take a tour of the labor & delivery area, the newborn nursery the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where our little buggers will be going, etc. And I'm VERY excited about that! Not gonna lie... knowing that the tour is coming makes me realize that babies are going to be coming soon too! But that's ok! If I can take pictures at all along our tour, you know I will! ****(And I know that this is the night of "The Bachelor' finale....so Please don't anyone call or text me and tell me what happens! I won't be able to start watching it until at least 9:30 at night!!) :) OH WHO WILL HE PICK?? (Notice I am NOT putting Deanna's picture on here because if he picks her I will be furious!!

Ok, that's all for the MEDICAL UPDATES! Whew!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For those who may be interested...I found this very sweet video that illustrates one little boy's first year of life with a cleft lip and palate.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, it appears that our little Colton will also have similar birth defects. However, Colton's may even look more severe as his is a Bi-lateral cleft lip and palate (meaning both sides of the nose) whereas the little guy in this video has a unilateral cleft lip and palate. (just one side of the nose). Either way, many of you have inquired about what that will look like and I think this video will help! The best part for me is that he is still cute as a bug and completely loveable! (This video does have its own music, so if you want, scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog page to where the black playlist is and hit "Pause" or the "II" symbol to stop the music that's normally playing on my blog.That way you can hear the music that goes with their video.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My other three babies :)

Those 4 legged babies of ours are normally so fast footed that capturing them on film is nearly impossible. (Ok, that statement really only applies to the 2 cats. Piper is the most photo-cooperative dog you could imagine.)

However, lately they are more and more "present" even when they hear the tell-tale "chime" signaling that the camera has been turned on...perhaps they know that their lives are about to change dramatically and are savoring the last few moments of animal solitude in the Bunch House....just about everywhere I go, right behind me, my brood of beloved pets follows. Brian affectionately refers to my followers as my "wild kingdom." "There goes mommy and her wild kingdom!" he'll chirp, especially in the morning when we all wake up for the first time!

They're good pets and I'll do my darndest to make sure they continue to receive lots of love even after their babies arrive! So in honor of them, I thought I'd post some pictures of my 2 kitties, Jag and Gracie and my good ol' lab, Piper in their spoiled domain! :)

This is Jaguar (Jag), our overweight, and overlovable black kitty
This is princess Gracie, who can be found just about anytime of day, lounging on my bathroom counter awaiting anyone with thumbs who will turn on the faucet to a drip so she can drink from the sink! Spoiled? Yeah. I'd say so!

And then there's Piper...the true definition of loyalty. She does not leave my side all day long and has become very protective of mommy and her babies.

The cat hangout... If Gracie is not on the bathroom counter, then she's belly up somewhere else in the house! She's a cat who knows how to relax! Jag is steadfast howeverin his relaxation spot. If he's not beside me on the couch or bed, then he's perched on one of the stairway landings!
And Piper, thinking that she really is a human, has made it no secret that she feels she belongs on the opposite end of whatever couch I currently occupy. Poor Brian got pushed to the small couch so that Piper and I could share the big one.

28 Weeks and 8 pounds of baby! Yahoo!

Well, yesterday was our monthly formal ultrasound appt. (the one where we measure every body part known to man (or baby)! And again, I cannot believe how lucky we have been...I am 28 weeks pregnant and everything is still going so well! I literally hold my breath when Casey, (our favorite sonographer) measures all the baby parts and then inputs all the measurements to come up with the babies' weight....I get so nervous that I didn't eat enough through the month, I didn't get them enough nutrients, etc....but apparently, they're doing ALL RIGHT! She measured Colton first , then Ethan and then Princess Hunter! This is how they stack up at 28 W.

Colton was 2 lbs. 13 oz. (a gain of 1 lb. 6 oz.)
Ethan also weighs 2 lbs. 13 oz. (a gain of 1 lb. 4 oz.)
Hunter weighed in at a dainty 2 lbs. 5 oz. (a gain of 1 lb.)

(Never you worry though, even though Hunter is smaller, she's still right on track! Brian is very thankful that Hunter is dainty like her mommy and not dainty like her daddy! :) I suppose he's got a point there!
And mommy currently weighs in at 138 lbs. (for a total gain of 39 lbs.) :)
Once again, there's Jag, right at my feet! It's as if he's looking up saying "WHOA mom! What happened to your belly??"

This is Brian and Me (with the three babies clearly in tow) at my dad's 60th birthday party!
Below is a shadow box I made for my dad. The hats are the ones we gave him on Christmas as a sign that his deep down wish for a granddaughter had come true. Up to that point he thought he was getting three grandsons....until he opened the small gift box with 2 blue hats AND a PINK ONE! So we snuck those hats out of the box which he keeps safely at his office and made them into a nice display!
All of their hearts looked strong and were beating very well. They are getting so much bigger that it is really hard to get good profile shots anymore! Colton was facing my spine so we couldn't get a look at his lip or palate today. Ethan was still rolled up into a ball, and apparently, those bullies of brothers had their little sister pushed up into the upper left corner of my belly! Man! I'm not worried about her though, she seems like a tough little cookie!
As for the ever lingering question...when will we see these little people in person?? My best answer is that it remains to be seen...My cervix is still nice and thick, the babies still have good fluid in their sacs, I have not yet had a single contraction, the babies seem to be enjoying their cozy belly quarters and my health continues to be very good. Soo.....all we can do is wait! I still absolutely want to make it 30 weeks, and we've been told that the doc will likely not keep them in past 34 or 35 weeks, so maybe we meet in the middle and shoot for 33 weeks?? (Which would be the week of March 23. Though for all my Vail SD friends, it would sure be nice if I delivered them while they're on a 2 week break, so I'll see what I can do! :) Maybe I'll put up a new poll and we can all guess when we think we'll get the green light for Delivery Week! :)

So where are new pictures of the babies you ask?? Ok. Seriously, I contemplated posting the ones we got, (there were 5, I believe.) But honestly, I was very present at the ultrasound and I still cannot figure out what is what in ANY of the pictures! Remember how I said they're getting too big to be recognizable in photo? Well, the lack of posted photos is a testament the truth of that statement. I can just picture all of you and what you'd be doing if I did post them. Heads turned to the right, then to the left, then getting up close to your screens, and then maybe farther away...and STILL having NO clue what you're looking at. So I'll spare you the torture. Instead I'll put up some pics from my dad's 60th birthday party! After all, the babies WERE there! They even played their first game of Pictionary (Ellen DeGeneres style...on easels!!) So fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On second thought, I'll have a ROOT CANAL with that Banana Shake please!

26 Weeks 6 Days!

Well, today I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant! Doesn't seem like such a big deal for most pregnant people I'm sure, but you can't imagine what it means to us every time we make it through another DAY let alone another week! One day closer to having strong, healthy babies! It's a weird feeling knowing we're getting alarmingly close to their "birthdays". I've become so protective of them and I keep telling Brian I think I'd just like them to stay where they are for a while longer! I honestly think I will miss the twists and turns and pokes and prods they give me ALL DAY LONG....it's so amazing to watch them just on the surface of my stomach that I can't wait to see them in person. Honestly, seeing the tiny Octuplet babies on the news makes me even more eager to meet our THREE. Not eight. Just three. :) Oh well, in time...don't want to rush the "cooking" process!

So what else is new? Well, fortunately, the 4:00 a.m. leg cramp has remained an isolated episode so far...knock on wood. Maybe the fact that I have eaten more bananas in a week than in my life has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, I'll take it! But what would a pregnancy be without me causing torture to myself in as many ways possible?? Oh, you thought the leg cramp sounded bad, well here's what I did yesterday!

So a while back, I cracked my back bottom molar. About 1/4 of the tooth was gone. So I made an appt. to get a crown put on it at the dentist. (And nobody likes to do dental work on pregnant people, ESPECIALLY when they know you're having triplets....great).

**However, let me stop right here because I know what many of you are thinking. "You can't get dental work done when you're pregnant!" Well I promise you, I asked my Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist if I should wait until the babies were born to have any dental work done and the answer was a firm "NO." It's critical that I have it done now because not doing so increases the risk of getting an infection in the tooth and into the bloodstream and causing premature labor! And yes, X-Rays are safe as long they shield the babies.

So back to the story. Well, getting ready to go the dentist, in ADDITION to the cracked tooth, a crown I have on an upper molar ALSO pops off! Wonderful! So off I go to the dentist....I hand him my baggie with the crown and say, "this isn't actually why I'm here today, but SINCE I'm here, can we put this back in??" (God, only me.) No prob! A little cement and I'm off and running! Crown is back in place! Super!

So now let's take a look at that back tooth I cracked! "Hmm...I think we're gonna need to do a root canal." But since you're as pregnant as you are, I'd rather send you to a specialist to have it done." Great....So a few hours later, off my mom and I trot to the Endodontist to have a ROOT CANAL! Are you kidding me?? (Now, I will say this, aside from the cost which I think was far more painful than the procedure, if any of you Tucsonans need a root canal, I highly recommend Southern Arizona Endodontists on Craycroft! It was SUCH a nice facility and everyone was SO wonderful! Seriously. )
So there I am, explaining to the very friendly dental hygienist that I'm somewhat phobic about dentists, as she proceeds to very calmly shove instruments in and out of my mouth to take X-Rays, (yes, the babies were extremely covered by the heavy weighted shield) and sure enough, there's my decaying tooth on the screen confirming the need to do a root canal. Now, aside from the general discomfort of having your mouth wide open for an hour, and the barrage of THINGS that can actually be in one person's mouth at any one time, I have to say, the root canal was not that bad. And let me remind you, I HATE dental work.

So the dentist finishes up and proceeds to write me a prescription for pain meds, until I remind him not to bother....I can't take them anyway. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I HATE dental work and now I have to have a root canal with NO pain meds!! Sure I can take regular strength Tylenol, but that's no more effective than eating jellybeans. So, here I am a day later. Doing OK, but with a very sore tooth and jaw. Super! Good think I'm a trooper! :)

So anyway, leg cramps and root canals, but still NO Contractions! Yes! We'll get to go see the babies again for another formal ultrasound on Monday the 16th. (I begged not to come in on Friday the 13th which should have been our appt. day...call me superstitious.) So I'll have some updates on the babies on Monday! Until then, I hope you enjoyed another picture of my glorious belly! :) And Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Don't eat too much candy....you don't want a root canal!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Awesome MySpace Comments & Myspace Layouts

I'll have a Triple Banana Shake with a Banana Split and a side of Bananas Please!

Ok, so you know how I've gone on and on about how great this pregnancy has been? Well, it has. I do not take back a word of that....howevvveeerrr....

Let me take you back...9:00 last night, we go to bed. (I know, seriously? Going to bed at 9:00 pm?? What happened to the days when we started getting ready to go out on the town at 9:00pm?) We're getting old...oh well. So here we are. In bed. Falling asleeeeeppp. And? Yep. Officially Asleep. Call me a happy camper. Or, in this case, a happy lion as the photos will help illustrate.

10:00, still asleep, 11:00, still asleep...12:00 sleeping and snoring...1:00...Sleeping! Hooray! 2:00...up for a quick pee AND back to sleep! 3:00...snoozing away...4:00, Wow still asleep! Yes!

And....4:04 am....OH MY GOD!!! NOT SLEEPING! I'm pretty sure by the volume and intensity of my screaming "oww! oww! it hurts!" that poor Brian must have thought I was going into labor at 4:04 in the morning. I startled him, myself, the 3 babies, the dog AND both cats!! Contractions? Nope.

THE WORST CALF CRAMP I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE!!! God love Brian who is holding on to my leg with all his might, trying to calm me by explaining that we HAVE to stretch it out, I cannot let it flex again....He's my hero! Finally, the torturesome pain subsided after just a minute or two. (Seriously, felt like an hour!!) And I calmly apologized to all who were awoken to my early morning freak out session and suggested that everyone go back to sleep.....

Before he dozed back off to sleep, Brian tells me to make sure I have a banana when I wake up. I obviously am lacking potassium. Ok seriously, if it'll help that from EVER happening again, I'll rub banana puree all over my self.
So happy sleeping to you all! I wish you a night of blissful sleep, free from the nightmare that is leg cramps. :) And don't forget to eat some bananas. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A SuperBelly in honor of the Super Bowl! 25W 6D

Well, most of you probably know what a HUGE sports fan I am...in fact I'm getting ready to go watch the Superbowl in just a few minutes! I can hardly stand the anticipation...I'm already placing bets on how many homeruns the Cardinals score or whether or not the Steelers will make some free-throws tonight or not! It should be a good game! (now do you see what a big sports fan I am??) :)

So while I wait for that big moment, I thought I'd put up my Super Bowl Belly picture! I can't really tell if it lLOOKS bigger than it did last week, but it feels bigger...heavier! Despite that however, I still can't believe how good I feel. I admit I may have been doing a tiny bit too much "nesting" around the house the past few days because I can feel it in my back, but luckily my mom always comes to the rescue at just the right time! And let me tell ya, the crevices, corners, drawers, etc. all over my house are actually becoming emptied, cleaned out and reorganized! It feels great! And Brian is of course a participant in my nesting, (though not necessarily as enthusiastic about it!) But that's ok!

So here's a few pictures of some new things happening in the Bunch Household...

This is an early picture of the nursery at my mom and dad's house...I'll put up better pictures of that later! It's very cute! But clearly you see the sibling/feline rivalry has already begun. Max and Charlie seem to think that crib was put there for their comfort and enjoyment! Gotta love cats!

These now hang in my nursery above the closet door! They are a gift to the babies from their
Auntie Jen and Uncle Dan Corbelli!

I heeded the advice of my friend Anabelle and put a little nightstand next to the glider in the nursery so that I could have a little lamp for late night feedings!

And thanks to my Auntie Darlene in VT we now have a 2nd glider/rocker in the loft area for someone else to be able to feed or rock a baby! Yay!

25 Random Things about Ami

Ok, so this idea originated on facebook, so many of you will have already seen it, but for those who haven't, the idea was to think of 25 random "tidbits" about yourself! So here are mine!

1. Let's start with the name...Birth certificate says "AMY" but somewhere around 6th grade, I watched what I now realize is actually a TERRIBLE movie...it's called "She's Out of Control" with Tony Danza...well, the main girl character is Micki Dolenz' (from the Monkeys) daughter and she spelled her name Ami Dolenz...SO, I wanted to be cool like her so I started writing AMI on everything! About 6 years later, I actually made it official and went to the courthouse to change it legally! :)

2. I am deathly afraid of going in the ocean because of sharks, yet at the same time completely fascinated by shark attacks on other people...(My husband Brian said I should not mention this morbid tidbit about myself!) Oh well!

3. Favorite drinks in the world...(and not necessarily in this order)...Dr. Pepper, No-Water Chai from Starbucks, red wine!

4. I HATE the dentist...but LOVE candy, and soda! Not a good combination...

5. Jobs I've had...Sr. Manager at Red Eye in El Con Mall...ghetto, I know, Server at Crocodile Cafe in Tempe, Victoria's Secret, Worked for the ASU Student Body President, my dad's office as receptionist, Flight Attendant for American Airlines, Librarian on my off days while living in Chicago, Substitute Teacher in Chicago and AZ, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade teacher, and finally...studying to do medical transcription from home!! Whew!

6. I can't stand watching the hunting shows that my husband watches, but I completely LOVE watching military shows and outdoor survival shows. (Man Vs. Wild is my FAVORITE!!)

7. I love being married! And like Anabelle, my husband can drive me absolutely crazy, but he is also the best thing that ever happened to me.

8. I am an absolute optimist. Glass half full, things will work out, it is what is is, etc. I find it to be a good way of life.

9. I am devastated when I see animals and even insects in pain, but I'm completely numb to people (that I don't know) dying. Case in point: before my husband became a detective, he worked the highways with DPS. I used to go on ride-alongs with him. My favorite ride along was the one where we had multiple fatalities, ( though tragic for those people's families, quite interesting for me!) blood, brains, etc. everywhere! I LOVED it! My mom worried that I was deranged after that! :) I might be.

10. Though I haven't been in a while, I love to go shooting with my husband! Being married to a cop means having to learn how to defend yourself in case of emergencies! Thus the .357 in my nightstand! And I never got to be a girl scout...how sad.

11. I love fluffy bunnies.... :) (Ok, I thought I'd better put something in here that did not pertain to death or guns or shooting..so bunnies. They're cute and fluffy and I love them. )

12. I am admittedly a complete and total slob when it comes to my car. It's always a disaster. You'd think I lived out of it.

13. I hate to do laundry, but love to vacuum! Seriously, I love to vacuum!

14. I am going to be the mother of triplets. This little tidbit still blows me away from time to time. But those who know me well, (or those who've read my blog) know what a long and difficult road it was to get here and Brian and I could not be more excited...the countdown has begun...

15. I love airplane turbulence. I suppose this made being a flight attendant much easier! I don't know what it is about it, but I truly enjoy it. (Unless I'm sitting beside my poor friend Sarah, because then all I can concentrate on is how very sad I am for her motion sickness...)

16. I am claustrophobic. And all I can think about these days is how when I have a C-Section to get these 3 babies out, they will strap my wrists down. OMG...I think I will die!!

17. I have weird food phobias. I do not eat leftovers. Period.

18. I can fall asleep just about anywhere, but I can also wake up to the slightest noise. I suppose this will be a good trait having three babies crying for me!

19. I have pretty much followed my sister Mary around our whole lives...grade school, to high school, to college to our sorority, to teaching kindergarten together in classroooms that are side by side! I wonder if she's sick of me yet?

20. One of my all time favorite movies is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I'd watch it any time of year! I just think it's hysterical. I think Nicole and my dad can also appreciate this. :)

21. I have never broken a bone in my life! Sprained a wrist cheerleading in HS, but no breaks!

22. I'd secretly like to be a children's book author, I just haven't done anything about that yet...maybe having my own kids will inspire me to get going on that!

23. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth. That's right! Learned that little trick in college! Oh how proud I am...

24. I am freakishly strong for my size. Seriously, I really am! Ask my friends! And luckily I have a high tolerance for pain! (THus the ability to withstand months upon months of daily shots in my rear end trying to get pregnant!!)

25. I am a happy camper. My life is good. My husband is wonderful, our families are terrific, we are expecting three babies, we have a nice house, pets we love, cars to drive, etc. We are blessed! I hope the same for all of you!
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