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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009, Hello 2010

Classic 2009...
Colton with a string of drool, Hunter with her helmet bump on her forehead, and Ethan..er...Stone Cold...How I love these babies...

Dear 2009,

When we met, I was 21 weeks pregnant.... just 12 weeks from meeting the newest, smallest members of my family. You were good to me, 2009. You kept me healthy, you kept me strong-Strong enough to bring my babies into this world without so much as a hiccup. Thank you for giving me March 23 to hold on to and remember for my lifetime. I'll never forget that day or the hours that passed before I could see my tiny bundles...or the minute I first held them in my arms. Breathtaking...

2009, we've seen happiness and also some sadness. We've been tried and tested and we have survived. We've grown, we've changed and we've learned to understand and accept. 2009, you were not perfect, but none of us are. You have reminded me of the importance of forgiveness and hope. You've reminded me what is important in my life - my family.

Thank you 2009 for births and new smiles, for husbands and "dada", for anniversaries and for milestones, for new jobs, and new friends, for new babies on the way and memories of babies we never got to meet, for family near and far, for friends who've remained dear, for the selfless gift we were given just because and for those who did the giving, for first holidays and first lots-of-things... :)

Years from now, when I think back to the moments that shaped my life, I will remember you. Thank you 2009. Good night...

Happy New Year.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas Bunchkin Style!

Oh my gosh...overwhelmed at the number of blogs I'm behind on!! I have so many fun events that happened even BEFORE Christmas that I haven't blogged about yet. So for this minute while the babies are nestled snugly in their infant loungers downstairs, I will begin with Christmas Eve...

To say that I love the holiday season is really an understatement. I absolutely love it. I love that moment when Starbucks breaks out the holiday cups, I love it when, even if it's still in November, stores start putting out holiday decorations, I love the madness at Target especially in the holiday section, I love that there's a month of Christmas shows on TV, I love that the grocery stores have special displays with all the things we need for our special meals, I love the Salvation Army bell ringers that are everywhere and I especially love that I have a reason to watch Clark W. Griswold a dozen times. I'm that person who loves to do last minute Christmas Eve shopping at the mall!! We used to go with my dad and I love it! We didn't make it this year because obviously life is different now, but those were fun times!

But it's funny how the meaning changes as you get older...Of course, when you're little, the anticipation of Christmas is just about the best thing ever...and as you get a little older, you really start to appreciate how great it is to give to others...in fact, I really think it's more fun that way. This year, while still everything I could've hoped for, I was a little sad because we were not able to give to others like we would've in the past. Our circumstances have changed, (aka we had triplets) and "extra" money is just not something we have anymore. I worried about it and worried about it, not because I thought anyone would be upset, but I just really wanted to be able to give back to the many people who have given to us. But this was not that year. When the tables turn someday and we are in that position again, I can't wait to reciprocate....

But anyway, Christmas Eve was in fact "Christmas" for my side of the family. So we had my mom and dad, Mary and Emilio, my Aunts Kim and Valerie, Uncle Jim, the babies, and the dogs Rocco and Piper over to the house. Because we were not able to give "presents" as much this year, I was happy that we could at least host the Christmas! So we had a delicious dinner, we did a white elephant gift card exchange with the adults, and then, and THEN...we watched the babies open presents!! Something I have waited for....

Now this first gift needs a little explanation. My name is Ami. I'm a blog addict. Yes, I spent many hours surfing the hundreds of triplet blogs even while I was still pregnant. Do you know what I saw in practically every one of them?? This really great 3 car wagon!! It was so darn cute but I could never figure out where people got them! I would look in Babies R Us, Target, etc. and they didn't even exist there. Well one day, my dad, and my friends Charlotte and Niki were at my house playing with the babies and we decided to go online and see if we could find it. BAD NEWS!!! The company doesn't even make them anymore!! NOOoooooo!! Well that began the ultimate Craigs List/ Ebay search...okay seriously, people who own them and know you can't get them brand new anymore totally took advantage!! We thought we'd found one, but when all was said and done we would've had to pay almost $600. Yeah Right...we'll just keep using our regular wagon, which the babies love anyway.

Well, Niki, being the good friend that she is, remembered that day and she became the ultimate wagon searcher. Seriously she would text me the minute she saw an ad go up for one. Once I was too late. But a few weeks before Christmas, I happened to be on the computer just as she sent me an instant message saying she JUST saw an ad posted for all 3 cars in Surprise, Arizona! I immediately emailed the owners and begged them to save it for me, and they said, "No problem, it's all yours!!" And the best part, it was only $150. So I called my dad and told him the perfect gift for him to give his grandbabies had just presented itself!! So that's step one. Now I needed someone to get it for me quickly, before the people got a better offer. Thankfully, my best friend Jen and her husband Nate live somewhat nearby and without even a minute of hesitation, she offered to go get $150 of her own cash up front and go pick it up for me two days later! I LOVE HER!! I have very cute pictures of her pulling it in her backyard with 3 cabbage kids in it, but they were not wanting to upload! Oh well, thank you Niki, thank you Jen & Nate, thank you people in Surprise, AZ and thank you Dad! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS WAGON!!

Here, we have just presented the Step 2 Choo Choo Wagon to the Bunchkins!

I think Colton was expecting a roller coaster ride!

How cute are they??

Grampa Sam is pulling us through the house...into the kitchen we go!

Through the living room...

I CAN'T STAND IT! I'm afraid I might be more excited than the babies! Oh well!

Uncle Emilio, Aunt Mary and Dog-cousin Rocco

My small family

Brian & Hunter, Me, My Mom, My Dad & Ethan, Mary, Emilio & Colton

My smaller family on our first Christmas!

My family and 99 year old Great Grammy Russo! I love that we have this memory!

Great Grammy Russo and Ethan (or as she calls him "Eaten") I will always remember that about her someday when she's no longer here. Probably when she's 115 years old. I can't believe what a trooper she is! You'd be amazed by this woman. She still lives alone, swims, takes walks, plays with babies, etc. I love my Gramma!

My bigger Arizona Family!

On the far right is Auntie Kim and Ethan, then Uncle Jim, then Auntie Valerie! We missed my cousins, Jake and Cristina!

My weak attempt at being Martha Stewart...

Ethan crashed during dinner, even before any presents were opened!

And finally, we got to Aunt Mary & Uncle Emilio's gift, which, it must be said, she was quite proud of! It's the Fisher Price Learning Farm!

Lesson Number 1 when kids are involved...PRE-ASSEMBLE the gift! :) Here's Aunt Mary being the good Aunt and putting it together for them right then and there, even though I kept saying, "Just wait. You don't have to do it now!" Oh contrare!

I'm sure every parent thinks their kids' reactions to Christmas presents are the best, and I am the same. If you want to see a kid light up, come watch the Bunchkins with the learning farm!! I have never seen anything so funny in my life! Colton could barely catch his breath, he was giggling so hard!! It's fantastic that it's two sided and all three can actually play together at once!

And here we are playing with our alligator chimes!

Rocoo opening his presents!

Colton opening a present from his great Aunties and Uncle

Me and the Bunchkins


Grampa Sam and Hunter

"Thank you Aunt Mary for my learning farm....I can't wait to play with it tomorrow.."

CRASH! I'm pretty sure Farmer Colton was counting sheep on his farm right here!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Stay tuned for Christmas with my little family and Brian's family!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A sad goodbye to Nurse Kim

As much as I dread this posting tonight, I am reminding myself that this blog will someday be handed over to the babies as a memory-A look back at their lives from before they were even born, a memory of their experiences in their little lives and a way to remember the countless people who became a part of their lives, in some way or another.

So tonight, we remember Nurse Kim. As you all know, after the babies were born, they spent some time in the NICU, but successfully "graduated" after 3 and 4 weeks. Considering however, that they were released to their crazy parents still weighing under 4 and 5 pounds, they were lucky enough to be introduced to "Nurse Kim." If I were a nurse, I think I'd want her job! She gets to visit all the NICU graduates in their homes every few months or so and check their progress to make sure they are continuing to thrive outside of the hospital.

Interestingly however, it wasn't until our first visit with Nurse Kim, that we realized we already knew Kim from years ago, through family and friends! As they say, "small world."Anyhoo, Kim would come over and essentially play with the babies while assessing their development. She was just so good with them...so loving and gentle...We were working so hard at our last visit to get Hunter and Ethan to push themselves up on their arms while lying on their bellies! I was so excited for her to see them not only pushing themselves up but now sitting and playing and babbling and interacting with eachother. She was also instrumental in providing guidance and advice regarding the cranial bands, and how to approach the insurance companies about getting them covered. We were expecting Nurse Kim to come over sometime in the next month.

Unfortunately, we learned only recently that she had become sick and unfortunately lost her terrible battle. Nurse Kim passed away today. We know she's in a good place now, but darn it, we liked having her here with all of us! She was doing such important work and making a difference in so many lives (so many little lives, especially!) So tonight, once again, we are reminded how short life is. Do not take things for granted...Tell the people you appreciate that you appreciate them. Don't wait for tomorrow.

Tonight, we will remember Nurse Kim. And we know she's watching us from above, so we won't be slackers! We'll keep working on getting bigger and stronger! Because we know she would've been proud. Goodbye Nurse Kim. Thank you for being in our lives....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Crafts with Crazy Mom!

So this year, we (and by "we" I mean "me") decided to make some ornaments to commemorate the babies' first Christmas! These cheap, inexpensive $1.00 wood ornaments from Michaels served my purpose quite well! So I painted them, added a little glitter kindergarten-style, and then wrote "HUNTER, COLTON & ETHAN" and then "1st Christmas" on each one. I'm going to put a current picture of each baby on the back of each ornament and then Mod-Podge them! Not bad for a total of $3.00 huh?

But that was the easy part. Because it was all about me. The next set of ornaments (cute, though they turned out to be) was not my best idea, and yet I'm already thinking about having them each make one more. Why? Who knows? I'm seriously a glutton for punishment. Or just plain crazy. Yeah, I think I'm crazy.

If you've been following my blog from the beginning then you know I'm absolutely a "glass half full" kinda person. It takes a LOT to get me frazzled. (I thank God I have this trait every single day when I suddenly notice the three babies in my living room). So anyway, maybe it's because I still miss kindergarten, but I thought to myself..."Hey! Those ornaments we used to make in kindergarten were so cute! And so EASY! I think I'll make those with the babies!"

Okay. They WERE easy with kindergartners. Not so much with 8 month old babies who do not understand what you mean when you say, "Open your hand. Now leave your fingers open flat while mommy tickles your hand with paintbrushes and 3 different colors of squishy, cold paint. Now go ahead and press your hand down on the paper...."

Now fortunately,when you see the picture below, then you can see that my efforts paid off! I managed to get 3 adorable Santa Hand Print Ornaments out of the chaos! Which I then laminated, (after writing on the backs of each one) and then added a ribbon to hang them!

If you'd like to make these with your "OLDER" children, all you need is:
-a hand,
-red paint,
-white paint,
-black paint
-skin colored paint
-A piece of cardstock and some ribbon.

Now, palms up, you paint all four fingers white (the beard), the center of the palm skin colored (the face), the heel of your palm and your thumb red (Santa's hat), and then the tip of the thumb white(the pom-pom on Santa's hat). Then press your palm down onto some cardstock and you're done! If you turn it around, it is a Santa head. I used to let the kids dip their finger in black paint and dab on two eyes. Then you're done!

So here are the pictures of crazy mom (yes, me) painting tiny hands....

Could he BE any less excited about this project??

First try...not our best!

What? You can't tell that's Santa?? :)


Colton was actually pretty cooperative while I painted his hand. It was getting him to keep his hand open and pressed down on paper that was a bit of a challenge!


She's really trying to learn...

"Peek a boo!"

The End!
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