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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nostalgia by the Sliding Door

A couple months ago, I was cleaning the house (nothing exciting to report there) until I made my way to the back sliding door armed with my paper towel and my Basic H spray. Much like all the other chores, it was pretty mindless work; spraying, wiping and all the while watching my littles learn how to play football beyond the dirty window before me.

I thought nothing of it until something stopped me in my tracks.


Nostalgia stopped me in my tracks.

At some point in the whirlwind we call our life, those chubby baby handprints and drooly kisses that adorned the lower foot of the the door moved about 4 feet higher and turned into fingerprints, sans drool. (With an occasional smushy nose print here and there.) :)

Seems like I blinked and they were grown.

I've been a terrible blogger lately and I'm really trying to make my way back. We're entering big life changes in the next few weeks (3 starting kindergarten) and I just know I'll want to look back and remember these days...

Or else, I'll blink again and find myself washing the ceilings.

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