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Monday, February 7, 2011

It's just good parenting.

I'll say a word, then you say the first thing that comes to mind after hearing MY word.



Okay next word. Ready?


Okay last time. Ready?


All right. So if you put the words 'cold', 'windy' and 'dinner' together to come up with 'playing outside in the park on a cold, blustery, day with Dairy Queen blizzards for dinner' then you too, are an AWESOME parent like me. Send me your address and I'll put your Mother-of-the-Year certificate in the mail. :)

Yeah, in retrospect, I realize this may not have been our best idea ever, but it's also far from the worst! Fresh air just ALWAYS seems like a good idea. Brian's mom and dad were visiting and we just thought it would be nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air. And truth be told, I'm pretty sure the kids didn't mind the cold as much as we probably thought they minded the cold.

Giving cold little ice cream cups to tiny hands to hold was a bit precarious, I admit, but all in all, it was fun. And yes, I like to think it's just good parenting.

Come on brother! Surely there's trouble around here somewhere!

Lead the way, Papa! (Love this picture)
Aaah yes. The ice cream.
I see no problems here.
Girl's like her momma. Not a fan of the cold. Her goosebumps were bigger than she is. (But again, notice she's not sacrificing fashion here. Even in the cold, she's wearing her fashionable magnetic wrap-around bracelet. )
What ice cream? I didn't have any ice cream...
Okay, well maybe I had a little bit of ice cream....

That's his "don't even think about taking away my ice cream" face.

Chilly Willy Little Bird with her Nana.
I believe the words that followed here were, "Uh oh."
Yeppers. 'Uh oh' is right.

I've recently become more and more obsessed with getting pictures of all three kids together. But that almost NEVER happens long enough to take a picture. Yes, 97% of their day is spent together, but somehow, the opportunities to take photos of them together is less than 1%. Go figure.

Getting ready for her milk commercial.
There it is. What a perfect milk (ice cream) 'stache.

Does this constitute them being together in a photo? :) It's like playing Where's Waldo.

And then we discovered the dugout! Good times in the dugout.
Dugout=contained space for taking pictures. :)

And then we found the noisy bleachers!!

Noisy metal bleachers beneath 6 noisy feet = lotsa fun!

Lead the way, Colton. Lead the way!

And that, my friends is our day at the park. Thanks for coming along. :)
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