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Friday, August 1, 2014

Meeting their teachers!!!

13 days ago, I asked my mom to help the kids make paper chains to help them count down the number of 'sleeps' left until kindergarten. Call it what you want, but at its core, it was my best 'kindergarten-teacher-mommy' attempt to make three kids think they were happy about going to bed early, waking up early and going to school 5 days a week. (Add colored paper and glue or tape to anything and it's bound to look appealing, right?)

On the one hand, I was completely confident that they would lose interest after day 3. I was completely wrong.

Tonight, with just 2 links to go,  their school hosted a 'Back to School' Ice Cream Social at which families can drop off supplies, meet the teacher (or teachers as the case may be), see the classrooms and maybe even meet a new friend or two.  :) 

Now, I know how chaotic these nights are for teachers {and don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE meeting all my new little ones, but the reality is that it's just chaotic meeting so many little ones and their families ALL. AT. ONCE.} 

Well let me tell you, the exhaustion involved with being the teacher on these nights, is rivaled ONLY by the exhaustion involved with being the parents of triplets starting kindergarten.   :) 

Let's start with supplies.  :) I don't mind the cost of the supplies whatsoever. I get it. I know how much it's appreciated and used and I was happy to cross off items on those lists. The dilemma was getting it all to the classrooms.  :) We had to enlist the 6 tiny biceps of our littles to carry their own buckets since our hands were full carrying the bags holding the rest of the list.  :) 

They did awesome. Honestly. Generally speaking, I expect a lot of complaining and/or whining when manual labor is involved and they did a marvelous job. Another sign that they're….growing up….{sniff sniff}.

So 3 tubs and 3 bags later, we made it to the line to get into the school. Yes, I said line. :) {Think 'Black Friday sales in the middle of the night' line. } Thankfully,  it moved very quickly. So quickly, in fact, I was barely able to snap an appropriate amount of pre-entrance photos ! 

Do you love this "Hurry up and take the picture, mom" look? Hee hee… So do I. 

I'm so grateful for my husband in situations like these. Through chaos and crowds, together we just 'get it done.' I am reminded of our venture to Kansas City, MO for the Hanger Orthotics book/photo shoot when the kids were itty bitty. I still cannot believe we managed that. On our own. :) He lets me just hand him the camera and trust that he'll take appropriate {and enough} photos.

He knows that I get uptight and anxious about making sure I see EVERYthing in every class and he adjusts his usual (slightly less patient) temperament so that it perfectly complements mine. He's the peanut butter to my jelly and I like it that way.

We started out in Colton's classroom because it's the first one we found. His teacher is the very amazing Mrs. Pessin. She's the kind of person you want to be near. More importantly, she's the kind of person you want your most sensitive little one to be near. Knowing that Colton already faces different challenges than Ethan and Hunter because he has a scar from his cleft lip, which may or may not someday attract attention, his teeth aren't as perfect as his brother and sisters'  (and he's aware of this too) and his speech is not always as precise or accurate as theirs. Top all that off with his extreme sensitivity and it was immediately clear to me that she would be great for him. He's learning to be out from the under the umbrella of the tripletness that has defined him and he needs someone with a kind heart and patient soul to bring out the best in JUST COLTON. The way she spoke to him that night and got down and hugged him made me confident that he would be okay with her.  Better than okay…he would thrive.

He was so happy when he found his name tag at his table and immediately sat down. We actually had to tell him that he didn't need to stay there. Yet.  :) He loved his cubby, his play area, his carpet, etc. 

We left Mrs. Pessin's class and headed over to Mrs. Schlak's room where Ethan will spend the next year! Mrs. Schlak and I (and even her husband) went to high school together!  She is so bubbly and just has you hanging on her every word. She's real and very matter of fact, and in so many ways the PERFECT person to teach Ethan. She's funny and strict in a way that is perfect for him. Ethan is one of the sweetest little boys ever. He uses excellent manners at home and still loves to cuddle. When he's mad and frustrated, I often don't even need to say a word, I can grab him and just hug him tight and all is right in the world again. And then there are the other kinds of days…He's a triplet and frankly, gets tired of having to share all. the. time. But what can I say, though it be by only a minute, he's my baby. He's very much my baby, and it makes me happy to leave him with Amber. 

My little man suddenly looking big. Too big.  

 Yep. The photo below should've been our first clue as to the relationship that is about to blossom. I'm so glad Amber has such a great personality and is so loving.  

Finally, we headed in to meet Hunter's wonderful teacher, Ms. Peregrina. Ms. Peregrina has been at Gale a while and has actually taught quite a few people I know from different areas of my world. They all loved her. Again, divine intervention was at work when she became Hunter's teacher. It didn't take long for Hunter to find herself smitten. Just look at the photo below. Can you see how excited she is?? Ms. Peregrina is going to challenge her and continue to inspire her love of learning. Several people have mentioned that she was their favorite teacher of all time. It's easy to see why.

She LOVED this area the most. Kept talking about 'the library.' 

 Finding her name on the chart and seeing some familiar names from preschool as well! 

 Everyone loved this area as well! Play kitchen, toys, shopping cart, etc. LOVE the opportunities for play. 

Outside the classrooms, in the hallway, the boys were excited to find their names! 

The kids left here tonight excited. Eager, happy, excited.  
Frankly, that makes my mom heart happy. 

We are so very blessed to be able to leave the 3 pieces of our hearts here at Gale, with an amazing kindergarten team.  Hooray for kindergarten! 

Stay tuned for first day of school pics...

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