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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Their Last First

Well, it was a monumental enough 'last first' that I thought I ought to record it. You know, like actually blog...while I'm thinking about it....and actually have 25 minutes where no one is arguing, fighting, clinging, requesting, crying or any other energy-sucking type of behavior. (And the little bit of         guilt-spiration I got from my aunties today helped too. ) {wink wink}.

They started school today.  Again.

Today was their {Last} first day of Preschool before they enter {gulp} kindergarten. Aka. The BIG KID CLASS where mommy teaches. Holy moly.

The alternate title to this post was going to be, 'What difference a year makes', because folks, I think I uttered those words on at least 8 different occasions. When they started preschool last year, I was more nervous than any of us. They were unsure, slightly hesitant but mostly ready to take on the world. (Er, well, maybe not the world, but the playground for sure.)

There were tears last year; admittedly, most were mine.

We spent the year working on some challenging behaviors, separation issues, transition issues, etc. And if I may say so, we have come a LONG way.

This morning had a whole different vibe to it. I was relaxed. I wasn't stressing about what I had put in their lunches, I wasn't worried about whether or not I had packed their backpacks and extra clothing appropriately. Brian was up and at 'em, had totally pitched in to get them fed and dressed, and somewhere, in the calm hustle of the morning, I'm pretty sure I saw rainbow colored bunnies hop past our window.

There was cooperation for the obligatory photos, quick though they were...(never mind that I never even THOUGHT to check the settings...oops.)


And there was happiness and cooperation as we loaded in the 'Burb and headed for the truly sunny land of Sonshine Preschool!

The whole drive there, they talked about their teachers, they talked about their room, they talked about the playground, and I talked TO THEM about writing in their journals. I maaayyybe even suggested they draw a picture of me.... if it was appropriate. :)

We walked up to the door,

greeted by Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Corbin, we came in, they put their backpacks away, 

and then straight to the sink they walked, to wash their hands. (Knowing and remembering routines from their first year...priceless.)  They waited in line and, for all intents and purposes, they were delightful.

They turned back and said, "Bye Mom! Bye Dad! See ya later." And just like that, we left.

It. Was. Amazing. Delightful. Stressless. Choose your happy adjective. They all work.

I was most pleased to see my dear friend, Heather there, dropping off her daughter. ( I had panicked when I did not see them at orientation and was in no way going to mention to Hunter that one of her apparent "Best Friends" wasn't going to be in her class anymore.)

4 hours later, I picked them up. They were happy, Mrs. Lucas was still standing, and all seemed right with the world.  :)
Side note...because I love the curious ways life happens...When I was in high school, we had a group of friends
that we 'rolled with.'  Heather, from above, was one of them  :) along with several other girls and several guys. One of those guys was my friend Tony.  Little did I know back then, while drinking Boone's Farm at illegal bonfires, that 14  years later, Tony, whose house we loved to hang out at and whose parents we loved to hang out  with,  would become my anesthesiologist for the  C-Section at which the trips were born. He would also become Colton's anesthesiologist at his first surgery to repair his cleft lip.  Fast forward another 4 years, Tony's mom is my kids' preschool teacher and one of my mom's close friends, to boot! If you ever doubted whether or not  God puts people in your life for a reason, this family is proof positive.  :) Thanks, Mrs. Lucas...I have no doubt my kids will love you as much as we all did,
growing up! 

To top off their day, as we prepared to walk back to our car, they saw their teacher from last year, Mrs. Moten standing in their former doorway, and they yelled, "HI MRS. MOTEN!" And with a wave and a blown kiss, she made their day." A reminder how important teachers are in all children's lives, but ESPECIALLY young children's. Thanks to Mrs. Moten and Mrs. Castillo for the wonderful start they gave my littles. :) 

The whole way home, I peppered them with questions, and was pleasantly surprised that they didn't actually need much prompting this year. For the entire year, last year, I would ask, "How was school? What did you do today?" And the answer, from the boys anyway, was always the same. "THE PLAYGROUND!"

Today's conversation went like this:

E: "MOOOM! I 'wote' in my journal! I dwawed a picture of YOU!" (Chuckle to myself...he DID it!) 
Me: I'm so proud of you! How bout you guys?
H: I drawed in my journal too! I drawed a picture of me! And an H! 
C: I drawed my name and your name.  :) 

Did you guys get in any trouble?
{Notably awkward silence follows....}
H: Well, I DID have to tell my teachers I was sorry. 
Me: What did you do?
H: Well, I had to hit Colton on the head because the boys were fighting.  :) {Her word choice kills me here.}

Me: Did you play with any kids today? Did you play with Taylor?
H: Oh, no. Mom, I don't know why, but I think I forgot to play with Taylor today. I better remember tomorrow. But I held Joey's hand. {momentarily hoping another mother gave her daughter a typically male name, much like we did...)  :)
E: I held Joey's other hand and we walked inside like a rectangle. {No idea what that means.}
C: And Mrs. Lucas says, "Eyes on Me."  {Love how on Day 1 I can see how this will help them transition to kindergarten. }

E: And, AANND she says, "Body Check." 
(From the front seat, I assume he has said 'Potty Check'.)
Me: Oh, what a great idea! Is that to remind you to go pee in the potty?"
E and H: NO MOM! Not potty check, BODY check!!

And instantly all three wrap their little legs up, ("Like PRETZELS!" they say). To make sure we're being good when we sit together.  :)
C: Like criss cross apple sauce, mom. 

And just like that, their first day was done. They were happy, they were smiling and in turn, so was I.

 And hopefully you are too. Because, well, I blogged.   :)
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