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Sunday, September 27, 2009

All in a Day's Work: Part 1...Multiples Day at Cottonwood!

One of the best things about the Vail School District is that we teach on a YEAR-ROUND schedule! (I know, to most people, the thought of going to school year round repulses them.) But it's one of those things you can't appreciate until you've done it! The school year starts mid-July. Then, after the first quarter, there is a 3 week break, also known as HEAVEN! Now, typically, this last week of school, we often have Spirit Week, with different "dress up" days for the staff and students. Thursday before the break was "Multiples Day." In other words, find a friend and dress exactly alike! So the brilliant Kindergarten Team at Cottonwood, (1/3 of which happens to be Aunt Mary) decided to come as the Bunch Triplets! They made Iron On shirts and everything! So to honor their creativity and come be part of the fun, we made the trek out to school to visit briefly! And oh what fun we had! **And if you're wondering about the rest of the school schedule?? After the 3 week break in Sept/Oct., we go back to teaching until the typical 2 week Holiday Break in December. Then back to school in January with a 2 week break in March. The school year ends at the end of May!

Left to Right:

Aunt Mary & Colton, Mrs. Fisher (Jaymee) & Hunter, Mrs. Lofgren (Jen) & Ethan
They let me be in the picture too, since I did BIRTH them and all!

Aunt Mary (Mrs. Montes) & Colton
Mrs. Fisher & Hunter
Mrs. Lofgren & Ethan
Many of the kinders who LOVE to see the Bunchkins!
Look who else happened to be dressed like TWINS?? "Auntie Sarah" & Hunter!
Even Mrs. Chris and Colton happened to be doing the Twin thing!
"Kindergarten is hard work," says Colton, as he snuggles Mary Stott!
What do you do when babies start crying and kids are supposed to be learning about Apples? Combine the two! The kids were absolutely adorable singing their "Apple" Poem to the boys...

Ahh...what a day! Time to go home babies. But not for long....we're off to the Pediatrician!

All In a Day's Work: Part 2....6 months old and all we got was shots!

So the second part of our day was a trip to our favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Goldberg! Yes, the Bunchkins are 6 months old...Doesn't even seem possible! Being pregnant for for 6 months often felt like 12, but when it's 6 months watching your babies grow, it just flys by! And I, like all other mothers, do not want them to grow up. :( I love this stage. I love the dependence they have on us right now, EVEN with three of them! They never cease to amaze me, surprise me, humor me and entertain me....and today, I was so proud of them.

Like I've said in other posts, these babies are miracles in so many ways. Honestly. They beat the odds. I beat the odds. They were conceived in a miraculous way, born to a tiny mother 7 weeks early, spent time in the NICU and are nevertheless doing absolutely wonderful! Their health appears to be great, their growth follows normal patterns, respectively, and they are quite frankly the happiest babies you can imagine. I know I tell people that all the time, but seriously, I invite you to come to our house and see for yourself! They wake up giggling, they smile constantly, and the laughs are contagious. Today, was no exception. Dr. Goldberg got to experience three laughing babies himself! (That is, until the shots came out...) oh well...you can't win 'em all!

Dr. Goldberg and Hunter

Filling out the Developmental Scales!

And here comes Jackie with the needles...

First up...


"What did I ever to to you? Why are you always poking me??"

"I can't take it anymore! Just do it already!!"
"Daddy...make it stop."

Next up...

THE COLTON-MEISTER"It's not that bad, it's not that bad, it's not that bad..."
"Yes it is! It's THAT BAD!"
"Hold me, Mommy!"

"Gramma, peeease you make it better??"
And hiding out in 3rd place...


"Ok, tastes nasty, but it didn't hurt. I can do this."
"Oh hi pretty lady with Betty Boop on your shirt..."
"What kind of person does that to a small child?"
"Quick! The Bandaid! That always makes it better."
"Sniff, sniff...Daddy, can I pweeese have a pony? Sniff, sniff.."

Alas, after all that, you'd think their day was done. But no, now we're off to get our helmets! Come along!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

All in a Day's Work: Part 3...Won't you take me to---HELMET TOWN??

So the final part of this day was getting our much anticipated (or possibly dreaded, depending on whether you're the adult or the baby) cranial remolding helmets! Let me just say that Liz, our practioner is a saint. And like I said in the head scanning post, THANK GOD she is so good with babies! As soon as we arrived, we were met in the waiting room and brought back to our "regular" room. There, Liz showed us the 3 tiny helmets! (OMG, SO CUTE!!) But they still needed to be fitted even more specifically to each baby, so one by one, we started....

Again, good that Liz does this for a profession because I would've just slapped that helmet right on their heads. But no, the appropriate thing to do is let the baby become somewhat familiar with it. She let each baby touch the helmet, feel it, listen to the velcro strap several times so it wouldn't be so frightening.


"Hmm, what is this?"

"Gramma, look at my shiny pink ball thing."

"I better see what happens when I pull this fuzzy thing."

But before long, get acquainted time is over. And the tough part (for me) begins. Liz showed us how to most efficiently and least painfully open the helmet and get it around their heads.

"Hey, why are you putting my head in that pink ball thingy??"
"'Scuse me, it got a little dark here..."

Now, if you were thinking to yourself, "That helmet looks HUGE on her!" You were right. It's not done yet. After she gets it on their heads, she then takes a marker and marks where their eyebrows are, and where each ear is. From there, she takes the helmet back to the workshop area and essentially shaves the helmet up to the lines she marked. That way, it actually fits, without overwhelming the entire face.

If you look closely, you can see the black marker lines.
This picture is post shaving...now it doesn't overwhelm her face or butt up to her ears.
But...she still doesn't love it.
"Oh, but I do like that white clicky thing in your hand!"


Ethan checking out his helmet
"Hmm, lemme see that fuzzy, noisy thing...
"Hey! Whoa, whoa, what're you doing putting that thing on my head?"
"Daddy, help me!! It's squishing my cheeks!"
Obviously this a 'before' picture. It hasn't been shaved yet.

Now it's been shaved to fit Ethan's face better.

Dad, so proud of his future linebacker.
"hey, that's a fun clicky thing...lemme see that..."
"Ok, I'm done. Get it OFF OF ME!!"


Checking it out...

"smooth...I like it...."

"Hmm...I liked it better before she put it on my head..."

"Whoa! Who's pinching my cheeks??"

"Scuse me, could we get a little light in here?"

"I can't see!!"

That's ok, Bubba. Mama will make it better.

"Ok, now this time it's fitting much better.."

"That's right. Call me Mr. Studly."

This was just one of the many tactics we resorted to during the times we had to wait.

Gramma and Ethan

First day wearing them at home....uugh. I hope I get used to it. Oh-and I hope the babies get used to it too! :)

Hunter posing, helmet and all! That's my girl!

Colton finally gave up and fell asleep. Sucking his thumb. Poor little man.
I shall call him "Guido". This is what his hair looked like after ONE HOUR only!! Imagine after 23 straight hours! Poor thing...
Well, food always makes everything better for me at least!
Ok. stay tuned for more of our adventures!
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