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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins and Apple Pie

As much as I love traditions- the repetition of familiar events, something to look forward to each year, an occasion which marks a particular season, month or time of year, I also despise them. 

Traditions are regular, time-stamped reminders of how fast our kids grow up. Trips to the pumpkin patch are met with annual photos of our babies standing in the spot they stood the year before, with nothing spectacular to notice except 'how much more grown up' they seem. 


So here we are again. This year, my in-laws joined us, which was fun for all of us. They live a few hours away, so it's not as often that they get to see us  their grandkids and niece. (Cuz who are we kidding? No one cares to see us anymore!)  :) We ventured out to Apple Annies, which, though we claimed to be going for pumpkins, was really an unspoken agreement that we were driving an hour for apple pie. And the bonus was the pumpkin.  :) I'm just keepin' it real here, people. 

We had a great time. We always do. 
Here, the photographic proof, uploaded in some kind of CRAZY order. I did my best to at least 'group' the photos.

Colton Samuel, Age 3.5

Colton...one year ago!

Ethan Bradley, Age 3.5

Ethan....one year ago.  

Hunter Olivia, Age 3.5
Hunter one year ago...

Nana & Hunter, Auntie Kristen & Ethan, Colton & Papa

I really wanted to get in on this photo, like last years, but there were so many people trying to get up and down the stairs.  So I gave up.  :(

And a year ago...

THE Pie. Yeah, it's worth the drive.  :) 

We threw some candles on to celebrate Nana's birthday! 

Relaxing in the apple orchard...

Will his feet touch the ground next year? I shudder at the thought...

Having lunch in the orchard

Kisses for Nana

Apples for Colton

Hunter and Colton

Driving the tractor

Rollin' in the corn pit. WAY FUN.  And oddly therapeutic. 

But, it was time to get on the hayride and find us a pumpkin!
Who's payin' for this ride anyway?
Oh, right.

Seriously, they could've just ridden the hayride and left happy campers.

Let's find a pumpkin! 
Nana and Hunter

There is great beauty in a pumpkin patch...
And a corn field....

Nana and the boys

It is apparently incredibly difficult, and is clearly asking too much to have your 3 children  pose in a picture with you.  

At least they cooperated with dad! 

Daddy will find us a punkin! 

The only thing I dislike about the pumpkin patch is....the dust and dirt. 
My kids certainly didn't help that issue. 

Sweet Colton...

Nana and Ethan checking out some corn husks. 

Auntie Kristen and Ethan

Nana and Hunter

Everybody say, "PUMPKINS!"

So the pumpkin patch rocked. It was perfect in fact. But do you know what is even better? ROASTING "SMARSHMALLOWS" back at home!! 

Regular Marshmallows, a Toasted Coconut marshmallow and even Pumpkin Spice Latte marshmallows! Yum!

(The glasses are fake, by the way. Just glass. No prescription. She flippin LOVES them.)

And a movie in the playroom, with their Auntie Kristen.
It just doesn't get much better! 
See you next year! 
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