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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Don't let the underwear fool you.

Some wear underwear.  :)

Well, rest assured, Super Woman, I am not. 

(For you curious ones, the underwear was my prize at our school's white elephant gift exchange and no, I did not really wear them anywhere publicly.) Well, truthfully, I DID have to go pick up my friend's son from Preschool just after this photo was taken and I DID wear them across campus, but thought it might be borderline inappropriate to pick up someone ELSE's kid wearing superman underwear for fear they may not release him to me. So I removed them. Just outside their door. :)

Anyhoodle, let's shoot straight here, people. There are plenty of days I feel pretty bad a$$ for some of the things I manage to do with triplets. But I realize some of you have been fooled into thinking I'm that awesome ALL the time. {insert sarcastic roll of eyes here.}

But I'm not. And to prove it, I present to you my top 10 list of reasons why I am NOT Super Woman. 


I feed my kids Macaroni and Cheese at least 8 out of 14 meals a week. Sometimes I even settle for worse than that. 

Baths.....umm, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say maybe 3 a week?  :)

I sometimes let my kids beat each other up because I just don't have the energy to get up and help. Again.  

When I'm in a hurry or am particularly exhausted, I 'shorten' the story I'm reading at bedtime so that I can hurry up and have a glass of mommy juice. 

I sometimes let them eat crap while we're shopping JUST to keep them quiet. 

Once in a while we tell the kids to say funny or inappropriate things just because it's funny to us.  

Washing the kids' bed sheets? Unless someone pees or pukes in them....then....not so much. 

I sometimes blame my tardiness on them. I sometimes blame other stuff on them too.  :)

Sometimes the movie in their DVD player 'automagically' restarts itself. Again. And again. And again. (Simply because it means guaranteed quiet.) 

I may or may not sometimes tell them that their favorite annoying toy 'needs-new-batteries-so-we'll-have-to-wait-till-later- to-play-with-it'  or  that their 'favorite-Meet-the-Sight-Word-video-that-I-will-kill-myself-if-I-have-to-watch-one-more-time' is at Grammy's house. Aww...

And there you have it. Super Woman, I am not.

My kids, though? I DO think they're pretty super. And I'm going to tell you all about it for the entire month of May. (Give or take a few days here and there...We just established I'm not Super Woman, remember?)

Quite the little hams they are....

1 Down. 30 to go. 
Happy Blog-a-day-in-May!


Kelli Ruhl said...

Amy that was AWESOME! Made me laugh... hard! I love the top 10! My favorites are numbers 8, 5, 2 and number 1 !!! Yes even with all of that.. your still a super mommy! I say wear the underwear all the time! LOL

Mrs. Lofgren said...

YEAH for blog-a-day in May!!! It will make my mornings to wake up to your adventures! Thanks for sharing your 10...I'll be honest that many of your confessions made me feel like a normal mom! :) I say you should wear your Super Undies with pride...you are a SUPER mommy with SUPER kids!

Auntie Val said...

Loved it Ami! And you are SUPER MOMMY x 3 with SUPER KIDDOS! Thanks for starting our mornings with a smile and a chuckle. You are amazing! And by the way, I think most of us are quilty of items on your list. Thought that was normal. :)

Kim said...

I agree with Jennifer and your Auntie, you are a super mom! Give yourself more credit. And besides all you do for your family and our schools, you enterain us with your writing! Thank you! Dave

Dad said...

You are Wonder Woman times 10. Period. :-)

Jeremy DeBauche said...

That's it! No more following Ami's lead. j/k Too funny. I already see ourselves headed in many of those same directions. Sometimes, it's just better to keep your sanity. Excited about your Blog-a-Day in May.

Mary said...

That's why I can't blog...I could never be so honest : ) good for you! If it wasn't for Emilio I would still choose Mac and cheese a few times a week!

Susan said...

Oh Gosh - I did most of ... no all of thise things - and I only had one!! I love reading your blog so it will be good to know there are a lot of posts in May to look forward to!

Sarah said...

love it! i do almost all of those things! i do love bath time though. it's a BUNCH easier with only one ;)

thechillydog said...

I don't think there is any mom out there who hasn't done at least one (and probably closer to eight or nine, maybe even all ten) of those things. It doesn't mean we're not super :)

Jennifer W said...

Awesome Woman, Wonder Woman, and Super Woman are all perfect words for what a Loving Mother you are. Not to mention a gifted writer!

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