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Friday, June 29, 2012

More adventures from the outdoors!

Let me just make a disclaimer here. I wanted to remind you all that I am not a scrapbooker, I hardly print photos anymore unless I'm framing them, so blogging is my 'Memory Keeper'. Hence, the 50 million photos. I don't really expect that you have the interest to gaze longingly at every ridiculous vacation photo I post, but when my kids are all grown up, I just know they'll all want to peruse their blog books to read about their adventures as kids. 

That said, carry on! 

We covered fishing, (and am still loving that even 5 days later the kids are still telling people "I caught a fish cat" or "I caught a cat gooey fish." I love that it was a memorable experience for them.  

Moving on now to boating. We rented a boat for a day. Somewhere between a row boat and a motor boat. (If you can call it a motor.) At one point, while 'sailing' I looked at Brian and said, "Uh oh, are we stuck in the seaweed stuff?" He looked at me and said, "Um, no? We're moving." Yeah. It was that slow. I actually thought we were at a standstill! But it was fun anyway! 

The kids went out on their first boat ride ever with Grammy and Al. 
They were thrilled watching him pull the boat up to our dock and then getting t suited up for their ride! 

 Thank you once again, Brosnan Family for the life jackets! I swear you guys are my heros for all the stuff you've given to my kids. It has ALL gotten such great use! 

Now THAT canNOT be comfortable.  hee hee...

Here they go! Grammy got to sit with Hunter and Ethan 

 And Colton helped work the controls with Al. 
 And away they went! All three were terrific and minded the rules of boating (for the most part!) They had a great time and it was only about 3/4 of the way in that Hunter finally said, "Well, I think I better go see my mom now." Awww....

 Red cheeks indicate they're done and back! 

 Next up? Kayaking! 
Ethan and Brinley are getting ready! 

First Mom and Al. (Look at the synchronization of paddles there!) Nicely done! 

When they returned, Team Bunch practiced for the 2032 Olympic Kayaking team. 

Freakishly strong...like her mama!

After their rigorous workout, they suited up and prepared for their next boating adventure! 
(Does this look like the face of excitement or what?)
 Me and Ethan

Aunt Mary and Hunter
 Dad and Colton
 And we're off! 
 The kids LOVED kayaking! Probably one of my favorite aspects was how concerned Ethan was with where everyone was. The minute someone else fell behind us or was simply out of his line of sight, he would ask me, "Mommy, where's Coton and Daddy?" Or "Where's Hunter and Mary?" When  he would regain his sight of them again, he would yell, "Hi Honter! Hi Coton!" So sweet...

The highlight for Ethan was the live catfish he and I saw swimming just to the side of our kayak. We'd seen plenty of dead catfish floating, so he was elated to see a real live one swimming just beside him! 
 And lest you thought we left the wee one out of the boating fun, we surely did not! Even Brinley got in on the action! 

 So with all that boating out of the way, Ethan decided to relax with a little technology break. 
 Never too far, Colton looks on.

And Brinley was a having a good ol' time with my friend Jen and the magnifying bug catchers Nana and Papa had given the kids! 
 "I see you, Mom!"

My handsome Colton

And later in the evening I remembered purchasing a $39 fishing license to which I was NOT about to waste! So...I sat my little self down on the dock and attempted to catch something! Never mind that my first attempt at casting my line was a little too emphatic and I did nothing but fling my worm right off the hook! Oops. 

But patience is a virtue, right? 

 Look who caught herself a fish?

 Never mind the dorky look on my face! I caught myself a fish! Woo hoo!

 After that adventure filled day, Brian and I took a late afternoon nap on the blanket out front. We were greeted by our children later for family nap time! 

Then it was time to begin the evening's festivities. 
Beginning with....



 There isn't much that's cuter than baby Nikes!

 Nightime photos without a flash...tricky.  

How much did I love this sign? 
I couldn't agree more! 

Then there was just more practicing/learning/trying things with the camera...

One of the things we'll miss the most about this trip was our little duck family. The camped out on a big rock right near our dock and every morning and every evening we'd go out and feed them some bread. They truly became like pets to us! Hunter called the babies, "Colton, Hunter and Ethan!" Clever, right? 

It was so fun watching these babies with their mama! She was so protective of them. If another duck even tried to come close to where her babies were eating, she would shoo them away so fast! 

At one point, I was watching her as two of her babies swam one way and the other baby swam the other direction and she furiously swam between the three trying to get them all in line again. I said to her, "I feel your pain, Mama Duck. I feel your pain!" 

And the hubs and I were able to sneak out sans kids for a little shooting in the woods! 

There's great excitement that comes with punching a little tiny hole through a soda can with a .357 in the middle of a rain and thunder storm! 

Oh yeah...be afraid. Be very, very afraid.  :)

Brinley was so excited to see her daddy after 5 days! She held on tight to him!
 All together now, "Awwww!"

Whose ragamuffin child is this? 
Oh. Right....

 In case you were wondering, it was hardly cold enough to actually need these hats, but I'd brought them, you know, just in case. So at the first sign of dropped temps we threw on hats and sweatshirts! 

And cozied up by the fire! 

Odd combination, isn't it?
I believe the ultimate message here is 'Don't mess with me while I"m enjoying wine by the fire.' 
Al and Mom
Mary and Baby 'Brinney' as my boys call her. 
 "Uncle Meeelo, you tie my shoe for me?"

And I'll stop there. One more post to come...

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