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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making New Friends!

Oh how we love our visitors! Here are a few of their newest friends!

Sammy and Maggie Ornelas
Ella Chumbler

Karen and Alexa Kershner

Jordan Pinkerton

Kelly and Jordan Pinkerton :)

Park Place Mall for the Bunch Babies!

So, the key to having triplets we realize is not falling into the trap of becoming so overwhelmed with them that you wouldn't even think of leaving the house. Clearly, we have not fallen into that trap yet...Target, Starbucks, Babies R' Us, the park, Church....so, Friday, Brian had the day off and we decided that we would get out of the house and go to Old Navy so that I could find some shorts or pants that fit! (Seriously, even though I've lost pretty much all my baby weight, there are VERY FEW of my pants that fit anymore....what's with that??)

But our dilemma was this...the babies are still too little to ride in the Blue baby Bus, (their heads are too floppy) and we REALLY didn't want to simply carry 3 cars seats all through Old Navy. (Really, how's a girl supposed to shop with both hands holding carseats??) So we broke down...we decided to go to Babies R' Us and buy 2 other strollers that can be used while the babies are still little. Strollers we can put their car seats into. Now, the Blue Baby Bus will still be our favorite mode of transportation once they're bigger, but for now, we'll have to go this route! So we ended up with a double and a single stroller.

Leave it to my handy dandy husband...he assembled them both right there in the parking lot so that we wouldn't have to go back home first! I love his ability to do stuff like that! Well let me tell ya, shopping is MUCH more fun with strollers! We've accepted the attention we draw anytime we go out and always have our standard responses ready..."yes, they're triplets. 2 boys and a girl. They weigh blah, blah, blah, they're 8 weeks old, blah, blah blah. " (Who am I kidding, I love taking the babies out and I'd happily answer those questions till I'm blue in the face!)

We even had lunch in the food court! The babies had formula and Brian and I had Rubios! And then, as a new experience for us, we got to take the babies to the Family Restroom area and change three diapers! Funny the things you notice once you have kids! Did you know there's a Nursing Room in Park Place Mall? Seriously! Who knew??

Brian's favorite part about going on outings is watching to see what I'll dress the babies in, because they can't just wear a onesie in public! They need to be dressed to the the nines! Seriously HOW CUTE ARE THESE LITTLE BOYS?? I love them!! (Obviously, Ethan is not happy about my outfit choice.)
What better place to assemble two strollers than in the parking lot??

Yep! We even used their dumpster for the trash!

Our new wheels!

Changing a plethora of diapers at Park Place Mall!

Waiting their turns....
Hunter gets to go first...you know the saying the squeaky wheel gets the oil? Well in this case, it was the STINKY wheel gets the oil!

Ok, apparently having his diaper changed just took it out of Colton. He's pooped. Literally.
Just give me a minute...I'm just going to lie here for a little bit...
Say cheese, dad!

3 Cottonwood Coyotes in the Making!

Ok, so Thursday, May 21, it was decided that the babies HAD to go to Cottonwood to meet the people who'd been rooting for them the entire time they were growing in mom's belly and, let's be honest, even before that! Some of their biggest supporters are right here at Cottonwood, a place very dear to mom's heart and a place I miss tremendously! And my kindergartners who had been waiting SO patiently finally got a chance to meet the babies!

I'll just apologize up front to the administration about the decrease in productivity at Cottonwood on this day...(though it would appear that they also found their way to baby town...) Much of the staff had taken up their new posts as baby holders in the library. I just hope no one missed their duty, left students unattended, etc. :) The bottom line is, the babies had a WONDERFUL time meeting ALL their Cottonwood Aunties and they will continue to practice their howling so that they too can be Cottonwood Coyotes one day!

A big thank you to Jen Corbelli! She came along with me to help carry babies in car seats since I obviously can't carry all three! THANK YOU JEN!

Of course it has to be raining on this day...my mom apparently thought it was snowing, thus the hats :) It's ok, Mom, they are cute, and thanks for helping us all get dressed!
Hunter putting on her pretty girl clothes, and yes, we did a polish change on her toes so she would be freshly pedicured!

Seriously, the expressions on the adults is just priceless. What is it about babies that turns us all to mush? This was before I gave the "go ahead" to take them out of their car seats! So let's see who we've got here...L to R....Ms. Bryson, Dawn, Molllie, Pattie, Kristine in the background, Lisa

Again, half of Deb Gunderson, Deborah, Dawn, Bobbi, Mollie, Kristine, Patti with an i, Lisa

Hooray! The babies have been unleashed! Wasn't it nice of me to have triplets so no one has to wait too long to hold a baby?!

Colton is kissing up to the asst. to the principal, Bobbie here!

Stephanie, Mollie and Ethan, and Deborah

Dawn, Patti and Hunter

What a troop! See what I mean about the decrease in productivity here? Seriously! Does anyone have work to do??

Shorty and Colton, Deborah and Ethan, Nicole and Kristine

Ahh, it's like those rocking chairs were put there just for us! Ethan is in heaven with Deb, and Colton is checking out Kristine!

Soo Sweet! Debby and Ethan! He's dreaming about powerschool. :)

Kristine is doing the LSF (Letter Sound Fluency test) with Colton :)

Colton and Jill....this guy could not have been more alert this day! He was fascinated with the bright lights and all the things around him!

I love you Jill!
And joining our baby party here is Cathy with Ethan, and Jenny, Mary with Hunter, & Charlotte (and Jen C.) in front
Colton is trying to convince Jenn that he doesn't need a behavior plan...yet.
Hunter and Melissa..no Melissa, she's too little to work at Vail Pride Day next year! :)
Colton and Jenn again

Now enter...Becca with Hunter and Amanda
Margaret is beginning speech services early with Ethan :)

Becca and Hunter again

An hour later...Colton is STILL loving on Jenn!

Rocking out....Gail and Ethan....Sarah and Colton

Monica is telling Hunter that she can be in her 1st grade class someday
SURPRISE! Nurse Lori was also at school today! Colton was snuggling up with her saying "look how fat I'm getting!"

Nurse Lori and Colton

This is a baby swap in action! Now Lori has Ethan and Gail is getting Hunter

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our First Trip to TARGET!

Ok, so today my mom and I decided to be adventurous and briefly take the babies to TARGET to get a few things we needed! I tried to explain to the babies in the car that TARGET is one of the happiest places on earth. Judging by the fact that they only barely opened their eyes, I'm not sure they'll remember just how wonderful it was...

In the parking lot, making sure we can fit three carseats into shopping carts!

We fit! We fit! Here we go babies!
Getting ready for the happiest place on earth...(after Disneyland)

Here's Gramma!
It only made sense that we would run into the Corbelli's! Jen, Emma and Noah! It wouldn't be a trip to TARGET if they weren't there!

In one cart is Hunter and Ethan...
In the other cart...Colton!
Bringing the babies to the baby aisles!
Bringing the babies to the adult aisles! As all good mothers do, I'm sure, I picked out a wine for Hunter! It's called the Middle Sister! How appropriate!
Colton was trying on sunglasses for the summer!
Proof that he was awake for a second on his big trip!
Going to Starbucks IN Target!

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