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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Airplanes, Helicopter and Over-the-moon Triplets.

We happen to live so close to Davis Monthan Air Force Base, that it's common place to be playing outside while jets and helicopters fly overhead leaving my children, heads upturned, in complete awe. 

Ethan has already decided that he is going to be a "Pilot Helicopter'  when he grows up and he pretty much thinks jets and 'elicopters' are the coolest things ever. So we decided to take the kids to the Air and Space Museum. This museum is one of those local gems I've driven past for most of my lifetime but never actually gone to. As soon as we told them we were going to see the Airplanes, they wanted to know: 

"But are you going to stop the car?"
"Are we going to get OUT of the car?"
"Are we going to see the airplanes but not from in our car?"


Yes, my loves. Yes to all of those questions. 

We began our adventure at Dunkin Donuts. 

Does this LOOK like the face of happiness? 
 He was confused because he thought we'd chosen Donuts INSTEAD of airplanes. 

 No surprise, upon arrival, they wanted to know if they could go IN all the planes.
I don't think THIS was what they had in mind.  :) 

There are no words to describe the feeling in my heart the moment I saw and heard the excitement in my little's voices and in their actions.  I'm talking full on, "WOWS!" and "THIS IS SO COOL!" They see things differently than adults do. They find delight in the simple fact that before them are hundreds of GIANT airplanes! 

Okay, well, Brian might have been just as excited.  
Now, I'm just giving advance notice for the photo dump ahead. I've had these photos for months now! I'm just putting them out here finally! Yes, they all look the same, so feel free to look quickly!

Ethan is glimpsing his future.

And he likes what he sees. 

Oooh La la...

And let's just stop for a moment here. Hello Top Gun. Hello Volleyball scene. Hello Tom Cr.ui.se. Goodbye Kelly McGill.is.

(For the record, I really don't much care for TC. I'd prefer this were IceMan or Slider. 
But whatever.)  

Best part of the whole day? Everyone gets a jet to take home! Woo hoo!

I love these photos....

Checkin' out his shadow....I want to be a kid again.  

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