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Sunday, January 31, 2010

And they called it Puppy Love....

I know you all thought Colton was our first-born child, but you're wrong. Our first born child was our black lab, Piper. :) We got her when she was just a new-born pup! Let's just say Brian was the victim of cute puppy syndrome. When we lived in Queen Creek, he was still a motorcycle officer. Well, he was cleaning his motorcycle out in the open garage one day when some neighbors came by wondering "would you like a puppy?"

Well, as if all the stars aligned, the puppy they had to offer was a FEMALE, BLACK LAB. Understand that those were literally the 3 criteria Brian had for ever owning a dog for our family. And what's more, she was the RUNT which was even better! So Mr. Softie comes into the house where I believe I was making Shepherd's Pie and says, "Honey...? Can we get a puppy?" Well, even if I had tried to resist, once I was escorted down the street into a house full of brand new lab puppies and shown "the little black one", I was doomed.

And so, that is how we got our first born child, Piper. She was little, she was fiesty & she was DIS-O-BEDIENT!! . I'm recalling a carpeted house full of muddy puppy paw prints, and a entire house covered with a roll of shredded toilet paper. I also recall that my arms and legs being permanently marked from puppy bites and scratches....Trust me when I say this- there were days I wanted to give her back.

But, she outgrew that puppy phase and has grown into the most loyal dog you can imagine. She was my sidekick during my pregnancy and I knew she'd come to love our babies as much as we would. She used to sit on the couch beside me and rest her chin on my giant belly. :)

And now, our babies are here, and Piper is the best big furry sister they could have hoped for. She is calm (99% of the time), she's gentle and only occasionally howls with the crying babies signifying her annoyance with the noise once in a blue moon! When I wake up with one of the babies in the night, she always joins me in the nursery while we rock back to sleep, or even joins me downstairs. I take the big couch, she takes the small couch. Sometimes I am jealous of Piper because she simply has to walk past any one of the babies and they erupt in giggles! They love her dearly. Often, she stays downstairs with the babies if I have to run upstairs to do something. I know that she is watching over her babies.

What's more, she is already tolerating having her tail pulled and her gums tugged...Our family is perfect. I love that someday (30 years from now), we'll all look back at photos of "our first dog, Piper" and remember what a wonderful dog she was!

So I couldn't help myself. I was upstairs making laundry piles with Ethan on my bed. Well Piper came up and politely asked if she could also hop up on our bed. So I, of course, let her and just watched them interact. Too darn cute not to run downstairs for the camera! :)

So this is the story of Ethan...

and Piper...
and Ethan...
and Piper.

Best Friends

No worries, that was a yawn not a bark!

Tired of saying "cheese"

Paws-itively adorable!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nothing "Butt" a Zoo-per Day!

Brian's family came to Tucson today to visit their 3 grand-bunchkins! The weather outside was absolutely beautiful- breezy, overcast and about 61 degrees! So we decided to take the family to the zoo! It was as if these types of weather days were created just for outings like this! We went to breakfast first and then headed out!

This is Auntie Kristen, Hunter and Me! This is officially her first time enjoying a highchair at a restaurant!

And Ethan...he wasn't feeling so hot right at that moment!
And then....we made it to the Reid Park Zoo, loaded the trio into the big, blue, baby bus and we were off! Here's ol' Blue eyes!
Little Miss Pink Hat
And Ethan, feeling much better!
Brian manning his battleship!

When we first started...I was taking nice, normal pictures of the animals....like most people do.
You know, pretty head shots, etc.

Close-ups of cool body parts...
There's the Bunch bunch gazing at our friend the peacock

Ethan decided his ears were cold. The coolest thing about this hat is that my 99 year old Gramma Russo knit this for ME when I was a baby! We still have them and now both boys got to wear them! (Aunt Mary is loaning us hers for the time being)
But not long into our fun day, I decided I was bored with animal heads. No one ever takes pictures of animals butts. So I decided that I would! That's right. I'm just that weird!
Except for these, the giraffes are just too cool...

Polar Bear Butt
Mandrill Butt
Not our butts. But what a cute family, huh? Please look at our first born yard gnome, Colton! How funny is that hat seriously???
Colton, Hunter, Ethan

Ethan Bear
Mr. Trouble..
And princess
Auntie Kristen and Colton
Ethan gnawing on poor Nana's chin
Auntie Kristen, Ethan and Papa!
Nana and Hunter

"Would someone please take this off me??"
Lion Butt
Double Otter Butt
The Bunch Bunch
Going home! We had a GREAT day!

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