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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prepare to laugh...

Ok folks, things are moving along quite nicely here...3 babies, 3 funky shaped heads, but 3 helmets being made as we speak! We went yesterday to HANGER Orthotics to have the babies' heads scanned (which is what will be used to make the helmets).

It's likely that they will have to wear them for 3, 4 or 5 months...23 hours a day!! (That's right, 23!! They get to come off for bath time only, which I find humorous in itself...(a bath for 3 babies every day? Dear God. I guess I've really got my work cut out for me now!) They should have them in about a week. The boys' helmets will come with Military Camo pattern- one will have a brown strap and the other will have a black strap. Hunter's will be solid light pink with pink straps, (so it will go with all her outfits!)

I promise we are not doing this to be "those" parents who just want their kids' heads to be perfect. Our kids' heads are seriously in need of reshaping. If you've met them, you know. And misaligned heads means misaligned jaws, ears, etc. and it can cause other problems along the way if not corrected. So we're excited to have this opportunity. (Especially since they all fell into the "SEVERE" category....great.)

Anyway, aside from that, I just don't think words are necessary here. Please, take a gander at what it takes to scan a baby's head and feel free to chuckle! We all did!

First born...first scanned

Yes, I believe he's storing food for winter in those cheeks.

This is the image the scanner sends to the computer...freaky isn't it?

Ta Da! When the head sock comes off, the static comes out!

Biggest baby.....& biggest cry baby :)
He started out tough, like RAMBO..

But that was clearly short lived....

And there's my second static man!
Middle child...pretty confident

measuring my head...
The 8th dwarf

Dad and Colton
Liz, our favorite practitioner! She's very good with little babies!

Though not the same pattern, this is what the helmets look like

Whew! That was hard work...Please notice Hunter's pose. :)


Lorie K. said...

Amy, your babies are all too freakin' cute!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Mary said...

How adorable can they get! They will be the best looking babies with helmets : )

Nicole said...

They will be so stylin'! Just think... it will be a preview of the boys when they play in high school and then when Hunter plays Powder Puff (maybe it's also hint that you should learn how to play)!

Anabelle said...

Brian and I laughed our booties off at these pictures! Thanks for making our day :)
We can't wait to see them in their helmets in a few weeks... maybe some decorating will need to be done. hee hee

Adam and Samantha said...

Oh my gosh! Those cheeks on Colton, sooo cute!!!! Your babies are so dang cute!!! Love the model pose on Hunter

Auntie Val said...

OMG!!! Can they be any cuter?!?!? You share so many heart warming moments Ami!! Lots of smiles, happy tears and much laughter through this journey..Thanks for sharing...We love you all!!!

Jen said...

I can't get over how big they all are now! Love how Hunter still has her famous pose. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

I love keeping up with your blog!! Your three are so cute it hurts!

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