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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Inspiration can be found in the oddest places...

So, I'll be the first to recognize that my skills as a blogger as of late BLOW. But wait for it. Today, I got one of the greatest laughs I've gotten in a while and well, it sparked that old feeling of, "Oh my gosh, I have to blog this!"

So this afternoon, I'm busily working away on numerous projects for work and I left the little boys upstairs on my bed, watching CARS. It was harmless. No really. It was. Well it WAS. Until Brian went upstairs to get laundry.

Cuz that's when  I heard it. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GO DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW AND SHOW YOUR MOTHER WHAT YOU'RE DOING. " {cue tears and feet dragging} And then I saw it. Ethan Scissorhands. Hairstylist extraordinaire. Oh. My.

I was able to get in about 18 stern words filled with all the wisdom I knew I should impart about how we only cut paper, you could've cut yourself, yada yada yada, until I gave up and burst into laughter.

That sad little face looked up at me, confused about the contrasting message my face and my words were sending and he crawled up into my lap and just hugged my neck with everything in him.

This is one of those times. One of those things…when all you can do is smile.

(And thank God picture day was LAST WEEK!)  :)

 More fun was had 'fixing' the haircut. 

Daddy turned him into 'Little Old Man, Ethan'

And then he buzzed him all. the.way.

Parenting is never dull. Of that much I am certain. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saying goodbye to 2014.

Something lately has been causing this little *tug* at my nostalgic "once-upon-a-time-I-was-a-blogger" heartstrings so I thought, "for the love of everything, just do it. Just open the blog and start writing." So I typed in the once familiar web address and clicked 'sign in.'

And BAM. I. Forgot. My. Password. If I were a twitterer (is that even what we call them?)  this would surely fall under  #bloggerfail , #iusedtobesogoodatthis, or #imissmyblog.

Well the upside is that it only took me 2 attempts and I got it right. Which brings me to now.

Hi. My name is Ami and this is my blog.

And it IS the last day of 2014, so time is of the essence.

I was reminded by some old and new friends today why I used to blog.  There is purpose beyond just keeping my memories in one neat place or my desire to tell funny stories about my family. Once upon a time, this blog brought hope to others in our same boat, whether that was triplet related or cleft related or cranial band related. It's brought laughter, it's kept my family connected and it's reminded so many that we are all the same when it comes to this thing called parenting. Most of all, I think it's reminded us to just laugh.

In talking with these friends today, I was reminded how grateful I am for this family I have…how long it took to get here and how every fear I had when I learned I was pregnant with triplets just sort of 'went away' as we began living our life and making it our own. As I left our visit, I wondered {and doubted} that I properly conveyed what an absolute blessing it is that they, too, have been chosen to be the parents of three little ones. (At once.) It was a nice way to end the year…it left me feeling thankful for my life and hopeful for theirs. :)

That does not change the fact that I was terrible at blogging this year. So many things happened that I never wrote about. I've often wondered why I let it go by the wayside and usually come up with the same excuses…I'm just too busy... I have too much work to do…I needed to clean the house…

Excuses. That's all they are.

I miss my blog. I miss my memories and I miss my blog friends.  I will be better.

If a toilet has to go unscrubbed for a few hours, then so be it. {Starting to hyperventilate already..} lol

My kids are funnier than ever right now and I don't want to forget these days.

But, unfortunately, half of my photos are on my old laptop so I don't even have all of 2014 in one place…but here, in a totally messed up order are some of my favorite memories from 2014. :)

Graduating from Sonshine Preschool! 

Their Pre-K Teacher, Mrs. Lucas 

My mom, one her best friends, Mrs. Lucas and the trio.

Ponka and Co.

Mother's Day Photos with Savannah Williamson

Me, My Mom and my sister

Apple Annie's with our friends the Hairgroves…this is always a favorite. I stood in that pumpkin patch just a few weeks pregnant with the triplets and every year since.  :)

Birthday parties with friends...
My niece turned 1…and then some.

Apple Annies

Our many Halloweens! E, H, C

My Kinder team: Anabelle and Jackie

Watching my nieces grow into big people! (Kinsley)

Hanging with the Conca kids and Dave! 
My, how my kids adore their 'big kid' friends!
Reading to Ponka on Sundays

Visiting with Santa at Sonshine Preschool for Brinley's Holiday Program
"Friendsgiving" at the Pearson's with the Malms and Rioses

Making Gingerbread Houses in kindergarten! 

Christmas at Nana and Papa's

Nana and Papa

Aunt Kristen, Bella and the kids

Just being themselves. 

Swimming together at Nana and Papa's
Papa's Birthday! 

Road Trip to Page, AZ for a cousin's wedding! 

They maybe weren't supposed to be on that wall at the Glenn Canyon Dam….

At the wedding with Nana
Bar Hopping with my kids.
Greeting Ponka at the airport after his return from Vermont where he was in a very bad car accident.

Working in kindergarten at Cottonwood with my amazing team! 


Gale Tigers!


10th anniversary stay-cation with some of our best friends!

Color Days in Kindergarten! Have I mentioned how much I love their school? 

Wine tour with lots of good friends! 

Little Man Graduated from SPEECH! 

Peanut Pie gets new glasses! 

Mother's Day on Mt. Lemmon

San Diego
Sea World Flamingo children

My handsome, grumpy husband. 

My handsome, HAPPY husband.  
Crazy how much I love this man. Despite how crazy we make each other. :)

Sadly, one of the FEW times I got to see my best friend, Jen this year!  

Jen and Nate (and little Allie's head!)

Ava and Hunter

Aunt Josie

Happy New Year, everyone. 
Make it a good one. 

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