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Friday, March 22, 2013

One last look..

Hi! Remember me? No? Oh...right...Sorry about that whole lack of blogging thing.... 

Well anyway, take a good look at this picture. 
It is the LAST TIME you will see 
this very proud, 
very grateful, 
extremely tired, 
exceedingly happy,
blessed mother of 

Tomorrow, they turn FOUR, FOUR & FOUR.

I will spend the evening creating as much magic in this house as one 'currently single' (hubs is still in Alabama) mother of triplets can muster. 
There will be streamers and cupcakes, and oodles of balloons. 
And there's a good chance there will be wine. :) (I'm just keepin it real.)
It's all a part of the magic of turning 4....(okay well, the wine is part of the magic of surviving for four years with triplets....)  {wink wink}

So good night, babies.
 May your eyelids close once more as three year olds and lead you into dreams of 'big-ness.' You rocked the threes, you know. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me want to pull my hair out,  but I'll be darned if you didn't make me proud. 
I adore the people you became this year.

I absolutely never imagined how great my life would become, because of each of you. 
I love you ALL the way to the moon and back.
Happy almost birthday, babies. 
Practicing being 4 on their way to preschool today.  :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I should be in bed.

But, obviously, I'm not.

It's midnight. I'm more than 3 weeks into my stint as a "single mother of triplets"  what with my husband away in Alabama for a Bomb School. I haven't been to bed before 12:45 a.m. yet. Luckily, I don't require much sleep to function and be pleasant, though a little more sleep would be nice.

Nevertheless, there's something about being the 'parent in charge' that won't allow me to go to sleep until the house is clean, organized, and properly 'closed down.' (Thank you, Nicole for the terminology. I promise to never make fun again.) Which is strange considering that THIS would be the time to let the house go to sh#t, since I'm the only one here to see it. But I can't. I literally can't. In some ways, it feels like a sickness. I mean seriously, I vacuumed at 10:45 pm last night. Did you read that? I freaking vacuumed at 10:45!! Why? WHO KNOWS?

All I know is that I'm 3 weeks away from picking up my husband. And while that makes me smile, I also know that I have to first contend with the 3 kids upstairs who will turn 4 before that happens. My babies are turning 4. I honestly can't wrap my head around that. Having so many new friends who are currently pregnant with triplets makes me reminisce constantly. It's starting to be more constant. The memories, the feelings. Everything I felt leading up to the day I finally got to meet the 3 little people I worked so hard to grow. My memory has gotten worse and worse, but that day? I will NEVER forget that day.

If I only knew then the people they'd turn out to be... I am so blessed. I am constantly being challenged as a mother to say the right thing, make the right decision, do what's best which is hard considering every day is just a guess. But those little people are MY little people. I made them. And it's my job to teach them right from wrong. And just when I doubt what I'm doing, they bust out with the most amazing manners and acts of kindness towards one another. And it's in those moments that I tell myself, "you got this."

When I tucked them in tonight, for the second time, I lingered. Just a bit longer on each babies' bed. "Sleep well, little one" I whisper to each of them. "Thank you for being mine."
"I love you to the moon and back."And I just watched them. Ethan, always huddled into a little Rolly Polly bug, Hunter, sprawled out sideways, the wrong way, across her bed. (I know she does that because she wants to be sure I come in and check on her every night and when she finds herself in the right position in the morning, she knows it's because I 'fixed her.' ) And Colton, always cozy on his pillow, his comforter cozily pulled up to his neck.

So different, yet so...the same.

How amazing this life I lead. :)

That's really all I have to say. And now, I'm going to bed. And would you look at that? It's 12:11 am! I might just beat my record! Good night friends.

Tomorrow...I find out if I will have another niece or a nephew! I can' t wait.

(For the record, Hunter wants a boy, Ethan wants a girl and Colton wants a boy.)

Good night, everyone.   :)

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