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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some days you're the dog....

And other days you're the fire hydrant.

Hello blog family, allow me to introduce myself.

 My name is Fire Hydrant.


So remember yesterday when I was all rainbows and unicorns and loving life, blah..blah..blah.

Today, I take it all back.
Today felt like an 'epic parenting fail' kinda day.
Today I questioned my mom skills and second guessed every decision I made.
Today was one of THOSE days where it felt like I had three three year olds.
Today I felt guilty for literally wanting to drop my kids off somewhere and leave for a little while.

Truth is, I don't have those days very often. I really don't. {Thank God} So it really gets to me when I feel this way. I questioned whether my kids always behave this way and I usually have much more patience to deal with them or if they were especially unruly today. I called my sister to ask her opinion on the matter. She confirmed that they were particularly crazy today. (Truth be told, I'm pretty sure it was a little of both.)

Either way, there was a moment at my house, prior to meeting my dad, Uncle Mike, and my sister and Brinley for lunch, that I actually screamed at the top of my lungs for my children to just-be-quiet. They were underfoot, screaming, fighting, whining, pleading and generally being anything but helpful to my efforts to get out of the house on time. There were shoes being removed, underwear and clean shorts being peed in. There was a mini fashionista losing her mind because she wanted different shoes and ranting because her-freaking-bow-won't-stay-in-her-hair for the 12th time in 3 minutes. {Never mind trying to explain that if she would just keep her hands off it, it actually would stay.} There were children losing their minds because they wanted 5 ice cubes in their ice water and not just 3. {I wish I were making this up.}

Aaaannd...I lost it. I went all crazy mom on 'em. I was so flustered and my blood pressure was so flippin high that I don't even know what I screamed at them. It could've been "OH MY GOD BE QUIET!" It could've even been "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?" {which I do NOT normally say to them.} I might've even thrown in a "Damnit." or something. I honestly couldn't tell you. What I do know is that they stood completely still and quiet for a moment.

A moment.

They were actually pretty good at lunch, which was a pleasant change of pace and a much needed opportunity to regain my composure and remember why I love my little monkeys.

But then I played with fire and took them to Old Navy. I should've known better. I really, really should've.

I'll spare you all the details but just know that there's a big giant toy machine at the entrance that gives you a toy if you give it a quarter, and that machine is the devil. 

We got three toys. Three different toys and all three kids wanted one. Of course they did. So the two who didn't get it could be seen face down legs kicking, arms flailing. To rectify that I pulled them up by the arm and firmly declared that they "stand up." Well they tried the ol' buckled knees thing, which doesn't fly with me. At all. So with a spank and a "feet down" I  proceeded through the store with a crying kid or kids.

About this same time, I am cursing whoever left the **glittery** soccer balls within sight. Because then there were fights over that. Colton was throwing the word "NO!!" around every chance he could which also doesn't fly, Ethan was having meltdowns around every corner and all the while, when she wasn't have a freak out moment followed by deep breathing, she was on a plastic microphone shouting to her brothers to "QUIT JACKING AROUND" and "YOU GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW MISTER!" and "DON'T YOU BE NAUGHTY!"

Today was not my finest hour. I'll be the first to admit it.
Kind of embarrassed that my final blog for the month is such a downer, but this is my life, people. Yesterday-rainbows and unicorns, today-screaming and crying and fighting.

Thank God there is always tomorrow. Because I know it will be a better day.

Amidst all the chaos I DID take some photos and videos

Yes, it was in fact SO funny that Mary began recording parts of our tantrums.
(In the background, you'll eventually see Ethan who has the yo yo. The other two WANT that yo yo.

This one is funny because it shows how well Hunter responds to deep breathing-in the nose, out the mouth. I mean she can be instantly transformed from an all out meltdown to totally calm in 3 deep breaths. {IF ONLY THAT WORKED FOR THE BOYS.}

This one was actually pretty cute. The boys were 'together' playing hide and seek in peace and harmony.

Well folks. I did it. A blog-a-day in crazy May. 
With few lame posts here and there, I still did it. And now I promise to not let months pass us by without an entry. Happy last day of May and here's to a happy June! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holy Crow I almost missed it!

That darn last minute. It gets me every time!! Here I am again, 11:10 pm and I left my camera case at my friend Anabelle's. That means no USB cord. Which means I can't show you the adorable pictures of my little kids playing 'airplanes' with Antonio Conca, (a 'big' kid) earlier today while his fashionista sister perused the internet  playing some awfully cool looking stylist game. As much as I love my kids being little, I also get a big rush of pride when I see them 'hang' with bigger kids.

Every new day is a day to remember. And I love, love, love being on summer vacation because I get to be there for all the good stuff as opposed to hear it secondhand from my mom. I admittedly do a HUGE sigh the moment I hear the first kid talk in the morning while uttering the words, "Here we go again." But then we just roll with it.

I love summer vacation. Almost as much as I'm going to love June.  :)  I am sorry, but with no pictures, this is all I got! Happy Wednesday everyone!

**Update...Someone found ANOTHER cord!  :)

 Disregard the pudding face...

 The fashionista...
 And the littlest fashionista!

 Colton, Ethan and Tonio

I love my Big kids. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Not?

We do NOT know where he gets it from, but yesterday and today, Colton has begun to use a new phrase, which, when heard in person, is about as funny as anything I've heard any of them say. It punctuated several different conversations yesterday. 

For instance:

C: Hey Daddy, whatchoo doin? 
D: I'm digging a hole to make a fire pit.
C: You're digging hole to make fire? 

{right hand, palm up, shoulder shrug}

C: "Why Not?" 
{In case you couldn't gather the tone behind that, the 'Why not' is not really an inquisition as much as it's a statement. "Eh! Why not!" Why wouldn't you dig a hole to make fire?}

Or this one:

Me: Colton, do you want to eat some cereal for breakfast?
C: I eat cereal for breakfast.....Why not? 

Or even this one:

C: Piper, why you poopin in the grass?
Piper: {She's a dog, so she can't exactly talk back.}
C: Why not?

I tell ya, he has kept me cracking up all day with this new phrase. The best part is that we truly have no idea where he got this one from. Don't get me wrong-there are a lot of things our family says that our kids repeat, but none of us really say 'Why not?" on a regular basis. Maybe a TV show I wasn't paying attention to or something? Who knows.  

Colton, you are one funny dude. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ducks, Trains, Playgrounds and Popsicles.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. 
The meaning of this day means far more than I ever understood it to mean as a child,
because now I'm 'an adult' and I'm unfortunate and fortunate enough to know people or of people who died while serving our country. Friends.

And I have many more who are still serving or have served in the past. 
My thanks to all of them.

Had I known we'd be staying the whole weekend, and that we'd be going to a most perfect photo spot EVER, I SO would've packed some patriotic clothing for all my littles. But I didn't. (I got lucky with Hunter's shirt.) Instead, I give you randomly dressed little people in a super quaint park. 

Prior to our departure back to Tucson, we stopped off at the Mermorial Park in Anthem for a ride on the Daisy Mountain Express and some duck feeding. We somehow hit the weather jackpot, as it was warm, but not yet blazing hot. 

First stop-duck feeding. 

Brave damn ducks. 

They didn't even run away when 4 little people came charging at them. 
Must've been they saw the bags of bread we carried with us. 
 Left to Right, Ethan, Hunter, Colton and Ava

 Princess Leia...er, Hunter
 And little Miss mini-piggys, Ava.
 There is something so sweet about kids feeding ducks. It's like a rite of passage. 
My kids see ducks at the zoo all the time, but they only get to feed the fish, really. Never good ol' loaves of week old bread. 

 They reminded me of MY three baby ducks.  
 Jen and Ava
 Colton has finally learned the 'cautious' art of peering into the pond.

 This is the sad little face of a girl who threw bread into the pond, and with that bread went her pretty blue bracelet. So sad. 

 Killer blue eyes from this Momma's Boy. 
 The Borquez Family

 Me and my littles

 My littleish family
 My best friend, sorority sister and our future Thetas.  :)

Next stop-riding the 'choo' train

 Sad, scared eyes. Someone didn't love the moving train at first. 

Next stop- playground! 

 Little butts. Love em. 

Fourth stop- ICE CREAM!

 {hee hee...I just noticed that it looks like Ethan has 'piggies of power!'}

And after this, we headed back home.  :) It was a great day! 
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