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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holy Crow I almost missed it!

That darn last minute. It gets me every time!! Here I am again, 11:10 pm and I left my camera case at my friend Anabelle's. That means no USB cord. Which means I can't show you the adorable pictures of my little kids playing 'airplanes' with Antonio Conca, (a 'big' kid) earlier today while his fashionista sister perused the internet  playing some awfully cool looking stylist game. As much as I love my kids being little, I also get a big rush of pride when I see them 'hang' with bigger kids.

Every new day is a day to remember. And I love, love, love being on summer vacation because I get to be there for all the good stuff as opposed to hear it secondhand from my mom. I admittedly do a HUGE sigh the moment I hear the first kid talk in the morning while uttering the words, "Here we go again." But then we just roll with it.

I love summer vacation. Almost as much as I'm going to love June.  :)  I am sorry, but with no pictures, this is all I got! Happy Wednesday everyone!

**Update...Someone found ANOTHER cord!  :)

 Disregard the pudding face...

 The fashionista...
 And the littlest fashionista!

 Colton, Ethan and Tonio

I love my Big kids. 

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