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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Not?

We do NOT know where he gets it from, but yesterday and today, Colton has begun to use a new phrase, which, when heard in person, is about as funny as anything I've heard any of them say. It punctuated several different conversations yesterday. 

For instance:

C: Hey Daddy, whatchoo doin? 
D: I'm digging a hole to make a fire pit.
C: You're digging hole to make fire? 

{right hand, palm up, shoulder shrug}

C: "Why Not?" 
{In case you couldn't gather the tone behind that, the 'Why not' is not really an inquisition as much as it's a statement. "Eh! Why not!" Why wouldn't you dig a hole to make fire?}

Or this one:

Me: Colton, do you want to eat some cereal for breakfast?
C: I eat cereal for breakfast.....Why not? 

Or even this one:

C: Piper, why you poopin in the grass?
Piper: {She's a dog, so she can't exactly talk back.}
C: Why not?

I tell ya, he has kept me cracking up all day with this new phrase. The best part is that we truly have no idea where he got this one from. Don't get me wrong-there are a lot of things our family says that our kids repeat, but none of us really say 'Why not?" on a regular basis. Maybe a TV show I wasn't paying attention to or something? Who knows.  

Colton, you are one funny dude. 

1 comment:

Just Jen said...

Hahahaha!! That is adorable! You need to make sure that you get that recorded. He won't believe you when he is older!

Jenn @The Blonde Who Reads

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