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Monday, May 28, 2012

Ducks, Trains, Playgrounds and Popsicles.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. 
The meaning of this day means far more than I ever understood it to mean as a child,
because now I'm 'an adult' and I'm unfortunate and fortunate enough to know people or of people who died while serving our country. Friends.

And I have many more who are still serving or have served in the past. 
My thanks to all of them.

Had I known we'd be staying the whole weekend, and that we'd be going to a most perfect photo spot EVER, I SO would've packed some patriotic clothing for all my littles. But I didn't. (I got lucky with Hunter's shirt.) Instead, I give you randomly dressed little people in a super quaint park. 

Prior to our departure back to Tucson, we stopped off at the Mermorial Park in Anthem for a ride on the Daisy Mountain Express and some duck feeding. We somehow hit the weather jackpot, as it was warm, but not yet blazing hot. 

First stop-duck feeding. 

Brave damn ducks. 

They didn't even run away when 4 little people came charging at them. 
Must've been they saw the bags of bread we carried with us. 
 Left to Right, Ethan, Hunter, Colton and Ava

 Princess Leia...er, Hunter
 And little Miss mini-piggys, Ava.
 There is something so sweet about kids feeding ducks. It's like a rite of passage. 
My kids see ducks at the zoo all the time, but they only get to feed the fish, really. Never good ol' loaves of week old bread. 

 They reminded me of MY three baby ducks.  
 Jen and Ava
 Colton has finally learned the 'cautious' art of peering into the pond.

 This is the sad little face of a girl who threw bread into the pond, and with that bread went her pretty blue bracelet. So sad. 

 Killer blue eyes from this Momma's Boy. 
 The Borquez Family

 Me and my littles

 My littleish family
 My best friend, sorority sister and our future Thetas.  :)

Next stop-riding the 'choo' train

 Sad, scared eyes. Someone didn't love the moving train at first. 

Next stop- playground! 

 Little butts. Love em. 

Fourth stop- ICE CREAM!

 {hee hee...I just noticed that it looks like Ethan has 'piggies of power!'}

And after this, we headed back home.  :) It was a great day! 


The Alexanders said...

Looks like an awesome day! It makes me want to bring my little dudes down to Phoenix with me...almost :)

Kalle said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend. Love, love the picture of Colton peering into the pond!

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