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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dear May, you are killing me.

Here we are again! It's only 10:21 pm, so I feel like I have oodles of time to complete a blog for today, compared to last night,  despite the fact that May is starting to feel like the longest freaking month of. my. life.  :)

Today we spent the day with my Jen and Nate and Ava again and enjoyed some darn nice weather for PHX. (Seriously, we got lucky. The two days we were up here were in the 70s and 80s.) That's pretty much  a miracle!

While up here, my sister sent me these photos of Hunter and Brinley (my niece) at a birthday party. I love, love, love the relationship they have.

The kids played in Ava's new "jump jump" castle and I was able to capture and attempted 'get along'  moment between my three kids. Don't they look so peaceful and happy together? Cuz they were. For 2 minutes.

 Trigger was busy trying to catch and eat bubbles from the bubble blowing machine.  Nicely done, Trigger. :) 

 Run, Ethan, Run!

 Nate and Jen

Me and Brian

 The little boys watching the bubble machine.
 Hunter and Ava

 And what's better than Froot Loops for dinner? 

 And what's more random than a picture of my feet? 
Not much. Good night friends! 

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