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Tips for Having Triplets

Congratulations! If you found this page because you just learned you are having triplets, and you're frantically searching the internet for ANYTHING to tell you you're not crazy, then you came to the right place! 

Trust me, I searched the internet too. But all I found was risks, risks, risks, complications, complications, complications. What I REALLY wanted to know was how many baby swings did I really need to have? And what kind of bottles did other parents of triplets like best? THAT's what  I wanted to know. But I couldn't find what I was looking for. So I am providing what little knowledge I have for YOU! 

Let's begin with my answers to the most perplexing Triplet Questions and we'll finish with my baby registry of suggested items and Numbers of items if you're having 3 babies! If there's a question you have that you don't see here, ask it in the comments and I'll be happy to answer it! 

When we left the NICU after a month, we maintained the schedule they had been on, which was a diaper change and feeding every 3 hours. This schedule totally worked for us.  But still, you're wondering, but HOW did you feed all three at the same time? Okay. Often, there was another adult/friend/family member who would come over and could feed one of two of the babies while I fed another. However, there were plenty of times I was alone. (Gasp!) One of my boys had to use a special bottle because of his cleft lip and palate, so it was impossible to feed him and another baby simultaneously because his bottle required one on one attention. So let's just say it was coming up on the 3:00 feeding. I would get one bottle ready just before 3. Then I'd feed Colton his special bottle. When he was done, at about 3:20 or so, I'd warm 2 more bottles and feed the other two simultaneously usually by laying them on boppy pillows or in their bouncers. So most times they didn't actually eat at the EXACT same time, but it was never more than 25 minutes apart. 

**SANITY SAVING TIP: Do not allow the babies to decide when they're hungry. YOU pick a schedule and tell them when they'll eat. Offer formula/milk to EVERY baby at every set time. Sometimes one won't be as hungry as the others and may not drink as much. That's okay. STILL FEED THEM AT THE SAME TIME ALWAYS. You'll be greatly rewarded later with regular eating patterns and regular sleep patterns.

Born at 33 weeks, the babies had not yet learned to suck well, so they were not great at breastfeeding early on. Though I would try each time I went to visit them in the NICU. In the meantime, I was pumping. Like a crazy madwoman, I pumped so that I could bring as many bottles of breast milk to the NICU as  I could. Even when they came home, I continued to pump, but had to mix it with formula as well. About 2 months later, I was so FREAKING TIRED of spending my days locked away in the bathroom or my bedroom pumping that I gave up. (Double gasp!!) Honestly, between feeding babies and pumping I never had time to do anything else. So there. I said it. I was a formula mommy and my kids appear to be just fine. 

I went and bought some tupperware pitchers to use exclusively for formula mixing. At nighttime, I would mix enough formula to make 15 bottles to be used either for nighttime feedings or for the next day. I organized them in the fridge in rows. This made it SO much easier to quickly grab bottles and go. (Trust me, no one wants to measure and mix formula at 3:34 in the morning. ) 
This was the early days of bottles. Before long they were full sized Playtex Bottles.

Brian and I wanted to feel like we could handle three infants from the get-go, so the day we brought them home, we just handled it. We didn't have anyone stay over to help for the first few months because we really, really wanted to get the hang of it ourselves and know that we could do it. 

So that said, we agreed that every night we would BOTH get up to help feed. (I know some couples rotate nights so that each gets at least a few uninterrupted nights of sleep in a week.) That just didn't seem feasible for us. So while they were still on OUR schedule, (every 3 hours), we would set an alarm to wake up. Then usually, I would go into the nursery, NOT turning on any lights and one by one, I'd change each babies' diaper (even if they were sound asleep). While I did diapers, Brian would go downstairs and warm up 3 bottles from the fridge. I would set out 3 Boppy Pillows on the floor in the upstairs loft just outside their room. When Brian was ready with the bottles, one of us would feed 2 babies at once, the other would feed Colton b/c of his special bottle. Then we'd burp each baby and put them back into their cribs to sleep. We very purposefully did not turn on lights, and did not talk to the babies. We didn't want them to feel like we were up to play. As they got a little older and started sleeping through the night more, we would not set alarms to wake them up. We would simply wait until one of the babies cried. But then, if one baby cried and wanted to eat, WE WOKE ALL THREE UP TO FEED THEM. Repeat after me: "When you feed one, feed them all." Even if the others are sound asleep. This way, they are always on the same schedule and will not wake up at random times through the night to eat. TRUST ME. You will be greatly rewarded later.  :) 

When I had the babies, I was driving a Dodge Durango. It perfectly 3 infant car seats in one row. As we moved into the convertible carseats, however, the Durango was just about 5 inches too narrow to fit all three across. Sooooo...we contemplated our next move carefully.  Though many tried to convince us to go "The Minivan Way" that just didn't seem to have enough room for storage. (We really needed a decent storage area for our quad stroller and we're constantly traveling, so we needed more than what a minivan could provide.) And so...I am now a Suburban Drivin' Mama! I can fit all three convertible carseats in one row, plus still have a whole extra row for 3 or 4 more people behind them, AND still have a HUGE storage area. It's perfect.   :) 

Current count: 8, 432

Drink. (Mildly kidding.) Breathe in, breathe out and know it will not last forever.  :) 

Like I mentioned earlier, if you stick to a regular feeding routine, the sleep routine will fall into place right along with it. Our kids slept through the night a week before they turned 4 months old. There was a week or 2 that followed with one or two wake-ups, but after that, unless one was sick they slept 10, 11 and now 12 hours a night! I actually found myself suprisingly rested. 

As infants, it was easy. Drag the 3 bouncers into the bathroom with you so you can keep an eye on them. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. 

As toddlers, there's a bit of bravery and trust involved. Honestly, our downstairs is pretty much kid-proofed, so I just usually let them play while I shower downstairs, leaving the door open. I can hear if trouble is a brewin. 

As infants, I would pull into the garage, (turn OFF the car so fumes don't fill the garage), and ROLL DOWN A WINDOW IN CASE GOD FORBID YOUR DOOR AUTOMATICALLY LOCKS. Bring one carseat in, set it on the couch. Go out and get #2, bring it in. Go get #3 and bring it in. (By 'it,' you all understand I mean the carseat, not the kid.)  :) If you're doing the reverse and need to get them in the car, bring them all out to the garage and one at a time, put them in. 

Now, there might be times when you need to do the baby shuffle OUT of  the house at a place where parking in the garage is not an option. Therefore you are faced with the realization that you may have to run out of the house with Baby #1 to put him in the car, then leave Baby #1 in the car OUT OF YOUR LINE OF SIGHT for a few seconds, while you run back into the house to get baby #2. You repeat the whole 'babies out of sight' thing one more time  while you run in for Baby #3. This is tough. I'd at least be sure to lock the car with babies in it while you run for the others. I once experienced this at my mom's house and I swear to you a woman down the street watching seemed so perplexed as to what the hell I was doing. Surely she must've thought  I was kidnapping 3 babies, the way I was running so damn fast. (Were she in her right mind she would conclude that no sane person would kidnap 3 babies.)  :) 

My first solo trip with just the Bunchkins was to Old Navy at the mall. You KNOW there must've been some darn good sale goin on to posses me take three 7 month olds to the mall BY MYSELF. But, I kid you not, when I walked out of that store back to my car, I felt like I had just won some marathon. I'm pretty sure I uttered the words, "YOU FREAKIN DID IT!" to myself as I loaded them back into the car. And I'll tell you what, once you do it one time successfully, suddenly you feel so liberated. You are reminded that you CAN do this alone! So how exactly did I do it? This time I put the boys in the double stroller and carried Hunter in my "pouch" carrier. You can be sure I was not about to try anything on, but still, I made it through the store with no disasters! 

Hell yeah you can. And you love em all for different reasons too.  

Umm, yes.  :) However, they were a lot fewer than I imagined. I pictured chaos abounding and it was really...not. If you can muster up all the patience you have and just STAY CALM, all will be fine. The moment you allow yourself to get worked up, the quicker everything else will fall apart. Be calm. Go with the flow. At the end of the day, even the WORST day, you look at them and say, "I MADE YOU!" You are mine! And all is right with the world.

Uh, no. I really wasn't and still am not. When they were newborns home from the NICU, we just used common sense and had people wash their hands before they held them. But that did not last forever. They swapped pacifiers left and right and put toys in their mouths from straight off the floor. They still do. But I'll tell you what, they have darn good immune systems. With 3 toddlers, I have only called the doctor twice for one kid.(Both times were for ear infections.) Did you hear that? 3 kids, 2 years, only 2 trips to the doc. Boo-ya! See, it pays to not be a germaphobe sometimes.  :) 

Let me give you a tip here. Ask your pediatrician if they have any samples you can have. Also, inquire with their formula rep(s) as to whether they have any samples you can have. Ours helped us TREMENDOUSLY. Aside from that, USE the $5 and $10 formula coupons. Ask friends who still get them but don't use formula anymore if you can have theirs. Target will let you use 2 in one transaction.  The powder formula, though less convenient than the ready to pour kind, goes a WHOLE lot farther. 

Nope. Not even close. Interestingly however, our babies reached EVERY single milestone in birth order! Isn't that cool? Makes it easy for me to remember who rolled over, sat up, walked, etc. first! But the answer is still no. And sometimes, one baby would hit a milestone as late as 2 months after the others did. I have learned not to worry about this. They were preemies, I have to remember this. 

Yep. Since the day they came home. Now, if one is screaming from his bed, the other 2 will remain sound asleep. They don't even notice it. 

Disposable. I honestly feel tremendous guilt over the amount of NON-BIODEGRADABLE waste we've contributed to the landfills, but there is no way I could deal with the wash that goes with cloth diapering. If you can, I heart you. 

When they were infants, we simply bathed them one at a time. Usually one of us would do the actual bath part, then we'd pass the baby to the other parent who would dry them, do lotion, and jammies. As they got older, we got three Safety 1st bath seats that they could each sit in but not fall over in. So we'd put all three in tub in their seats. Now that they're older, they just hop in together. As one is ready to get out, I lay that baby on a towel, in the bathroom so I'm still facing the other 2. I dry them off, do lotion, do teeth brushing and jammies. Then I get another kiddo out and repeat. Then repeat again. BE SURE TO OPEN THE DRAIN after the third kid is out so there is no danger of them finding standing water. 

No. And I thank God for giving me the disposition he did, every day. As my sister tells me, I am a "Free Range Mom" whilst she would be a "Helicopter Mom" (always hovering.) It's just not in me to worry about them falling off of things, getting into things that make messes, getting into fights, etc. It is what it is. They are kids. They will make messes, they will get hurt and they will cry. But all in all, they will be okay. I try not stress out about anything that's not necessary. It doesn't get me anywhere. :)

Okay, that's all for now! If there's something else you want to know, ask me in the comments. Like I said, I surely do not claim to have all the answers, but I can definitely tell you what has worked for us!  :) 

Below are copies of my baby registry. (The main items anyway. Clothing, well that's a whole different discussion.) So this is just what worked for us. Other people will have different ideas and opinions. The thing to remember is that whatever works for YOUR triplets is what's best for you! This is just a guideline that may help you get started. 

Now, let me elaborate on a few of these items..

Strollers: We started with a double and a single, the ones that we could snap our car seats into. I didn't usually go anywhere those early days without another adult to accompany me and push the other stroller.

Stroller: Once they outgrew the infant car seat, we transitioned to a QUADRUPLE stroller that seats 2 in front, 2 in back and folds up pretty compactly. I'll tell you my top ten reasons why I LOVE this stroller. 1.) It fits through all doorways. 2.) You have an extra seat for your purse, bags, etc.  3.) There is storage beneath it. 4.) The kids aren't so far out in front of you that you can't reach them without going around to the front. 5.) It's got an awesome turning radius. 6.) It has shades to cover the front and back seats, if you want  7.) The seats recline  8.)It's roomy for the kids 9.) You can use it even when the kids get really big...beyond the toddler years and 10.) You can take the trio out all by yourself!!  (The only downfall is that it's expensive (but SO worth it) and it's HEAVY. It's about 52 lbs. with no kids in it. But hey, it's a great way to lose the pregnancy weight and get in shape. I'm only 5'2", 105 lbs. and I can totally push it, lift it in the Suburban, etc. all by myself. So you can do it! We got one made by Foundations.

Swings: 2 (my kids weren't terribly attached to it and frankly, I didn't want the clutter) If it were one of the portable smaller swings, I might have gotten 3. I could've done with just one though, to be honest. I rotated where the kids would go during the day...one in a swing, one in a bouncer, one on the floor, on a boppy pillow, etc. 

Baby Bouncers: 3 (Go to a second hand type store and get these cheap!!) I found this to be one of the most helpful thing to have 3 of, especially when they were very young.

Boppy Pillows: 3 (good for feeding more than one at once) Good to remember to rotate which side of the head baby is lying on...otherwise you'll end up having to get them cranial helmets because their heads get flat on one side. Yes, I speak from experience.  :)

Cribs: 3 (we have ours in a U shape, all in the same room. Cribs that convert to toddler beds might save you money down the road.) This one becomes a toddler bed by removing the drop side rail. (Kinda wish it came with a toddler rail....If you love it, this is the Graco Lauren crib in Espresso.

Changing Table: 1 The only variation here might be if you live in a two story house, which I do. However, I really only used the one in their nursery until they were 4 months old, when I'd change them for feedings. At 4 months, they were sleeping through the night, and thus only got changed downstairs. So I now realize I could've just used one changing table and just laid them on floor to change them for those nighttime changes. Oh well, c'est la vie! A changing table with shelves, cabinets or baskets is a MUST for all the stuff you'll have with 3 babies!

Playtex Bottles: These are the kind I liked best. And I tried about 3 or 4 different types. When you're making as many bottles as you'll be making, you'll soon appreciate the time saved in being able to just throw away the liners and rinse bottles. 

Inchbug.com Bottle Bands: I got each baby a set of 4, to keep track of whose bottles are whose. They are about $13.00 for a set of 4 and they fit on skinny bottles, fat bottles shampoo bottles (for camp later in life!) Water bottles, sippy cups, etc. They come in lots of different colors. 

to be continued....


Jeremy DeBauche said...

Ami, thanks for taking the time to put this all together. I'm sure it took forever to go back and think about all of the most commonly asked questions and then organize it in a way that makes it easy and fun to read. I'll make sure Meg takes a look at this because I know we've been asking ourselves some of these questions already.

Bee-Jai said...

Great job Ami! What a help this will be for new mommies of multiples.

Joelee said...

What a great resource Ami! What a huge help this will be for new parents (I know I couldn't find any 'common sense' info when we found out we were pregnant!). I would like to second your sleep training section - teaching your children to sleep is such a gift for them, and you :) And, it isn't as hard you think - you just need to stick with it.

The Lucks said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. We are expecting triplets in the fall and have found this list very helpful!

Jeanna said...

I am so happy to read your stand on the germs. I am the same way and people are always getting on to me. But the way I see it if I over protect them from everything now they will never build up an immunity to it and be sick all the time...So reading that made me so happy!!!

Tilyou Triplets said...

This really is great!!! My boys are 6 months now & I never did find anything useful before they arrived. I have pretty much done the same things you suggested (feedings, sleeping, germs, baths, I do cloth diaper though) & it's worked perfectly for us.
My current stage & question is regarding naps. We have so many things going on right now, teething, introducing cereal, really moving around, & chatting constantly, & this week a growth spurt to boot :) they just don't seem to be able to nap consistently, meaning the same time & length of time form day to day.
Any suggestions?...

The Cliffords said...

Loved reading this! I just found your blog. I have 4 year old triplets and reading all this brought back tons of memories! Sounds like we did a lot of things the same way (scheduling, sleeping everyone in the same room, etc) and it really wasn't as bad as I had feared it would be. We even have that same quad stroller! Problem was, a month or so after we bought it, I got pregnant with #4! So now all 4 of those seats get filled and there's no place for my bags! Thanks for sharing all of this, I'll point some other triplets moms to your blog if they need advice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ami, for taking the time to write down what worked for you. Reading your blog has definitely helped me get ready for my soon to arrive triplets. The tips and the list of items I will be needing was the best. Thanks again!!

From Long Beach, CA

Lori said...

Hi Ami!
I loved everything you wrote! I learned a lot from it! My daughter is about to give birth to triplets...what should she take to the NICU for the babies??

EmmaLee said...

Thank you so much for this. This is exactly the blog I needed. I just found out I am pregnant with triplets and I have a 3 year old son born with a cleft lip and palate who also needed a helmet! It is nice to know that someone has already been through what is a possibility for us. I keep thinking that even if all 3 had cleft lips and palates we would manage, because really it was so much easier than I thought (but that was just one)!

Ami said...

Oh my goodness! My apologies to those of you who left comments so long ago! I wasn't thinking to check back on this page so I'm just now seeing all these questions! Rest assured, in the future, if you leave a comment, especially one with a question, I WILL comment back or email you directly if you leave your address! ;) I have changed my settings so I'll know if a comment is left here. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Did you need certain things in the NICU for the babies?? Thanks, Lisa - expecting triplets this summer

Ami said...

Hi Lisa!

Great question! As far as the NICU, I really can't think of anything we NEEDED for them. They provided all the diapers, wipes, etc. (And even clothes, hats and blankets.) However, just for the sake of cuteness and personalization, I made each baby a cute sign with his/her names on them to hang above their isolettes.

We also eventually started bringing some receiving blankets to make our babies feel like they were "at home" but we had to be sure to write our last names on every item we brought. After they were big enough (okay, well they were never really BIG, so maybe I should say stable enough to wear clothes, we started bringing a few preemie sized outfits a day. (Again, write your name in them.) However, we did this because we wanted to, but we didn't HAVE to.

Also, I was pumping at the time, so I also had to bring as may bottles of breast milk as I could pump in a day to the NICU and give them to the nurses so that they could incorporate it into their feedings.

And of course, a camera. :) Because you'll never get these moments back. And even though they're so tiny and fragile, you and your kids will love looking back at the photos as they marvel at at how "tiny" they were.

Best of luck to you! Feel free to email anytime if you have other questions! Do you know what you're having?

Best wishes,

Sarah Dixon said...

We are currently 10.5 weeks pregnant with triplets! Excited, overwhelmed, but it's so good to read your blog!

Question - what kind of car seats were you using when you still have your Durango? I JUST got a new CR-V last year and I REALLY want to keep it (at least for now....)

Mommy of 3 said...

I just found your blog and I saw myself in almost everything you posted! We have 2 1/2 year old triplets (2 girls and 1 boy). They definitely keep me hopping. One girl has a cleft and also cranial issues. It is so nice to find another mom who has almost the same struggles and joys that I do. I am looking forward to following your blog. Thank you!

Genny said...

So glad to find your blog! We have two kids, ages 5 and 3, and just found out we are expecting triplets in early Fall! I am overwhelmed at the thought! I already feel much calmer after reading this post!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your blog. We have 16 month old triplet girls and I find it so hard for people to understand the life of a mom of multiples. I am thankful to have come across your site and I know other multiple moms are appreciative as well.

Paige said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm single and just found out I'm pregnant with triplets and I'm FREAKING out. This is just the sort of information I need. Thanks again!

Lisa said...

12 weeks ago my triplets were born. All boys. Two identical. They were born at 30 weeks. The challenges are great. The all spit up really bad. The dr has us putting cereal in their formula to weigh it down. They all three drink different formula so that keeps it interesting. Nighttime is very hard. We don't get much sleep. We are on the 3-3.5 hour feeding schedule. Tell me it does get easier?! Lol!!

Anonymous said...

Hello i was wondering how was it when they turn 2. I have triples 2boys and a girl plus a boy. I even had to remove my sofas from my living room any ideas what help you.

Pamela Kelley said...

I really enjoyed reading this, currently contemplating twins versus triplets. I know it sounds funny and our doctor said she would transfer the best two embryos and I am "feeling" that if God gave us three we should just go for it ;). I have built in help of a grown daughter and granddaughter living with us and this journey has been long enough already. Yep I am ready to start over and give hubby his own children after helping me raise the first two. Some think I am crazy, my 92 year old mom is excited, she had me late in life and says it will be very different from my first two.

gaby said...

I LOVED your blog! You seem so optimistic and you pass that vibe on! Thank you!!!! This might seem a silly question but if you didn't use bottle Warner's how did you warm them when you take them out of the fridge at night? Takes again!!

Ami said...

Hi Gaby! We would heat up 3 cups/tupperware bowls of water in the microwave, and then set the bottles in the warm water. :) It seems like a lot of extra work, but it was really quite easy. We would always put the cups in the microwave ready to go so that all we had to do was enter the time and hit Start! :)

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Amber Feusner said...

I loved this! We just found out were expecting triplets. In 11 weeks along. I'm so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. This was great to read. Trying to figure out how I'm gonna do the stroller and car seats. Thankyou!

Bella Thomas said...

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Allen Smith said...

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Chris Munoz said...

Appreciate this. I'm about to be a dad of triplets. I have one more question. Do you or did you work? How did the work hours workout if so, what are your husbands hours and how does that play in?

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Fantastic post! A child capable of walking should. If you're covering a distance that's too great for a little one, then a stroller is fine. My 20 month old walks everywhere with me, but we still put her in a stroller while shopping or somewhere where I need to carry a lot of things and won't have a hand free to hold her hand.

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usman ali said...

Value this. I'm going to be a mother of triplets. I have one more question. Do you or did you work? How took the necessary steps hours workout assuming this is the case, what are your baby spouses hours and how can that play in?

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I also have triplets going to 2 years. The experience is quite an interesting one. If you can not afford a Nanny, I''ll suggest you get a family or friend to help at intervals. In my case I went to work 8 hours. Get your husband to help out at night too, get his mum and your mum too, split the work with anyone that is available. In case you do not have anyone, play music while you are running around to satisfy urban babies. Music will help u stay sane even while you go crazy. I5 helped me.

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In swings, they always are in a happy mood. :)

Melody Siwek said...

Thanks for all the helpful information. We are expecting two babies via surrogates who will be born pretty close together, and then I am giving birth to baby number three about a month later. Do you think the feeding all three of them at the same time will work in our situation with baby three being a month younger? Thanks!

Zem Karlos said...

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Nurul Haque said...

Great post!!! i have the same stroller and feel the same way - i love love love it! we had a baby jogger for our single stroller and knew it was the way to go. they have a great design and lots of options. besides the pros you mentioned, i also liked that it can be used as a single (not too bulky) for that someday long in the future when i will only have one child in a stroller!

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The gears they start their journey with. The essentials for their childhood.

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