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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Hi Sonshine Preschool!"

On the left, that's me. On the right? Those are my preschoolers. 
Did you hear me, people? My PRESCHOOLERS! 

The little people I hatched almost 3 and a half years ago met their very first teacher and saw their very own first classroom for the first time tonight. 

(And let's all be grateful for this day because I have essentially driven into and out of the parking lot no less than 123 times in the past month just so that the kids can yell out the car windows, "Hi, Sonshine Preschool! Hi green door! Hi Mrs. Moten!" 

The best part of my day came when one of my oldest and dearest friends Heather texted me telling me that her little girl, Taylor was also going to Sonshine Preschool and would be in the same class as the Bunchkins! Her son, Preston would be almost right next door in the 'big kids' room. You know, the 4 year olds.  :) So that totally made my day! Here we are in front of "THE Green door." The one I've been stalking for the past 31 days.  :)

So it's at this moment, as we head up the walkway that all the scenarios begin playing out in my head. 
In the 2 minutes it will take us to get from the parking lot to the classroom, 
I wonder if...

 They'll freak out when we leave them or if they'll even notice?
Do I hope they cry a little because they'll miss me or do I hope they are confident in themselves?
Will they stay together or will they find new friends? 
Will they be polite or will they be 'those kids'. (You know the ones I'm talking about. )
Will Hunter talk or will she pull the shy move? 
Will I cry or will I just beam with pride?

Only time would tell...so we walked. 
That's Heather and Preston up front and Grammy and Hunter in back. 

 That's my hubby and our 3 little chickens going to school. 
See that door? It's blue. But Colton was SO excited, he went ahead and went right on in to start playing! He soon realized it was NOT his classroom and continued to walk his eager little self to his green door. {Our apologies to all the other kids in room 12. That green door is now ours. We claimed it 29 days ago.}


We didn't even so much as step through the doorway before our kids had left us and found their respective places to explore. 
Seriously kids? Not even a little hesitation? Not even a 'Mommy, hold my hand?' 
Nope. Not so much. 

We didn't linger for more than a couple minutes because we had to go listen to the parent orientation. 
And so, there was a "Hey, kids. We're leaving for a little bit, okay? We'll be back. Have fun, okay?"

And just like that, they replied, 
"Okay, bye!" 

And a little tiny part of my heart hurt at that moment. Those are my kids. 
They're at preschool. And they're okay. In fact, they're better than okay. They are really happy here.

After about a half hour or so in the orientation, it was time to go fetch our wee ones. There was some crying. (Ethan, who didn't want to share a toy with his sister.), there were some momentary tantrums (Hunter, who wanted the play tape measure that Ethan had) and there were happy smiles from Colton, who just does what he does.  :)

And so that's that.  We've come a long way since this family photo. :)

 My babies have name tags! 
 And cubbies! 

Hunter and Ethan LOVED this little play area

Colton loved his puzzles. 

The very famous Mrs. Moten (and me!)

 My mom and our good friend Joann! She's the 4 year old teacher and her son was my good friend in HS. (You remember the one who was my anesthesiologist for my C-Section and again for Colton's first surgery?) 
 And here my kids may as well be crossing the bridge into adulthood. 
They're official preschoolers now. 

Dear Big Kids of mine, 
I love you more than you know. I am so proud of you and am so excited for your new adventures to begin. Thank you for looking out for one another and for being confident in your little selves. 
We are all so proud of you.  :)

Stay tuned for the first day of school pics ...Thursday, August 2nd.  :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I wanna be three again.

I've been feeling nostalgic lately. A little uneasy with how fast my babies are growing up. 
Uneasy because the downfall to triplets is that once a moment is gone, it's gone. You don't get the luxury of knowing there will be that same 'first' again with another child. Nope. All for one and one for all. And my babies are growing up. And there have been a lot of 'firsts', but also a lot of 'lasts.' 

They start preschool this week. {Gulp}

(Assuming they kick this silly cold/cough/stomach bug they picked up somewhere.) 

THAT has me wanting to take them back to the NICU and start all over. It makes me want to go back to the days where we instinctively prepared 18 bottles a day and changed 21 diapers a day. Those days were so much harder than our days now, but I'd take them back. In a heartbeat.  

However, we all know I can't. So in the meantime, I'm just admiring what fun it is to be 3. And 3. 
And 3. My kids are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. They're creative and adventurous. They're silly and feisty. They're stubborn and destructive. They're lovable and oh, so polite. 

I could spend all day just watching them -like a fly on a wall-listening to the games they create and the silly things they say to one another. 

They make me want to be 3 again. They make me want to experience life as a triplet.

They catch bugs....

Well, they try anyway. 
This grasshopper seems to have other ideas. 
But then again, Ethan looks pretty determined. 

Hooray for Ponka! Ponka caught him! 

And did you know that when you're three, 'This little piggy' never gets old??

And neither do half eaten 'black donuts!'  
When you're three, playing with the hose in the backyard never gets boring. Even when mom scolds you for wasting water, you quickly retort, "But Mo'oooom, I'm watering my garden." Um. Okay, Hunter Olivia. Whatever you say. Never mind that we don't HAVE a garden. 

 And story time never grows old either. Nana loves to read to these guys. 
 And trucks. Well, they're the bomb. 
 And rain storms totally rock. 

 Cuz Nana will let you go out in the street and stomp in all the puddles! 

 And shouldn't we all stop and taste the rain once in a while? 

 I wanna be three. 

 This is the posture of one happy little boy! 
 And this is the grumpy face of my hubby. How I love him AND his grumpiness. 
 Happy girl.  

There. That should tide us over for a few days. Preschool starts this week and there WILL be photos taken. THAT I assure you. Stay tuned.  :) 

Happy Almost August everyone! 
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