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Friday, March 22, 2013

One last look..

Hi! Remember me? No? Oh...right...Sorry about that whole lack of blogging thing.... 

Well anyway, take a good look at this picture. 
It is the LAST TIME you will see 
this very proud, 
very grateful, 
extremely tired, 
exceedingly happy,
blessed mother of 

Tomorrow, they turn FOUR, FOUR & FOUR.

I will spend the evening creating as much magic in this house as one 'currently single' (hubs is still in Alabama) mother of triplets can muster. 
There will be streamers and cupcakes, and oodles of balloons. 
And there's a good chance there will be wine. :) (I'm just keepin it real.)
It's all a part of the magic of turning 4....(okay well, the wine is part of the magic of surviving for four years with triplets....)  {wink wink}

So good night, babies.
 May your eyelids close once more as three year olds and lead you into dreams of 'big-ness.' You rocked the threes, you know. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me want to pull my hair out,  but I'll be darned if you didn't make me proud. 
I adore the people you became this year.

I absolutely never imagined how great my life would become, because of each of you. 
I love you ALL the way to the moon and back.
Happy almost birthday, babies. 
Practicing being 4 on their way to preschool today.  :) 


Lawson and Ians Mum said...

Happy Birthday, Bunchkins. Four years has flown by!

Tracey's Life said...

Happy Birthday to your kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Colton, Hunter, and Ethan!

Courtney said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Bunchkin Trips! Hope y'all have a wonderful day. :) Oh, and Ami, you look great! And feel free to hop on over to my site if you want to see our newest arrival. I had my second son last Thursday :)

Lynn Fern said...

Happy Birthday kiddos!!! I know how crazy time flies. My girl turned 5 yesterday (Mar. 22)...I cried so I needed wine :) Ok...cheesy but true. Your 3 are precious and I bet they are just as proud to have you as a mommy!! Hope they enjoyed the day.

Ponka said...

The Big 4th for the Magnificent 3!

estetik said...
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Sarah said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful trio!

You look fabulous, by the way.

Aaron said...

Happy Birthday to your Triplets, and thanks for blogging. We are same-sex Dad's with Triplets born at 34 weeks in Aug 2011 living in Phoenix, and wow, did I need this info about a year and a half ago! All of your suggestions is what we wound up doing through our trial and error, its somewhat satisfying to hear common experiences. With ours being 19 mos now, I can't even imagine 4 years old - I so happy to hear there are survivors of Triplet Toddlerhood out there. I had to "abandon" my blog last year, but have fond hopes of picking it up again soon. Congrats on a beautiful happy family!

Storage Beds said...
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Septorinoplasti drew said...
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Subhash said...
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