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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pictures, pictures, pictures...and a pity vote.

My name is Ami and it's been 37 days since I last blogged.

Incidentally, almost no day passes that I don't think, "I'll want to remember this....I should blog about it." But  by the time I leave work, pick up the kids, get home, make dinner (okay fine, pour cereal) eat, clean up the house, clean up the house again, get the kids in bed, pick up the house one more time, etc. I am just too tired. Brian was recently gone for 6 weeks, then home, then gone again for another 4 days, so to say 'I've been busy' is quite possibly the biggest understatement I've made this year .

And in the moments I find to even GO to my blog, I always leave wanting to yell to my kids, "Hey kids, did you know we had Christmas this year? There was an elf and cookies...And Easter? Did you know the giant bunny came to our house? And did you know you turned 4? I promise I took pictures...I did. I really, really......did.

So anyway, April is almost over and I have all intentions of doing a Blog-a-Day in May. (Mostly so that I can record holidays and special events from the past 6 months or so.

 But since I'm asking people to vote for my blog right now, I thought it only fair that I actually DO a blog. Right now.  So since it requires little thought to write about, I thought I'd share some photos from our recent family photo shoot with my friend and former Kinder Parent, Meridy, of Simply Snapshots.

Brian's family had been wanting to have photos done and we finally arranged it! Thank GOD the kids, who had been in a CRAPPY mood, and all sitting in time out when I picked them up, cooperated and were totally pleasant by the time their cheesy smiles were needed! (It helps that they love Meridy.)

So here, a few of our photos.

L to R: Kristen (Brian's sister), Hunter, Brian, Ethan, Me, Brian's mom, Colton, Brian's Dad

My little family

I love this series because it captures the essence of my every day life.

Something about these particular photos makes me think, HOLY CRAP, I grew these people! At the same time!

Again, story of my life. All in the name of a photo.

A jet flew overhead...

Aunt Kristen and the crazies!

No really, look at their faces. 

Daddy and his little girl

and his biggest boy...

and his baby.

Me and my littlest dinosaur.

and my biggest guy..

And itty bitty.

Brian and Kristen
Typical Siblings.  ;)

Please note that Colton keeps his brother in line by holding on to his ears!

 My hubs and me.

And now, in return for my return,
care to give us a little vote?

Just click the link below and scroll down to find The Best Things in Life are THREE. (We've been in 5th place for a while). I'd just be happy to stay in the top 10! I don't have the energy to go into full competitive mode like we did a few years ago! (Which, by doing so, you helped us win, by the way!)
Anyhoo, you're awesome and I appreciate your vote! You can vote once a day until May 8th.
Thanks a BUNCH! 


Courtney said...

I've missed you, Ami! Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to your B-A-D in May! :)

Michelle Thomas said...

Welcome back!!! I missed reading abt these itty bitty faces!! :)

Stephanie said...

Love the photos!!! Hope you are doing well and good luck with the circle of moms! I

Brian Daniels said...

Great pics Ami. Thanks for sharing.
You got my vote!
Uncle Brian

Moira said...

Great pics! Hunter's facial expressions speak volumes, wow, is she giving you a run for your money or what? Cannot wait to see what the future has in store for all of you. Ethan & Colton are equally adorable but look less mischievous, am I right? Well, enjoy your birthday & keep blogging. I'll certainly vote every day!

Amber said...

You and I are both vying for 5th place so I thought I should drop by and meet my competition. Your blog is awesome! You are witty in your writing and it is just stinkin' cute too. If you end up placing ahead of me, at least I know I lost to an amazing blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone make sure to wish Ami a very Happy Birthday today!! Or a belated one tomorrow if it's too late today! What a wonderful Mommy and such a beautiful person you are.Thank you for bringing joy to our lives through your stories and sharing your world with us! Happy Birthday Ami!!! :-)

Lynn@FernAvenueBlog said...

You have been missed!!! Love the pictures...your littles are growing up and are just adorable. Glad your back but I also get how life gets in the way of blogging.

Subhash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raj Nandini said...

I am glad to see the images of babies. I love kids.
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