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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

B.A.D in May!

Somedays, as I sit here, it feels as if I've forgotten how to write. I struggle to find a clever "hook" or topic about which to write and as such, I write some cheesy one liner , hit a roadblock, hit 'SAVE' and never return to it. Don't believe me? Look. Just look at all the "DRAFTS" I left for dead.

Furthermore, please note some of the titles..."Random", "Sometimes there isn't a theme," "Yes, we're still here.."      Anyone else detect a theme?

Well anyway, it's May. And for the past 3 years I've done a Blog-a-Day in May. Why May? Oh, I don't know...perhaps it's because I like the challenge of trying to accomplish 31 EXTRA somethings in what is already one of the BUSIEST months OF.MY.LIFE.

Or maybe it's just because "Blog-a-Day-in-May" rolls off the tongue a whole lot nicer than "Blog-a-day-in-October."

Either way. Here I am.  :)

I'm 36 now, you know.


And if I may say so, I'm lovin' 36.  I'm excited for the year ahead, but mostly I'm excited about (attempting to) spend the next 31 days with YOU!  

Anyhoo, I always like to set up my Blog-a-day Marathons with disclaimers. The kind that say, 'I'm going to do a blog a day every day in May. UNLESS something happens. Something really drastic. So drastic that I couldn't possibly hit Publish in time.

What types of things qualify, you ask? Well let's take a look.

Top 10 Reasons I Might Fail my Blog-a-Day. 

10. My husband will slice the tip of his finger on sharp metal requiring a trip to Urgent Care for Stitches. (This is literally happening as we speak.) I asked him if he was trying to sabotage my mission. He assures me he was not.  :) But whatever.

9. I'll likely forget to charge my laptop, not realizing it until 11:59 pm., making it too late to post.

8. I'll be so tired on the evening of Kindergarten Graduation that I'll forget all about it. With 11 days to spare.

7. I will. fall. asleep mid senttttttttttttt.t.    ji;;;;;;siiii. (You get the idea).

6. Hunter will hit Ethan. This will cause Ethan to become infuriated. He will then bite Colton (because he's into that again.) I, subsequently, will be too exhausted from refereeing, to post.

5. I might actually just forget.

4. I'll probably stay out late partying and dancing. Bwahhhahaha!! That is SO not even close to what might possibly be the truth.

3. I'll probably get so engrossed with The Voice that I just forget.

2. Truthfully, I'll probably be doing laundry.


1. I'll sit down to start typing, and someone will call for me. I'll go to where they are only to learn that they just needed me to pull down the bin of play food in the playroom. So I'll grab the bin of food which will consequently make me think of real food. So I'll go into the kitchen to find something for dinner. I'll open a cupboard to look for spaghetti sauce and will then decide that it needs to be reorganized. So I'll start pulling things out and setting them on the counter, which will make me want to wipe the counters down with my Shaklee Basic H spray. (Right, Nicole?) So I'll wipe them down, then throw away the paper towel. This will make me think to take the trash out. So I'll take the trash outside and will then need to straighten up all the tricycles. By the time I come back in, I will have totally forgotten that I ever even started a blog.  :)

True Story. Every single day of my life.

Welcome to May, everyone!

Get some rest...it's gonna be an exhausting month.  
(Yes, Hunter had a bloody nose, which I oddly didn't notice until I saw it through the camera lens!) 

Anyhoodle....8 days left to vote. :) We've been ping-ponging through the top 5, and are currently sitting at Number 2. Thank you all for the love. You make this contest fun and exciting, and like they say at the Oscar's, it's an honor just to be nominated!  hee hee...

Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms of Multiples - 2013 - Vote for me!


Michelle Thomas said...

#1 is the story of my life!!! :) I'm excited to read your posts all month...unless, of course, #1-#10 happens ;)

Subhash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann Brosnan said...

yay Yay YAY! I get to read about the Bunchkins every day again! I'm super excited already!

Courtney said...

Welcome back, Ami!

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