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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Brothers in love

I'm never quite sure what to tell people when reference to this blog comes up....Do I say, "Oh hey! I have a blog (I mean, I DO...technically) or is it really more accurate to say, "Yeah, once I had a blog..." Or do I just say, "Well I have this blog I stopped writing a few years ago..."  Uugh. Which always makes me think I should just start writing again.  I mean, I know they're not the cute, cuddly little baby triplets anymore, but they're still kinda cute...in a 'they're-growing-up-and-talk-about-farts-alot-but-are-also-super-cool' kinda way.  :)

What to do...what to do...

And where would I even start? I mean, did you know they went to Preschool? For TWO years? And then Kindergarten? And then first grade?? For the love, they're starting SECOND GRADE in August? What the what? So many great stories left behind...

The good news for those of you were readers waaaayyy back when is that WE'VE SURVIVED! All of us! Life is just as interesting and  just as hilarious. Maybe even more so...

Case in point. We just pulled up to the house after running some errands. 2 out 3 kids promptly exited the vehicle. (It's 112 degrees here today). I smartly quipped to Colton, the lone leftover kid, "So..you feel like gettin' out any time soon?" 

He responds in the most serious demeanor, "I'm just thinkin' about my girlfriend." 

Conversation in my head --------> {WHAT THE WHAT? Your WHAT???} 

Actual conversation, "Oh yeah? Whatcha thinking about her?" 

Colton: "I just miss her. She's not going to be in my class in second grade." 

Ethan: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's gonna be in my class."

Me:(STUPID ME) : Uh oh, I hope your brother doesn't steal your girlfriend. (Why would I even SAY that? Sometimes I forget they're only 7. Lol.)

Colton: "Well, I like her 1000%, so.... Ethan, do you like her, too?" 

Ethan: "Uh, just a little. Well, actually about 89%."  (These are their actual stats. I could not make this stuff up.)

Colton: "Well someday, I'm still going to marry her, I think." 

Ethan: "Well actually, turns out I like her infinity %, so, I guess I like her more." 

Colton: "But she's still my girlfriend." 

Ethan: "Okay." 

And just like that, their 'bro brawl' was done.  I can only hope that is the last time they 'fight' over a girl. Oy vey.  

(Don't you love their goggle heads? They are fresh from a weekend stay at the Arizona Grand with my dad, his wife, and my sister and nieces where they more or less learned how to swim! Finally!) 

They really are great friends....
Currently playing with their beyblades...



 Ethan: "Dude! That was an epic battle! You totally owned that one."  
Aww! Their little surfer dude selves really DO love each other.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

They are so flipping big! I love the brothers story, but seriously...no pictures of Hunter? What gives???

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