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Sunday, November 20, 2016

I'm bringin' blogging back! YEAH!

Thank goodness for Facebook and it's 'On This Day' feature. I am regularly reminded how awesome a blogger I once was. (And consequently, how awesome I am NOT now.) Lately, I see a post pop up and I find myself entranced in old posts, reliving the memories for as long as the time allows. I think we always 'think' we'll just remember all the moments for years to come, but the truth is, we don't. (Okay well, I don't.)  And so, I'm grateful to have written them down. I'm grateful that the kids have this to look back on because just as I had hope, they so enjoy watching old videos, seeing pictures of themselves as squishy babies getting into mischief and just generally, growing up.

They're seven now. As in, YEARS. Okay, truth be told, they're closer to EIGHT.

They're missing teeth and they have new awkward grown up teeth coming in. They use phrases like "Hey, Bro." and "What's up dog? and they describe cool things as 'epic' and 'legit.' She wears makeup for fun and changes outfits more times in a day than I care to discuss. And all the while, I'm over here in the corner in the fetal position wishing someone would poop in their diaper or cry for a bottle.

Life is short.

I don't want to forget this stuff. True, they aren't as squishy and little anymore, and their voices aren't as itty bitty. No one lisps and fewer and fewer words are said incorrectly. But they're still amazing kids and I don't want to forget these days. So I'm making some changes 'round here. All over the place. Trying to simplify where I can.  So stay tuned. I'm already working on my topics...I'm bringing Bunchkins back....YEAH!  Don't they look thrilled? Hee hee..

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