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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our First Trip to TARGET!

Ok, so today my mom and I decided to be adventurous and briefly take the babies to TARGET to get a few things we needed! I tried to explain to the babies in the car that TARGET is one of the happiest places on earth. Judging by the fact that they only barely opened their eyes, I'm not sure they'll remember just how wonderful it was...

In the parking lot, making sure we can fit three carseats into shopping carts!

We fit! We fit! Here we go babies!
Getting ready for the happiest place on earth...(after Disneyland)

Here's Gramma!
It only made sense that we would run into the Corbelli's! Jen, Emma and Noah! It wouldn't be a trip to TARGET if they weren't there!

In one cart is Hunter and Ethan...
In the other cart...Colton!
Bringing the babies to the baby aisles!
Bringing the babies to the adult aisles! As all good mothers do, I'm sure, I picked out a wine for Hunter! It's called the Middle Sister! How appropriate!
Colton was trying on sunglasses for the summer!
Proof that he was awake for a second on his big trip!
Going to Starbucks IN Target!



Adam and Samantha said...

Man, your brave!! And of course their first shopping experience HAS to be Target, anything else just wouldn't be right!! I love Hunter's little headband, she looks so cute with it on!

Fisher Family said...

yeah!!! You did it! It seems like just yesterday we were talking about you trying to shop with your new bundles of joy! And I notice that this was on the 13th???!!! Not such a bad number after all: ) So, one more week and this Fisher crew member must meet the Bunchkins! I am dying here to hold tiny ones.

Anabelle said...

Target AND Starbucks... the 2 happiest places on earth!! Your babies will learn to love them both, just as Jaxon has.

Stephanie said...

It made my day to see your triplets! Those sweet toes are such a blessing. What a great mother you are! I need to earn your trust so I can watch those babies!!! :-) (((hugs)))

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