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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Mother's (and Grandmother's) Day!

Ok, so this 2nd month of life has been adventurous. Mary and I decided that for mother's day, we would attempt to take a "group photo" of my mom's kids and grandkids. But frankly, we've exhausted every photo spot in our house. So we wrangled Brian into driving us to Lakeside Park to take some photos with a NICE background and GREEN grass! (We only grow the brown kind at our house. ) :) So here are some of the photos we ended up with! Brian was not expecting to be in the pictures...he was our designated photographer....hence the Dr. Pepper T-Shirt....but frankly, it's only fitting that he wear that shirt since the babies were practically fed Dr. Pepper through the umbilical cord! :)

This next photo is of the gift the babies made for both their grandmas! They worked very hard to imprint their little feeties in concrete to make a Garden Stepping Stone! Shockingly enough, not one of them even made so much as a peep during the whole process! I think they liked the texture of the wet, goopy cement on their feet!

These are the gifts that my babies and Brian got me. One is a mug with their adorable little faces. And Brian (who has apparently been hiding the fact that he DOES have a creative bone in his body) made me a collage of all our babies' many parts...noses, eyes, cheeks, fingers, toes, lips, etc. It's so cute. Furthermore, the babies wrote Mommy a love letter! (Well, they told Daddy what to say because they don't know how to type yet.) :) If I get around to it, I just may post their letter! It successfully made me cry, and then my sister, mom and dad! Chances are, if I every get it posted, you'll want to have a tissue nearby. :)

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Rebecca said...

I love the collage! So cute!

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