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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first Mother's Day!

Wow! What a strange feeling to celebrate Mother's Day...as a Mother! Definitely a day I do NOT take for granted! It was one of those days where I periodically stop myself and look at Brian and say, "Wow. We have 3 babies. We have a daughter. And two sons. I'm a mom. You're a dad!" As real as our lives are, we definitely have those moments of disbelief! But above all, such appreciation for the little people who now depend on us. What a gift they are...so to celebrate our first Mother's Day, we decided to really go out on a limb...

Call us crazy, but we decided to try taking the babies to Starbucks and church for the first time! And WE DID IT! That is our routine. Brian and I always go to Starbucks, get our coffee and chai tea and then head to church! So, for the entire pregnancy the same servers at Starbucks have been following our progress. Well, today, Brian went in to get our drinks while the babies and I waited in the car. Before I knew it, I see one of the servers come running up to the car with my drink. "Can I see them? Can I see them?" They were all so funny! They took turns coming out to meet the babies! Gotta love the neighborhood Starbucks!

Our first trip to Starbucks...OUT of mom's belly! This is the one by TARGET on Harrison and 22nd street
From there, we made it to church...Never mind that we practically take up our own row now, but there we were! From left to right it went, Car Seat with Hunter, Brian, Car Seat with Colton, Me, Car Seat with Ethan, Aunt Mary, Uncle Emilio! What a group! We got there so early (we left ourselves plenty of time in case we needed to abrubtly rethink our decision...) that we had time to talk to Pastor Glenn, another woman who is an amazing singer/worship leader Lisa, and plenty of other passer-bys! Well, as the service began, Lisa stood up at the microphone to welcome everyone and says, "Welcome and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Especially the mother of the 7 week old triplets in the back there! I don't know how you're doin' it!" So already, we've become quite the obnoxious spectacle! But that's ok! It was fun to see lots of our friends at church!

And here we are at church. Notice we are in the back row. Close to the door. Easy to make a getaway if need be. :)
Some of our friends who came over to visit after church....The Chumblers (Heather you look so cute, you make me want to be pregnant again.) BUT I DON'T NEED MORE BABIES! Dan and Renae Davis, Matt and Karen Kershner and the Riehls!
Hunter and "Auntie Renae"
Then we headed to MY mom and dad's house for a barbecue! It was a wonderful day!

Gramma Russo holding Ethan. She was very distraught over the fact that he had hiccups and she could not help him get over them! It's so neat that she is still alive (99 years and counting...) so she could get to know these great grandchildren!

My dad grilling chicken...Piper helping :)

Me and Dad

This is my Dad and Colton...when Mary and I were babies, he would hold us in this same position, a place we affectionately refer to as "Heavenly Haven." I love it that my kids now get to cuddle there!

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cara said...

I'm so sorry to have missed you at church and somehow also missed the announcement of someone with triplets there. Otherwise I would have come over to say hi! Hope things are going well for you!

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