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Sunday, September 27, 2009

All in a Day's Work: Part 1...Multiples Day at Cottonwood!

One of the best things about the Vail School District is that we teach on a YEAR-ROUND schedule! (I know, to most people, the thought of going to school year round repulses them.) But it's one of those things you can't appreciate until you've done it! The school year starts mid-July. Then, after the first quarter, there is a 3 week break, also known as HEAVEN! Now, typically, this last week of school, we often have Spirit Week, with different "dress up" days for the staff and students. Thursday before the break was "Multiples Day." In other words, find a friend and dress exactly alike! So the brilliant Kindergarten Team at Cottonwood, (1/3 of which happens to be Aunt Mary) decided to come as the Bunch Triplets! They made Iron On shirts and everything! So to honor their creativity and come be part of the fun, we made the trek out to school to visit briefly! And oh what fun we had! **And if you're wondering about the rest of the school schedule?? After the 3 week break in Sept/Oct., we go back to teaching until the typical 2 week Holiday Break in December. Then back to school in January with a 2 week break in March. The school year ends at the end of May!

Left to Right:

Aunt Mary & Colton, Mrs. Fisher (Jaymee) & Hunter, Mrs. Lofgren (Jen) & Ethan
They let me be in the picture too, since I did BIRTH them and all!

Aunt Mary (Mrs. Montes) & Colton
Mrs. Fisher & Hunter
Mrs. Lofgren & Ethan
Many of the kinders who LOVE to see the Bunchkins!
Look who else happened to be dressed like TWINS?? "Auntie Sarah" & Hunter!
Even Mrs. Chris and Colton happened to be doing the Twin thing!
"Kindergarten is hard work," says Colton, as he snuggles Mary Stott!
What do you do when babies start crying and kids are supposed to be learning about Apples? Combine the two! The kids were absolutely adorable singing their "Apple" Poem to the boys...

Ahh...what a day! Time to go home babies. But not for long....we're off to the Pediatrician!


Mary said...

We really just wanted to make it on the blog : ) We love the Bunch Babies! The kids love when they come visit...can't wait to see them again, we'll be practicing more songs to sing to them...

Lindsey M. said...

Hello Ami-

I don't know you personally- My aunt Linda is best friends with you aunt Val. And I also go to college with your cousin Jen. I was told that I had to check out your blog. I have cried, laughed-- I just love reading your story.... I realllllly think you need to make your story into a book. I just know it would be a BEST seller! Thanks for sharing!!!! :)

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