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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Crafts with Crazy Mom!

So this year, we (and by "we" I mean "me") decided to make some ornaments to commemorate the babies' first Christmas! These cheap, inexpensive $1.00 wood ornaments from Michaels served my purpose quite well! So I painted them, added a little glitter kindergarten-style, and then wrote "HUNTER, COLTON & ETHAN" and then "1st Christmas" on each one. I'm going to put a current picture of each baby on the back of each ornament and then Mod-Podge them! Not bad for a total of $3.00 huh?

But that was the easy part. Because it was all about me. The next set of ornaments (cute, though they turned out to be) was not my best idea, and yet I'm already thinking about having them each make one more. Why? Who knows? I'm seriously a glutton for punishment. Or just plain crazy. Yeah, I think I'm crazy.

If you've been following my blog from the beginning then you know I'm absolutely a "glass half full" kinda person. It takes a LOT to get me frazzled. (I thank God I have this trait every single day when I suddenly notice the three babies in my living room). So anyway, maybe it's because I still miss kindergarten, but I thought to myself..."Hey! Those ornaments we used to make in kindergarten were so cute! And so EASY! I think I'll make those with the babies!"

Okay. They WERE easy with kindergartners. Not so much with 8 month old babies who do not understand what you mean when you say, "Open your hand. Now leave your fingers open flat while mommy tickles your hand with paintbrushes and 3 different colors of squishy, cold paint. Now go ahead and press your hand down on the paper...."

Now fortunately,when you see the picture below, then you can see that my efforts paid off! I managed to get 3 adorable Santa Hand Print Ornaments out of the chaos! Which I then laminated, (after writing on the backs of each one) and then added a ribbon to hang them!

If you'd like to make these with your "OLDER" children, all you need is:
-a hand,
-red paint,
-white paint,
-black paint
-skin colored paint
-A piece of cardstock and some ribbon.

Now, palms up, you paint all four fingers white (the beard), the center of the palm skin colored (the face), the heel of your palm and your thumb red (Santa's hat), and then the tip of the thumb white(the pom-pom on Santa's hat). Then press your palm down onto some cardstock and you're done! If you turn it around, it is a Santa head. I used to let the kids dip their finger in black paint and dab on two eyes. Then you're done!

So here are the pictures of crazy mom (yes, me) painting tiny hands....

Could he BE any less excited about this project??

First try...not our best!

What? You can't tell that's Santa?? :)


Colton was actually pretty cooperative while I painted his hand. It was getting him to keep his hand open and pressed down on paper that was a bit of a challenge!


She's really trying to learn...

"Peek a boo!"

The End!


Nicole said...

Super cute! I love them! You are WAY braver than I am! I love the new pics on the side too!

PS The strike through totally added to it!

Mary said...

You could always bring in the babies during kindergarten holiday craft time! Sock snowman and puzzle wreaths are next! The kids would love to see them :)

Very cute hands!

Anabelle said...

Aren't kindergarten teachers gluttons for punishment by nature? Do you think those ornaments would be any easier with a 1 1/2 year old? I might just have to try!

Adam and Samantha said...

That is hilarious!! You are brave! They turned out really cute! I gave up on doing hand print stuff after I did it once with Ethan, long story. We do foot prints now instead, SOOOOO much easier.

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