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Monday, December 14, 2009

McDonalds & a Street Fair...the fame continues...


So, I've always been a fan of McDonald's personally, which is why I thought the idea of "McTeacher's Night" was such a fun idea for a fundraiser! Basically, the teachers and staff WORK at McDonald's for the night and you invite the students in your school to come out and eat with their families. Then your school gets a portion of the proceeds you brought in that night! It's so fun! Seriously, teachers work (alongside the real McDonald's staff) at the registers, in the drive thru, selling pies and cookies, etc! So fun!

So anyway, the day our article came out in the paper (Thurs. Dec. 10) happened to be McTeacher's night! Well, there was no part of me that was in the mood to bring three infants to McDonalds, so I brought Hunter and left the boys with dad! Ladies night at McDonalds....the most exciting part of the night was discovering the newspaper stand right outside the entrance WITH the babies' picture right there! So of course, Hunter wanted to take a picture next to her article. :)

Then Hunter spent the better part of a half hour hanging out with our Principal Ms. Bryson, just visiting students, kicking her little feet!
And then she got to have her picture taken with our mascot, COMET the COYOTE!
Here she is hanging out with her Aunt and Uncle!
Trying, trying, trying to get through the cardboard to the apple pie inside!
Since the boys stayed home, we brought Colton a quarter pounder... :)
And Ethan a Dr. Pepper :)
4th Avenue Street Fair
Then on Saturday, my sister, mom and I took the babies to the Street Fair. (Because we're stupid.) Yes, it's a whole different game when you're trying to maneuver 2 strollers through an already crowded street! Oh well, you live and learn, right?

But the really interesting part came the first time someone stopped us and said, "Hey, those are the babies from the newspaper!" (Of course I wanted to say, "Holy Crap! You're kidding me!!") but instead opted for, "Yes, they are." Apparently 3 babies wearing helmets are pretty easily recognized. And that's okay...the strangest part was that by the time we left, no fewer than 75 people had stopped us to make the same comment and talk about the babies, their helmets, their progress, etc....so much for a leisurely stroll around the street fair! In conclusion, I'd like to say this-I WOULD SO NOT WANT TO BE JON AND KATE...unless you pay me a bazillion dollars. Then we'll talk. :)

Gramma and Colton enjoying some Fry Bread!!
Mary and Ethan doing the same

See you next year, Street Fair!

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