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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My three little (Arizona Daily) stars!

If you found our blog from the Arizona Daily Star article, WELCOME! We always love new readers! Take some time and go back to the beginning...but for now, thank you to the Arizona Daily Star for giving our babies their 15 minutes of fame!
To the reporter and 2 photographers, it was fun! Thank you for telling the "Bunchkins" story and for creating awareness for the many parents like ourselves who have children with plagiocephaly! And a big thank you to HANGER and especially Liz for taking such good care of our trio! You know you do a good job when you can put helmets on and off babies and they don't even cry!

Anyhoo, It's early and I haven't figured out yet how to find the rest of the story in the online paper, but if I do, I will let you know! In the meantime, click here to go to the Arizona Daily Star's Website. On the left hand side you may see a link that says "download the front page of today's paper." Or you may simply see a snippet of the article right on that page.

You can see more pictures of them (especially for our Non-Tucsonan readers) at www.azstarnet.com/slideshows. Scroll down until you see the header that says NEWS and their will be a picture of Ethan on the right. Click there to see more photos!

Thanks for stopping by!

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The Kemps said...

Nice article in the paper about your babies. We saved the article and would be happy to put it in your box at school. Just in case you're one of 'those moms' who likes to have originals for memory books. Yea, I'm one of 'those moms'.

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