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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

28 Weeks and 8 pounds of baby! Yahoo!

Well, yesterday was our monthly formal ultrasound appt. (the one where we measure every body part known to man (or baby)! And again, I cannot believe how lucky we have been...I am 28 weeks pregnant and everything is still going so well! I literally hold my breath when Casey, (our favorite sonographer) measures all the baby parts and then inputs all the measurements to come up with the babies' weight....I get so nervous that I didn't eat enough through the month, I didn't get them enough nutrients, etc....but apparently, they're doing ALL RIGHT! She measured Colton first , then Ethan and then Princess Hunter! This is how they stack up at 28 W.

Colton was 2 lbs. 13 oz. (a gain of 1 lb. 6 oz.)
Ethan also weighs 2 lbs. 13 oz. (a gain of 1 lb. 4 oz.)
Hunter weighed in at a dainty 2 lbs. 5 oz. (a gain of 1 lb.)

(Never you worry though, even though Hunter is smaller, she's still right on track! Brian is very thankful that Hunter is dainty like her mommy and not dainty like her daddy! :) I suppose he's got a point there!
And mommy currently weighs in at 138 lbs. (for a total gain of 39 lbs.) :)
Once again, there's Jag, right at my feet! It's as if he's looking up saying "WHOA mom! What happened to your belly??"

This is Brian and Me (with the three babies clearly in tow) at my dad's 60th birthday party!
Below is a shadow box I made for my dad. The hats are the ones we gave him on Christmas as a sign that his deep down wish for a granddaughter had come true. Up to that point he thought he was getting three grandsons....until he opened the small gift box with 2 blue hats AND a PINK ONE! So we snuck those hats out of the box which he keeps safely at his office and made them into a nice display!
All of their hearts looked strong and were beating very well. They are getting so much bigger that it is really hard to get good profile shots anymore! Colton was facing my spine so we couldn't get a look at his lip or palate today. Ethan was still rolled up into a ball, and apparently, those bullies of brothers had their little sister pushed up into the upper left corner of my belly! Man! I'm not worried about her though, she seems like a tough little cookie!
As for the ever lingering question...when will we see these little people in person?? My best answer is that it remains to be seen...My cervix is still nice and thick, the babies still have good fluid in their sacs, I have not yet had a single contraction, the babies seem to be enjoying their cozy belly quarters and my health continues to be very good. Soo.....all we can do is wait! I still absolutely want to make it 30 weeks, and we've been told that the doc will likely not keep them in past 34 or 35 weeks, so maybe we meet in the middle and shoot for 33 weeks?? (Which would be the week of March 23. Though for all my Vail SD friends, it would sure be nice if I delivered them while they're on a 2 week break, so I'll see what I can do! :) Maybe I'll put up a new poll and we can all guess when we think we'll get the green light for Delivery Week! :)

So where are new pictures of the babies you ask?? Ok. Seriously, I contemplated posting the ones we got, (there were 5, I believe.) But honestly, I was very present at the ultrasound and I still cannot figure out what is what in ANY of the pictures! Remember how I said they're getting too big to be recognizable in photo? Well, the lack of posted photos is a testament the truth of that statement. I can just picture all of you and what you'd be doing if I did post them. Heads turned to the right, then to the left, then getting up close to your screens, and then maybe farther away...and STILL having NO clue what you're looking at. So I'll spare you the torture. Instead I'll put up some pics from my dad's 60th birthday party! After all, the babies WERE there! They even played their first game of Pictionary (Ellen DeGeneres style...on easels!!) So fun!


Jen said...

What a fantastic update! We couldn't be more happy for you! The pictures are great but I can't wait to see you! The Target fly-by didn't cut it. So I was hoping for St. patty's day too for the big day but I have to go with 3/9/09. At least I'll still be here! Hooray!

Anabelle said...

PLEASE not the week of the 23rd! I will be gone :( But, babies come when you least expect them... don't we know that from experience!

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