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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On second thought, I'll have a ROOT CANAL with that Banana Shake please!

26 Weeks 6 Days!

Well, today I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant! Doesn't seem like such a big deal for most pregnant people I'm sure, but you can't imagine what it means to us every time we make it through another DAY let alone another week! One day closer to having strong, healthy babies! It's a weird feeling knowing we're getting alarmingly close to their "birthdays". I've become so protective of them and I keep telling Brian I think I'd just like them to stay where they are for a while longer! I honestly think I will miss the twists and turns and pokes and prods they give me ALL DAY LONG....it's so amazing to watch them just on the surface of my stomach that I can't wait to see them in person. Honestly, seeing the tiny Octuplet babies on the news makes me even more eager to meet our THREE. Not eight. Just three. :) Oh well, in time...don't want to rush the "cooking" process!

So what else is new? Well, fortunately, the 4:00 a.m. leg cramp has remained an isolated episode so far...knock on wood. Maybe the fact that I have eaten more bananas in a week than in my life has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, I'll take it! But what would a pregnancy be without me causing torture to myself in as many ways possible?? Oh, you thought the leg cramp sounded bad, well here's what I did yesterday!

So a while back, I cracked my back bottom molar. About 1/4 of the tooth was gone. So I made an appt. to get a crown put on it at the dentist. (And nobody likes to do dental work on pregnant people, ESPECIALLY when they know you're having triplets....great).

**However, let me stop right here because I know what many of you are thinking. "You can't get dental work done when you're pregnant!" Well I promise you, I asked my Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist if I should wait until the babies were born to have any dental work done and the answer was a firm "NO." It's critical that I have it done now because not doing so increases the risk of getting an infection in the tooth and into the bloodstream and causing premature labor! And yes, X-Rays are safe as long they shield the babies.

So back to the story. Well, getting ready to go the dentist, in ADDITION to the cracked tooth, a crown I have on an upper molar ALSO pops off! Wonderful! So off I go to the dentist....I hand him my baggie with the crown and say, "this isn't actually why I'm here today, but SINCE I'm here, can we put this back in??" (God, only me.) No prob! A little cement and I'm off and running! Crown is back in place! Super!

So now let's take a look at that back tooth I cracked! "Hmm...I think we're gonna need to do a root canal." But since you're as pregnant as you are, I'd rather send you to a specialist to have it done." Great....So a few hours later, off my mom and I trot to the Endodontist to have a ROOT CANAL! Are you kidding me?? (Now, I will say this, aside from the cost which I think was far more painful than the procedure, if any of you Tucsonans need a root canal, I highly recommend Southern Arizona Endodontists on Craycroft! It was SUCH a nice facility and everyone was SO wonderful! Seriously. )
So there I am, explaining to the very friendly dental hygienist that I'm somewhat phobic about dentists, as she proceeds to very calmly shove instruments in and out of my mouth to take X-Rays, (yes, the babies were extremely covered by the heavy weighted shield) and sure enough, there's my decaying tooth on the screen confirming the need to do a root canal. Now, aside from the general discomfort of having your mouth wide open for an hour, and the barrage of THINGS that can actually be in one person's mouth at any one time, I have to say, the root canal was not that bad. And let me remind you, I HATE dental work.

So the dentist finishes up and proceeds to write me a prescription for pain meds, until I remind him not to bother....I can't take them anyway. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I HATE dental work and now I have to have a root canal with NO pain meds!! Sure I can take regular strength Tylenol, but that's no more effective than eating jellybeans. So, here I am a day later. Doing OK, but with a very sore tooth and jaw. Super! Good think I'm a trooper! :)

So anyway, leg cramps and root canals, but still NO Contractions! Yes! We'll get to go see the babies again for another formal ultrasound on Monday the 16th. (I begged not to come in on Friday the 13th which should have been our appt. day...call me superstitious.) So I'll have some updates on the babies on Monday! Until then, I hope you enjoyed another picture of my glorious belly! :) And Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Don't eat too much candy....you don't want a root canal!


Jen said...

You are a trooper! Let's hope those wee ones take after you and can stick it out 4 more weeks. I promise no more crazy dreams! You probably won't wear that brown shirt again :)

Mattus Family said...

OMG!!! Girl, you amaze me! I am a baby when it comes to the dentist. You are my hero. :o)

So...St Patty's day, huh? Good for you...hang in there!

Oh, and...what's this about a brown shirt and crazy dreams!


Anabelle said...

I agree with keeping the babies in forever! As fun as they are on the outside, it's nice to be able to know they can't get into too much trouble when they are on the inside! :)

PS Why is it that my husband and his fun wife both have the same tooth troubles? hmmmm....

Ami said...

My friend Jen had a dream that I went into labor on a Tuesday and I had on a brown shirt and khaki pants...which is exactly what I happened to be wearing when she told me about her dream! (It was a Monday) :)Yes,I won't be wearing Brown until at least mid-march now! hee hee

Rowan said...

Ami....I'm hoping for a St. Patty's bday for the trips, my favorite holiday, then I can have a celebratory beer for you, well, I'll have one despite the date, who am I kidding.

Glad you took care of your dental issues. Who told you can't have dental work while pregnant? And root canals don't hurt anymore, welcome to modern dental technology. You should also have your teeth cleaned 2x during a pregnancy, just a tip from your friendly hygienist.

Love to Brian. We're anxiously awaiting your big day. I'm going in the delivery room any day now with my sister, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Ami..can't believe the things you are going through and still write so positive and funny.
Your Godfather has to have valium just to have his teeth cleaned!! I had one root canal and NEVER again. So you are a SUPPER TROOPER. Thinking of you everyday with lots and lots of love. Auntie

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