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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My other three babies :)

Those 4 legged babies of ours are normally so fast footed that capturing them on film is nearly impossible. (Ok, that statement really only applies to the 2 cats. Piper is the most photo-cooperative dog you could imagine.)

However, lately they are more and more "present" even when they hear the tell-tale "chime" signaling that the camera has been turned on...perhaps they know that their lives are about to change dramatically and are savoring the last few moments of animal solitude in the Bunch House....just about everywhere I go, right behind me, my brood of beloved pets follows. Brian affectionately refers to my followers as my "wild kingdom." "There goes mommy and her wild kingdom!" he'll chirp, especially in the morning when we all wake up for the first time!

They're good pets and I'll do my darndest to make sure they continue to receive lots of love even after their babies arrive! So in honor of them, I thought I'd post some pictures of my 2 kitties, Jag and Gracie and my good ol' lab, Piper in their spoiled domain! :)

This is Jaguar (Jag), our overweight, and overlovable black kitty
This is princess Gracie, who can be found just about anytime of day, lounging on my bathroom counter awaiting anyone with thumbs who will turn on the faucet to a drip so she can drink from the sink! Spoiled? Yeah. I'd say so!

And then there's Piper...the true definition of loyalty. She does not leave my side all day long and has become very protective of mommy and her babies.

The cat hangout... If Gracie is not on the bathroom counter, then she's belly up somewhere else in the house! She's a cat who knows how to relax! Jag is steadfast howeverin his relaxation spot. If he's not beside me on the couch or bed, then he's perched on one of the stairway landings!
And Piper, thinking that she really is a human, has made it no secret that she feels she belongs on the opposite end of whatever couch I currently occupy. Poor Brian got pushed to the small couch so that Piper and I could share the big one.

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Bama Bound Gordons said...

I love it that your belly still managed to make it in the blog, also, nice pedicure! Miss ya! Pris

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