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Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things about Ami

Ok, so this idea originated on facebook, so many of you will have already seen it, but for those who haven't, the idea was to think of 25 random "tidbits" about yourself! So here are mine!

1. Let's start with the name...Birth certificate says "AMY" but somewhere around 6th grade, I watched what I now realize is actually a TERRIBLE movie...it's called "She's Out of Control" with Tony Danza...well, the main girl character is Micki Dolenz' (from the Monkeys) daughter and she spelled her name Ami Dolenz...SO, I wanted to be cool like her so I started writing AMI on everything! About 6 years later, I actually made it official and went to the courthouse to change it legally! :)

2. I am deathly afraid of going in the ocean because of sharks, yet at the same time completely fascinated by shark attacks on other people...(My husband Brian said I should not mention this morbid tidbit about myself!) Oh well!

3. Favorite drinks in the world...(and not necessarily in this order)...Dr. Pepper, No-Water Chai from Starbucks, red wine!

4. I HATE the dentist...but LOVE candy, and soda! Not a good combination...

5. Jobs I've had...Sr. Manager at Red Eye in El Con Mall...ghetto, I know, Server at Crocodile Cafe in Tempe, Victoria's Secret, Worked for the ASU Student Body President, my dad's office as receptionist, Flight Attendant for American Airlines, Librarian on my off days while living in Chicago, Substitute Teacher in Chicago and AZ, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade teacher, and finally...studying to do medical transcription from home!! Whew!

6. I can't stand watching the hunting shows that my husband watches, but I completely LOVE watching military shows and outdoor survival shows. (Man Vs. Wild is my FAVORITE!!)

7. I love being married! And like Anabelle, my husband can drive me absolutely crazy, but he is also the best thing that ever happened to me.

8. I am an absolute optimist. Glass half full, things will work out, it is what is is, etc. I find it to be a good way of life.

9. I am devastated when I see animals and even insects in pain, but I'm completely numb to people (that I don't know) dying. Case in point: before my husband became a detective, he worked the highways with DPS. I used to go on ride-alongs with him. My favorite ride along was the one where we had multiple fatalities, ( though tragic for those people's families, quite interesting for me!) blood, brains, etc. everywhere! I LOVED it! My mom worried that I was deranged after that! :) I might be.

10. Though I haven't been in a while, I love to go shooting with my husband! Being married to a cop means having to learn how to defend yourself in case of emergencies! Thus the .357 in my nightstand! And I never got to be a girl scout...how sad.

11. I love fluffy bunnies.... :) (Ok, I thought I'd better put something in here that did not pertain to death or guns or shooting..so bunnies. They're cute and fluffy and I love them. )

12. I am admittedly a complete and total slob when it comes to my car. It's always a disaster. You'd think I lived out of it.

13. I hate to do laundry, but love to vacuum! Seriously, I love to vacuum!

14. I am going to be the mother of triplets. This little tidbit still blows me away from time to time. But those who know me well, (or those who've read my blog) know what a long and difficult road it was to get here and Brian and I could not be more excited...the countdown has begun...

15. I love airplane turbulence. I suppose this made being a flight attendant much easier! I don't know what it is about it, but I truly enjoy it. (Unless I'm sitting beside my poor friend Sarah, because then all I can concentrate on is how very sad I am for her motion sickness...)

16. I am claustrophobic. And all I can think about these days is how when I have a C-Section to get these 3 babies out, they will strap my wrists down. OMG...I think I will die!!

17. I have weird food phobias. I do not eat leftovers. Period.

18. I can fall asleep just about anywhere, but I can also wake up to the slightest noise. I suppose this will be a good trait having three babies crying for me!

19. I have pretty much followed my sister Mary around our whole lives...grade school, to high school, to college to our sorority, to teaching kindergarten together in classroooms that are side by side! I wonder if she's sick of me yet?

20. One of my all time favorite movies is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I'd watch it any time of year! I just think it's hysterical. I think Nicole and my dad can also appreciate this. :)

21. I have never broken a bone in my life! Sprained a wrist cheerleading in HS, but no breaks!

22. I'd secretly like to be a children's book author, I just haven't done anything about that yet...maybe having my own kids will inspire me to get going on that!

23. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth. That's right! Learned that little trick in college! Oh how proud I am...

24. I am freakishly strong for my size. Seriously, I really am! Ask my friends! And luckily I have a high tolerance for pain! (THus the ability to withstand months upon months of daily shots in my rear end trying to get pregnant!!)

25. I am a happy camper. My life is good. My husband is wonderful, our families are terrific, we are expecting three babies, we have a nice house, pets we love, cars to drive, etc. We are blessed! I hope the same for all of you!


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I didn't know about the gore things before I trusted you with my beloved child.... : )

Amy K.

Bama Bound Gordons said...

Oh my goodness, and you teach kindergarten? Just kiddind! I can do #23 too, and for that I am also proud! Gotta love college!

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