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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A SuperBelly in honor of the Super Bowl! 25W 6D

Well, most of you probably know what a HUGE sports fan I am...in fact I'm getting ready to go watch the Superbowl in just a few minutes! I can hardly stand the anticipation...I'm already placing bets on how many homeruns the Cardinals score or whether or not the Steelers will make some free-throws tonight or not! It should be a good game! (now do you see what a big sports fan I am??) :)

So while I wait for that big moment, I thought I'd put up my Super Bowl Belly picture! I can't really tell if it lLOOKS bigger than it did last week, but it feels bigger...heavier! Despite that however, I still can't believe how good I feel. I admit I may have been doing a tiny bit too much "nesting" around the house the past few days because I can feel it in my back, but luckily my mom always comes to the rescue at just the right time! And let me tell ya, the crevices, corners, drawers, etc. all over my house are actually becoming emptied, cleaned out and reorganized! It feels great! And Brian is of course a participant in my nesting, (though not necessarily as enthusiastic about it!) But that's ok!

So here's a few pictures of some new things happening in the Bunch Household...

This is an early picture of the nursery at my mom and dad's house...I'll put up better pictures of that later! It's very cute! But clearly you see the sibling/feline rivalry has already begun. Max and Charlie seem to think that crib was put there for their comfort and enjoyment! Gotta love cats!

These now hang in my nursery above the closet door! They are a gift to the babies from their
Auntie Jen and Uncle Dan Corbelli!

I heeded the advice of my friend Anabelle and put a little nightstand next to the glider in the nursery so that I could have a little lamp for late night feedings!

And thanks to my Auntie Darlene in VT we now have a 2nd glider/rocker in the loft area for someone else to be able to feed or rock a baby! Yay!


Kim M said...

Thomas wants you to know that listening to Johnny Cash will quiet a fussy baby. He saw it on America's Funniest Videos and thought of you.

Ami said...

I'll remember that Kim! (And Thomas!) I quite enjoy Johnny Cash so that might work for us! :)

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