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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'll have a Triple Banana Shake with a Banana Split and a side of Bananas Please!

Ok, so you know how I've gone on and on about how great this pregnancy has been? Well, it has. I do not take back a word of that....howevvveeerrr....

Let me take you back...9:00 last night, we go to bed. (I know, seriously? Going to bed at 9:00 pm?? What happened to the days when we started getting ready to go out on the town at 9:00pm?) We're getting old...oh well. So here we are. In bed. Falling asleeeeeppp. And? Yep. Officially Asleep. Call me a happy camper. Or, in this case, a happy lion as the photos will help illustrate.

10:00, still asleep, 11:00, still asleep...12:00 sleeping and snoring...1:00...Sleeping! Hooray! 2:00...up for a quick pee AND back to sleep! 3:00...snoozing away...4:00, Wow still asleep! Yes!

And....4:04 am....OH MY GOD!!! NOT SLEEPING! I'm pretty sure by the volume and intensity of my screaming "oww! oww! it hurts!" that poor Brian must have thought I was going into labor at 4:04 in the morning. I startled him, myself, the 3 babies, the dog AND both cats!! Contractions? Nope.

THE WORST CALF CRAMP I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE!!! God love Brian who is holding on to my leg with all his might, trying to calm me by explaining that we HAVE to stretch it out, I cannot let it flex again....He's my hero! Finally, the torturesome pain subsided after just a minute or two. (Seriously, felt like an hour!!) And I calmly apologized to all who were awoken to my early morning freak out session and suggested that everyone go back to sleep.....

Before he dozed back off to sleep, Brian tells me to make sure I have a banana when I wake up. I obviously am lacking potassium. Ok seriously, if it'll help that from EVER happening again, I'll rub banana puree all over my self.
So happy sleeping to you all! I wish you a night of blissful sleep, free from the nightmare that is leg cramps. :) And don't forget to eat some bananas. :)


cara said...

I've totally been going through that, several nights a week, alhtough minus the screaming. But banana's are a staple for me now. Hope they go away for you.

Anonymous said...

I have had those SOOO many times-too many to even count. What helps for me is to jump out of bed and stand on that leg. Yes I know that sounds crazy but it makes it go away fast. Bananas are the other cure for them.
Jenn Wright

Anonymous said...

You sure brought back memories! I so remember having the same experience...no man will ever appreciate what the pregnant leg cramps feel like! Just keep reminding yourself Ami that they are worth all the pain. Oranges also have a lot of potassium and yo mama can whip you up some dreamy smoothies! Love you all, Auntie Donna Maria

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, how those hurt!
Tori gave me those every night for a month! I don't think I have ever moved so fast in my entire life. I always wondered how I could move so fast, when normally I could barely roll over in bed with that big tummy.
Colby on the other hand gave me butt cramps right in the sciatic nerve. Those are a little harder to stretch out. I hope those don't come your way. Keep up the bananas!
Cindy Parks

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