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Sunday, January 25, 2009

24 Weeks 5 Days worth of BELLY!

So I went to my check up this past Thursday and I am proud to say that everything was, and I quote the doctor, "quite unremarkable!" Again, when the topic is a triplet pregnancy, you REJOICE when they tell you that you are boring! My lab work, urine work, blood pressure, etc. is all looking good! No need for bed rest yet! (Though I was reminded that I am not to take up work slinging packages off a UPS truck or anything similar....darn.) No contractions yet, no nothing! Things are good! We checked heartbeats and all babies are still normal. Their heartbeats each increased by a couple beats per minute since the last time we checked but they are all normal!

Baby Girl Hunter quickly showed her true colors when it was her turn to get measured! The doctor, while doing the ultrasound and looking at Baby C (Hunter) says, "My, we have a fiesty one here! She is actually pusing back at me!" That's my girl! She was actually pusing back on the transducer wand thingy as if to say, "Hey, careful who you're squashing in here!" No wonder her heart beat was a little faster! She was doing some boxing in there!

And that about sums Hunter up! That little girl never stops moving. (Except when someone else wants to watch my belly move...then the stubborn little thing stops!) She can distort herself like nothing else! Ethan on the other hand, moves around almost as much as Hunter. Rather than making lots of small "punch" type movements, he prefers to contort and rotate his ENTIRE body all at once! I often find him crawling from a vertical position on the right side of my stomach to nearly horizontal and up under my rib cage! I won't say it's painful, but it's definitely apparent to me when he's doing it! And then there's my little Colton. I think he's got the best spot in the belly. He's below the other two and he spends his whole day lying horizontally. So whe he moves, I just feel little nudges here and there! He causes me no angst! Such a good little boy!

So anyway, that's my update for now! Enjoy the belly! It's large and in charge!!


Fisher Family said...

You still look awesome! However, I feel your pain: ) Ain't it grand!!!

Jen said...

Beautiful belly, beautiful babies, beautiful Mama!

Adam and Samantha said...

Wow! You look great!! I'm so glad everything is going well for the 5 of you!! Your nursery is adorable, your little ones are very lucky to have you two as parents!!

Auntie Darc said...

Ami, You look great. The joy is plain to see on your face. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see the little darlings!

Anonymous said...

Were keeping tabs on you now. I know you dont want to hear this but the longer they stay in the better! Keep up the good work. Way to go! The Coleman's.

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