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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brought to you by the 'Soaking' Series. And yum, yum, yummy pizzas!


Friday night while Brian and his dad and sister were at the UofA / ASU game, Nana and I were home with the kids. We'd decided to make cookies and watch Prep & Landing. I gave the kids each about 5 mini chocolate chip cookies. When they asked for more, I said, "That's all for now guys."

Well Colton did not approve of this answer and proceeded to SMACK his hand down on the table shouting, "But I WANT one. I WANT one!"

Calmly I say, "Well you might want to remember how to ask nicely Colton. Maybe something like, "Mommy, may I please have a cookie?"

He continued to pout and smack his hand for a few minutes and then finally walked away.

About 2-3 minutes later, Colton joined me in the kitchen.

He walked right up to me and in the most gracious manner ever, smile and all and said, "Mommy, I pwease have a cookie?"

As much as I didn't want to give them more cookies, I really wanted to reward him for asking so nicely. So I gave him one more and said, "Thank you so much for asking so nicely, Buddy!"

He took a bite and then turned away from me.

As he walked away, I hear him whisper in disbelief, "It WORKED!"

So. Flippin. Cute.

Your next laugh is brought to you by 'THE SOAKING SERIES' by Colton Bunch. 

We were at the mall, playing by the play land, when Brian announced that it was time to go. Colton, clearly unhappy about this, says to me tears falling down his little cheeks,
"Mom, I'm soaking dis-pointed." (disappointed)

Later, getting into the car as we were leaving the mall parking lot, he exclaimed that he was "STILL soaking dapointed." (yes, that's how it sounded) 

Then again, as I tucked him into bed tonight, he told me that he was "Soaking Dis-pointed again." 

"Why?" I asked. 

"Because I can't play anymore." 

Oh my...little boy you sure do make me smile. 

Dad and Genise came over last night to visit and they brought Papa Murphy's pizza! How have I lived here this long and never had a Take and Bake Pizza before? SO yummy! But what's even better were the three individual 'Make Your Own Pizzas" for the kids.

Let's just say that three kids can make the EXACT same pizza in three VERY different ways.


Hunter made hers with almost adult like precision....sauce, spread like a champ, then cheese, then pepperoni- spread out evenly, baked to precision.

The boys were less eager to get started, but with some encouragement, they obliged.

I made the ULTIMATE mistake with Ethan however, by spreading the sauce on his pizza for him. HOLY CRAPPER BATMAN. I came darn near close to ruining his life by doing so. I ended up having to 'scrape' the sauce back off of the dough. He then proceeded to dump, in one fell swoop, his cheese on top of the dough and finished by plopping about 10 pepperoni onto the pizza. In one pile, mind you. But you know what? He was happy with his cheese 'bread.' He knew exactly what he wanted and didn't want and I made the mistake of assuming he wouldn't really have a preference. Lesson learned.

See? Sauce on= unhappy little  boy.

Sauce off? We're good to go! 

As you can see, he enjoyed his sauceless pizza.  

Colton was pretty agreeable throughout the whole process. He also made his pizza to his liking and ate it like a champ. Leaving behind the crusts for his mommy.  :)

See the crusts he left for me? 

Our big person pizza was yummy, yummy, yummy. And so was the wine I drank it down with!
The big finale came with the stamps they brought for the kids.

Stamps on paper? Fun.

Stamps on skin? Frickin awesome.

Now all we can do is hope that they really are 'washable'. Come one, Melissa & Doug, don't fail us now.  :)

It was a great Sunday evening. The kind that make you feel like extending your 4 day weekend into 5. :)

1 comment:

Dad/Ponka said...

Ami, I am happy to report that the ink stamped images do, in fact, wipe away with a bit of soap and water! Enjoyed our little pizza party. Love you.

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