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Monday, November 26, 2012

Jingle BAM!

I'm always about 1 second too late. I heard him complaining about not being able to play outside and I KNEW it was coming. And it did. 

I tried to capture it on video but missed the really good 'soaking dapointed' commentary. I got the last half  of a "dapointed" comment just as the video starts and another one at :22 seconds in. (Of course that one came only after an awkward pause and stare-down between the two of us. Never mind my ridiculous prodding... 

Nevertheless, he was "soaking dapointed" and wanted to go for a ride in "My's car." hee hee.. Where? Who knows. 

On possibly an even funnier note, Ethan is now walking around the house loudly exclaiming "Jingle BAM!" Took me a bit to figure out what he was saying or why, because I was certain he was mispronouncing "Jingle Bell" or something. But as it turns out, he was spot on! He is quoting from the movie, Prep & Landing. Sure enough, it's "Jingle BAM!" He finds himself quite funny, as do I!

Now onto Randall's adventures...I am confident that the only one who is buying into the "point" of Randall's existence in our home is  Hunter. She is constantly telling the boys that Randall is going to go get Santa when they're being naughty. I remind her that Randall isn't going to go get Santa, he's just going to fly to the North Pole to tell Santa. (Truthfully, I think she was relieved to hear that. Judging by our most recent Santa Pictures, it's clear she's still a little leery about the jolly old guy and was probably on edge waiting for Santa to walk through the door every time one of her brothers threw a punch at the other. )

The boys, on the other hand, could care less that Randall is literally hanging mere inches above their heads as they pummel one another. Pretty sure they think his point in life is to entertain them with a daily game of hide-and-seek. Maybe one more year and they'll have it all figured out...In the mean time, their reactions when they find him are absolutely priceless!

"Randall, you crazy elf! Why you ridin' my shark hareprane? (airplane). 
The other day, Randall was kind enough to leave some sweets for each of the kids, hanging from his airplane.... 

Today, he spent the day perched atop the TV. 
(I spent the day praying he would not fall....)

And on that note, I shall call it a blog, and call it a night as well. This teacher mama is tired.  :)

1 comment:

Anabelle said...

JAxon is sorta missing the point of Ned the Elf. Unless Reese is being naughty, then he's all about it!

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