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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


In this day of digital-ness and online photo storage and blogs, it seems I hardly every PRINT photos anymore. So little so, in fact, that one of  the last 'albums' I created, (no, not an online album, the kind with actual plastic sleeves on pages that actuallyTURN!) was when the babies were born. I enjoyed looking at it a ton and sharing their photos with people everywhere, but then, like most of them do, it got shelved.

And there, it stayed. Until about 4 months ago. At which point, a certain little girl wanted to see pictures of herself when she was as tiny as her baby doll.   :)

And ever since the day I obliged and let her look through the album, she's been hooked. She looks at it constantly, referring to it as her 'Baby Book.' (Frankly it might as well be. I got to 4 months old in their actual baby books and then, well, nada.)

She looks at it so often that she no longer asks me who is in every photo. Now she tells me who is in half of them and only asks about the other half.

It struck me funny tonight, as we looked through the beginning few pages. (The ones with all the doctors and nurses.)

"Who's that, mommy?" she asks pointing to my friend and Anesthesiologist, Tony Lucas.

"He's a doctor. He was making sure mommy didn't get hurt when you were born."

"Oh yes.", she says. "I remember him. He was very nice." 

(Really Hunter? You remember him, do ya?)

Moving on through the album, pausing on the picture of her the moment she was pulled out, she says, "Aww, look at me. I had a bloody nose!" 

(Um, kinda. More like a bloody everything!)

Then she informed me, that she had to wear her baby sunglasses because "It was really 'lighty' in there."

(Well, that and the jaundice.)  :) 

She's so into looking through her 'baby book' that I decided to bust out the album my friend and former kindergarten teacher-coworker Renae Cannady made for each of the babies. (Which is a much better substitution for a baby book, by the way.) Needless to say, she was elated.

"Thank you SOOO much mommy. Thank you for bringing this to me!" 

 (SO thank you, Renae...that really was one of the nicest things anyone has ever offered to do! )


Mary said...

She did keep asking me tonight if I wanted to see her baby book but I was on my way out the door : ) she said "o right, when you come back to get Brinley we can look at my baby book..." Now I know what she was referring to! How cute...

Anonymous said...

What does Hunter say about Colton's surgery? How does she process that! It's such a change from his baby picture, but he was just sooo cute! I found your blog as I struggle with fertility and have read every post now! Thank you.
Brittany from NYC

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness this is so cute!

Abbey said...

Her comments are too funny! I need to get the girls' books put together...I just am such a lazy photo printer..put it into a book person!

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