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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Progress Reports

I love Preschool. And I love my preschoolers.

I love that I have 3 little people who are off somewhere, without me, learning about the world, exploring, playing, making mistakes and making even bigger discoveries.

I love that there is a place somewhere where my children have friends. (Friends who are not related to them.)  :)

I love that they have teachers to mold their little selves into tiny responsible humans who wash their hands, open their own lunches, share and grow up...

I mostly love that I HAVE three preschoolers.

I got to have my 2nd Parent Teacher Conference today.  :)  So different to be on THIS side of the table!

Here, a summary of the trio's current performance in preschool Nov. 2012, age 3.5, based on a few of the things they specifically assess/observe: (I realize this may not be as interesting to you, but keep in mind this is more or less my kids' baby books!)

COLTON:  Beginning to be independent with the bathroom, still needs help sometimes with soap and pulling up pants, separates well.
HUNTER: Good independence with bathroom and hand washing (A model student in this department!), beginning to play with others, beginning pretend play.  
ETHAN: Uses bathroom and washes hands, beginning to separate more easily, fewer tantrums :) (Starting to use more use words to ask for what he wants when he's frustrated.)

COLTON: Working on balance (apparently fearful of the balance beam), Can catch and throw a ball, can ride bikes and 3 wheel scooter, Working on fine motor skills (using scissors and writing) 
HUNTER: Working on large motor balance (also afraid to walk the balance beam alone), Climbs and rides scooters and bikes, continuing to work on fine motor skills (scissors) 
ETHAN: Rides bikes and 3 wheel scooters, Climbs, Not interested in fine motor yet  :) 

COLTON: Knows shapes, can match like items, beginning to use pretend play (Doctor), can use the computer alone.
HUNTER: Knows shapes, colors, can match like items, can use computer, does 6 piece puzzles.
ETHAN: Plays the computer (surprise!) , knows shapes, can match like items, beginning pretend play

COLTON: Beginning to sit for circle time, Speech: hard to say certain sounds, working on name recognition. 
HUNTER: Can sit and participate at circle time, enjoys story time, working on name recognition
ETHAN: Does not yet sit for circle time. Will sit in a chair, beginning to use language to get his needs met (vs. a tantrum), Working on name recognition. 

So cute...I love hearing about them at school...
They've come a long way since August.

(Again, thank you Meridy Twilling, of Simply Snapshots for the  photos! I just adore them) 

**Also, to the anonymous NYC commenter from the previous post....Great Question regarding Hunter's response to Colton's cleft lip... (and best of luck to you in your journey..)

When we first started looking at old blogs together quite some time ago, she did in fact notice Colton's cleft lip. We happened to be looking at the pictures of his lip surgery and she was immediately curious and couldn't look away. Her first time looking at it, she looked kind of nervous or upset. Noting this, I pointed it out to her in very non-threatening way....something like, "Do you see Colton's lip? It looks different doesn't it? It's called a cleft lip. He was born with it, but it didn't hurt him. It just looks different. But he's still our Colton and doesn't he look so handsome?"

She would then ask about the Doctors and how it got fixed. I explained to her that Colton had a special doctor to fix up his cleft lip so that he can eat and drink things better. She calls it his "Clipped Lip" and can and will now tell you that "Colton used to have a clipped lip, but Dr. Hurst fixed it for him." After that, her discomfort went away. She will now explain it to others just the way we explained it to her. And she's totally not phased by it.

Colton, on the other hand, hasn't really acknowledged it....yet. He's seen lots of pictures but in true Colton fashion, he doesn't really talk about it. So we'll see how the future plays out!  Thanks for the question and for reading!  :)


Michelle Thomas said...

It's SOOOOO different being on that sided of the table...just ask Anabelle, I was a loon when Anby was in kinder! I was like "where's your graph?" "I need to see the graph" lol it's even harder with her being in 1st because that's what I taught so I know it like the back of my hand. It easier with jake, but you have three going through it at the same time. Lol! :) they are cuties, glad they are doing well in school!

Tracey's Life said...

You must be such a proud Mama!

Jen said...

I'm "soaking" proud of them! ;)

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