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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Obligatory Photo with Santa

Dear Children, 

Someday, when you're all grown up and have torture subjects children of your own, you, too, will make them sit on the lap of a strange man and expect them to be happy about it while dozens of onlookers smile and laugh. 
Because you can. 

In the meantime, I AM sorry for causing you any discomfort today. 
I am not, however, sorry that I have another photo to add to the "Obligatory Annual Photo with Santa" collection. 

Other than not being certain what happened to 2010, I still crack up at how classic these are....

(9 months old)

(2 years, 8 months)

(3 years, 8 months)
What you can't see in black and white is how red Hunter's face is. She was also FREAKING OUT. Which is how Brian and I ended up IN the photo this year. It was this or nothing. 
 Here, a close up of Ethan and my "Cheese" face. 

Randall goin' all crazy on his Helicopter

The night ended with me, in the attic & Hunter at the bottom of the ladder, on watch duty. 
We practiced explicitly what she was to do, should I fall out of the attic or off of the ladder. 

"I go run and wake up Daddy!" 

"But you won't fall, Mommy," she kept saying. 
(It's like she knows I'm freakishly strong.) 

I was bringing down all our Christmas decorations, including....


 The only thing wrong with this photo is that there is a football game on TV when there SHOULD be a holiday movie! Home Alone was coming soon...but STILL! 
 And this little monkey totally shares my excitement for decorating the tree!
(Thank God there's at least one other person in my house who does!)

"Wow! This ornament is so beautiful! Can we hang it? "

Colton got into it after a short while.

 And Ethan joined the fun towards the very end. 

 For a while we just let them hang the ornaments wherever they wanted. Which is of course, down low. This was all fine and good and we were going to leave it, until Brian started to notice the tree tilting. So...we had to relocate a few of the heavier ornaments.
 And she's up! Never you mind all the pockets of 'unlit'ness! 
I'll get to that later...

Merry Almost Christmas! 
Funny Colton-isms tomorrow...


Anabelle said...

Wait. Did you take down the Christmas tree? BY YOURSELF? Not that I'm surprised in the least bit and you DID have Hunter, but still. You are a better wife than I.

Ami said...

I did, Anabelle. I did. And thank you for noticing. There was a split second where I immediately regretted it and feared for my life, but still, I SO did it!

thechillydog said...

Your tree is up!? I'm beginning to wonder if you ever sleep. Three preschoolers, two classes of students and a blog a day. When do you have time?

Abbey said...

I seriously love pictures with Santa...especially when they don't go as planned! We are taking our girls this weekend...I predict some major meltdowns and possibly having to get in the picture myself! And go you for getting down your tree!! I would have broken something!

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