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Friday, November 23, 2012

The return of Randall

He's Baaa-aack! 
Don't adjust your heads. He IS in fact hanging from the ceiling vent. That silly Randall. Likes to make an entrance, I guess! He spent the day upside down, watching a certain 3 Bunchkins AND their father. (He's been known to be mischievous too from time to time.) 

The kids were thrilled! As they woke up this morning, Colton came down the stairs and found him immediately! Hunter took a little longer to find him but was just as excited! Ethan woke up a little while after the other two but he was happy to see Randall had kept his promise and returned! 

It's been the longest 365 days of our lives. (There were quite a few days between now and 365 days ago that I wished I could've kept Randall in my purse, to bust out at appropriate times. Say, at Target.  :) But I digress. 

Needless to say, I'm also excited for Randall's return as he marks the beginning of my most favorite holiday season EVER! First it was the red cups at Starbucks and now, Randall. 

So what else did this day have in store for us? 
A trip to Target for starters. At the 11:00 am hour. Much more enjoyable than the middle of the night I'd say. 
Nana and Kristen and I took the trio and did some 'window shopping in the toy aisles. We had a 2 alarm meltdown when Ethan was informed that he would not in fact, be leaving with the FLYING Lightning McQueen. I settled for a $3.49 die cast 'The King' car instead. (And Ramone for Colton.) 

Nana and Papa got the kids some fancy new outfits for their upcoming Holiday Open House and Music Performance. So, so so cute. 

And Hunter has been very busy playing beauty parlor. Last night, I got my hair spatula-ed. Yes, as in a kitchen spatula. 

What you're not seeing is the look of sheer pain on my face. 
Trust me when I tell you there's a reason REAL salons don't use spatulas to do our hair. 

She moved on to Nana's hair tonight. But Nana was spared the torture of the spatula.
Lucky Nana.  :)

And so, Brian is currently working the UofA/ASU football game tonight. 
His dad and sister are there watching the game. 

So that leaves Nana and I at home with the bunchkins. 

What else are we do do, but make cookies...
 And watch holiday movies in our jammies. 

Happy Friday my friends! 


Michelle Thomas said...

Hermie was quite an excitement in our house too...Hannah only came out of her bed ONCE because Hermie was watching!! Why did you take so long to find me elf?!? I'm glad Randall is back too!! :)

Lynn Fern said...

We just got the elf this year...it is a girl & naming her has been a little on the no so nice side :( But, we will get there! Can't wait to see if this will work on the attitude & broken ears problem we've been having.

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