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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not always chaotic

I love nights like tonight. 

I  get the same feeling every Friday, as soon as the final bell rings and the last student has been released to his parent. It's this feeling of "YESSS. I get 2 whole days off! I'm going to get so much stuff done! I'm going to watch a movie with Brian tonight as soon as the kids go to bed. I think I'll have a glass of wine, too!" (it's not until days later that I laugh at all these grandiose thoughts.) 

We decided to go to Paradise Bakery for dinner and I'm pretty sure I foiled Brian's hopes of picking it up and bringing it back as soon as I said, "I want to get out of the house. ALL of us."

So 5 changes of clothes later, we were heading for dinner. We had an extremely pleasant meal, turned several heads, and enjoyed laughter and smiles with our littles. 

As we were preparing to leave, the couple at the table next to us got up first. The man turned to us and said, "Your children are very well behaved. We'd sit next to your family anytime." 

I probably don't need to tell you how nice it is to hear those things from time to time.  

We got home and decided to play in the backyard. Immediately, Brian and I chilled out on the patio chairs, wine in hand, country music playing in the background while Hunter headed for the "Clubhouse" and the boys made their way into the sand box.

It didn't take long before all five of us were in the trampoline.  

When the sun had gone down and even the lights were no longer doin the job, we decided to go inside and watch 'Rio.' 

And at this moment in time, all 5 of us are sprawled across the couches doing just that. And it's been a good night.  

***On a side note, I found a video of Colton "claiming" to be 'hongry' when in reality he was being scolded. (And just for the record, this scolding was a set-up just to see if he'd fall for it.) And well, it's safe to say he bought it. We even captured "I hongry" AND "I tired" all in the same 45 seconds!! Awesome!! Anyhoo for your best viewing and maximum laughing-ness, scroll down again and turn off  the music on the blog. 

Happy Friday everybody! 

Thanks for your vote! I'm trying very hard not to obsess about the contest this year. Last year literally raised my blood pressure quite drastically. The competition was fierce! (Interestingly, the two blogs currently in first and second place were our friendly competitors last year! Anyhoo, we'd love your vote.  :) Thanks a BUNCH!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Colton's video is just as funny as the first time...in tears again..

Sorry Colton that we set you up just for our entertainment!

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