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Saturday, October 23, 2010

And we'll huff and we'll puff...

So, I forgot the password to my blog account. I guess that means I've officially let TOO much time pass since I last blogged. Well, the good news is, I have a TON of fun things to write about. The bad news is...I have to have the diligence to post them all! So for starters, let's talk stories. Let's talk about The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf....

I've said it before. Probably a hundred some times. I cannot imagine what life without triplets would be like. I know those of you who have singletons would probably say the opposite. But I seriously love it. I really, really do. For so many reasons. One in particular, is Halloween. I'll be honest, except for the fact that I am a total candy junky, I've really never loved the holiday. It's just sort of...weird. Dressing up, going to perfect strangers' houses and taking food from them. Weird....Although I will say I do have vivid memories of wonderfully fun times with MY sister, dumping our pillowcases FULL of candy onto the living room floor and then beginning the MAD sorting, sharing and trading of candy. That was fun. Maybe it's just the dressing up part that I never much cared for....

UNTIL I had triplets. Cuz hello!? That's the best part! It is our mission for as long as we can get away with it, to do costumes that reflect something or someone(s) in 3's. Last year, we were three peas in a pod. This year, we took a poll and decided on 'The 3 Little Pigs" (and I was an admittedly pathetic Big Bad Wolf.) Tonight, we were on our way to the zoo for their annual "Howl-o-ween" Trick or Treating night!

Halloween 2009...3 peas in a pod

In usual Bunch fashion, I waited till the god-awful last minute to decorate our wagon like the houses in the story...one of straw, one of sticks and one of bricks. So at 10:00 this morning, the babies and I went outside. And for the next 5 1/2 hours or so...they played, while I decorated. And glued. And taped. And glued some more, and cut and taped and glued again. Luckily, Brian helped me with the brick house, Mom came over and made them lunch and put them down for naps so I could keep working, and later "Aunt Mary" came over with glue guns and glue sticks so we could finish the "stick house."

Gotta give credit where it's due...My dad's brilliant idea to cut up a broom for "straw" since I had nothing!
Joan Taylor's brilliant idea and generous lending of "stone/brick" paper
And I reluctantly sacrificed one of my favorite pieces of home decor since I didn't have time to go trek through the desert to collect sticks. sniff sniff....oh well.
If only clocks could talk, it would say, "Ami, it's 3:45, you're still in your pajamas. And you're gluing sticks to a wagon. And you really ought to get in the shower.

Aunt Mary to the rescue with the glue guns!
Everybody helps...

And bricks..
A weak attempt at the Big Bad Wolf Costume...I admit it.
Their piggy suits do not fit in their carseats so we had to ride sans piggy....here we are in tights and shirts! Ready to go!
Pretty in Pink
Are we leaving YET? I'm ready, mom.
Look at that cutie!
Unfortunately, Brian had to work the U of A football game tonight, so he was unable to join us. Which is probably better, really. He was already less than pleased I think that both of our boys were wearing pink piggy suits. Our compromise was that the boys could wear black tights and black shirts and Hunter would wear pink tights and a pink shirt. Perfect fix, right? Right. Until the only black tights my mom could find were textured with delicate little hearts...oops. Oh well....

And then just like that, we headed for the zoo...Me, the Bunchkins, my mom, my sister and my brother in law. Which I am very grateful for, by the way. Now that the Bunchkins are mobile, it's very difficult to take them places alone. We waited in a RIDICULOUSLY long line, and walked around an EXTREMELY crowded zoo collecting candy here and there and you know what? We had a good ol' time. And the 3 little pigs? Yeah, they rocked.

I am so proud of my kids everyday. I really am. I'm proud that they are displaying empathy at such a young age. I'm proud that they share with each other. I'm proud that they play so well even by themselves from time to time and that they play together so well, constantly. I'm proud that they say "hello" and "bye" when people come and go, and give hugs and kisses (butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses AND regular kisses.) I'm proud that they figure things out on their own and I'm proud that they help me clean up. I am proud that they defied so many odds and so many doctor's expectations.

But tonight, (as with most times we go in public), I was especially proud. It's not that I necessarily want to be "showy" when we go out, but just because there are 3 babies who are clearly the same age, we are. And throw 'em in 3 adorable piggy suits in their awesomely decorated wagon and we really are a 3 ring circus!!

So tonight, I was proud of how cute they were and proud of how well behaved they were. And honestly, my heart swelled with pride every time I heard someone whisper as we walked past them "Oh my gosh! Look at the triplet pigs." It's so normal for us now, that sometimes it takes going to places like this to remind me that I freaking had triplets. And they are beautiful and sweet and they're mine. And darn it! I'm proud. :)

Uncle Emilio, Grammy, Colton, Aunt Mary, Hunter and Ethan
Here Uncle Emilio! I share my "wollipop wis you."
One chill piggy.

Such a ham! (Pun intended!) hee hee....

Dancing babies. Dancing adults.

Sharing again....
He must be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!!

Piggies on the loose!

Looking forward to the day that they'll actually pose once again. :)

I guess you could say we're "pig headed"

Rounding out the night with Arby's. For the big people. And perhaps a curly fry or two for the babies. That's right. Don't judge me. :)

Good night all! Happy Howl'O Ween!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! Great pictures! Good times.

butterflymama said...

They are SOOO cute and I LOVE the wagons! You are amazing!!! :)

gramma said...

Wonderful blog. I could not be a prouder mom, gramma. I had a blast. I could be with them 24/7 and not get tired of looking at them. They really were the hit of the zoo. If there were prizes, they would have taken home the "gold" love you all so much. gramma

Charlotte Hoffner said...

And proud you should be!!! These babies are miracles with amazing parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents (friends too ;)). I love that you embrace and enjoy every minute with the babies.....they really do grow up tooooo fast!

Mary said...

Those kids are just too cute for words! They were so well behaved sitting in their wagon just looking at the lights and decorations. I loved it that anytime they heard music they started dancing in their seats : ) Uncle Emilio and I had fun with those piggies!

Sarah said...

how can anyone not love three adorable little piglet babies?!? are you already thinking of costumes for next year? ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Grampa Sam said...

The "Triglets" are without a doubt the sweetest babies ever. And you, Ami, are a magnificent little mom! Love, "Grampa Sam"

Kalle said...

Those costumes are so adorable. Love the theme and your wagons were awesome.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

LOVE these pictures! Just brightened my day! You are so creative!!!!!! I love Halloween pictures.

Anonymous said...

looking at your halloween pictures brought back a wonderful memory of my daughter Jennifer and her first halloween costume. I spent hours and hours sewing a bunny costume for her. How I loved taking my little bunny out to show her off. Enjoy every second, the time goes by so fast. It's my little girls birthday tomorrow. She's grown now with a family of her own, but she will always be my little girl whose Mom will still take every opportunity to tell eveyone what a wonderful daughter, wife and Mom she is and how much I love her.

Jen's Mom

Holly said...

Love it Ami!!! The kids look so cute in their costumes and looks like they had a great time too. Loving the decorated choo choo wagon as well. :)

Marci said...

You are so creative! They are adorable!

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